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Trae Moberly

PTA, Astym Cert.

Every person deserves to navigate their life without suffering from recurrent pain or the inability to perform daily activities due to a physical impairment. As a PTA, I strive to help each patient reach their individualized goals one step at a time. With the greater goal of returning to work, a hobby, or a sport without limitation, I aim to address all given deficits during each PT visit. Our team uses a variety of skilled techniques that allow each patient to make leaps and bounds toward getting back to doing the things they love without continued impairments.

Heartland Community College, Associates in Applied Physical Science; Specialized as a Physical Therapist Assistant

Astym Certification

I aim to further my education and progress toward obtaining my DPT in the future. During this journey, I will continue to gain knowledge and experience in manual therapy techniques, return to sport rehab, running analysis, and etc. I am an avid sports fan who loves watching, playing, and discussing all sports. As a former baseball, basketball, and football player, I developed a love for physical activity and a knowledge for the importance of exercise and physical health. This ultimately led me toward my career in physical therapy.

Astym Therapy Manual Therapy
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