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6 Ways to Stay Active in Chicago This Summer


Don’t let this be another summer spent in front of the air conditioner watching TV. Chicago continues to transform into one of the best cities in America to enjoy outside, especially during the summer. Here are some of IMPACT Physical Therapy’s favorite activities in Chicago during the summer months.

Kayak the Chicago River

It may not have the old-world charm of the gondolas in Venice, but kayaking through the waterways of Chicago is possibly the most unique way to see America’s grandest Midwest city. Not only that, kayaking provides a supreme opportunity to work certain muscle groups more effectively than most gym sessions. More specifically, kayaking works muscles throughout your arms, abdominals, back and shoulders. And since this is a lower impact activity, it makes it perfect for recovering muscle loss due to an upper-body injury. If you spend an hour kayaking, expect a burn of 300-475 calories.

Explore Navy Pier

Not all exercise has to be fitness related! Here at IMPACT, we think any excuse to explore Chicago’s outdoors in the summer is a good one. Navy Pier is an awesome place to spend a day in the summer, especially if you have kids. It was once a commercial-shipping pier in the early 1900s, spanning nearly half a mile into Lake Michigan. After its reopening in the 1990s, people can now explore gardens, fountains, and ride the Ferris wheel. There’s also a great botanical park and several museums nearby as well. Best of all, you can experience one of the best views of Lake Michigan.

Navy Pier is located north east of IMPACT Physical Therapy’s location in the South Loop.

Rent a Bike and Ride the Chicago Streets

Bicycling.com named Chicago the best city to ride a bike in 2016. For anyone who has had the opportunity, it’s easy to see why! Mayor Rahm Emanuel has committed city resources over the next few years to create 50 miles of bikeways, many of which are separate from roads. That’s in addition to 100 miles of bike lanes that were created during Emanuel’s previous term. This project will allow Chicago to become the first city with a network of protected lanes downtown.

Don’t have a bike? Bike-sharing company Divvy has you covered! Bike rentals are easier than ever, allowing pedestrians to pedal to their heart’s content instead of walking.

Put on Your Dancing Shoes in Grant Park

From June 23rd to September 10th, Grant Park becomes the perfect place for those who feel the rhythm. The Chicago Summer Dance series features a myriad of different music and dance styles to enjoy, including big band and swing dancing, Motown, traditional Afrocentric dance, Chicago Bop, Irish folk, and much more.

Dancing is brilliant for exercise. It’s both aerobic and anaerobic movements, improves flexibility, and consistently works different muscles of the body depending on how creative the dancer gets.

Exercise on the 606

New York’s High Line move aside! The 606 is 2.7 miles of recreational trail that makes it perfect for moving across the city, escaping into another spot of greenery, and even a retreat of living art! The 606 is yet another great location in Chicago for athletes and families alike to get off their couch in an engaging, fun fashion.

Millennium Park Summer Workouts

Ready to take part in possibly the largest yoga, Pilates, strength training, and Zumba classes you’ll ever see? The Summer Workouts are part of an initiative by the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events to bring free exercise to the city of Chicago. They are managed by the Millennium Park Foundation and financial support is provided by the McDonald’s Active Lifestyles Endowment.

Yoga classes occur on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, while the other actives occur before and after yoga on Saturday, starting at 7 am.

Injury Recovery in Chicago

Push it a little too hard getting ready for the summer? IMPACT Physical Therapy in the South Loop of Chicago is ready to get you back in the game so you can enjoy the fun. Services include soft tissue treatments, massage therapy, post-op rehab, and much more. Contact us today!