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Rachel Richard

PT, DPT, Astym Cert.

“Being a PT means advocating for my patients and my profession. Being a spokesperson for my patients with family members, other PTs, and other healthcare providers is something that is very important to me. As a PT I feel very passionate about educating my patients on the importance of movement even when they may believe moving is only going to make things worse. I stand by the motto, “Motion is lotion!” and firmly believe if a patient is educated properly on their condition and the benefits of PT, they will have better adherence to therapy and an overall better prognosis.”

University of Louisville: B.S. in Health and Human Performance – Exercise Science
University of Illinois at Chicago: Doctor of Physical Therapy

Astym® Certified
Certified Pelvic Floor Therapist
Female Pelvic Floor Function, Dysfunction, and Treatment – Pelvic Floor Level 1 (Herman & Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute)
Function, Dysfunction, and Treatment: Colorectal and Coccyx Conditions, Male Pelvic Floor, Pudendal Nerve Dysfunction – Pelvic Floor Level 2A (Herman & Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute )

Throughout PT school I felt very lucky to have a variety of clinicals that focused on Neuro Rehab and Outpatient Orthopedics. I also took elective courses in sports PT and pelvic floor PT because I feel very passionate about both of these areas. Because of my experiences and interests, I believe I am able to take a well-rounded approach to evaluating and treating my patients. One of my favorite parts of being a PT is educating my patients about the benefits of physical therapy and about their condition. When I see that ‘lightbulb’ moment of understanding from my patient, I am thrilled! I enjoy learning and have a passion to grow in the areas of manual physical therapy, sports medicine, pelvic floor, and neuro rehab so I am better able to treat my patients and educate them on injury prevention.

I have always been very passionate about mentoring and community service and hope to intertwine these passions with my career as a PT. In my spare time you can find me watching college basketball (Go Louisville!), binging the latest shows on Netflix, or spending time with my friends and family.

ACL Rehab Astym Therapy Balance and Fall Prevention Program Chronic Pain General Orthopedics Manual Therapy Pelvic Floor Post-Op Rehab Prenatal and Postnatal Care Spine Rehab
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