Hip Replacement Recovery Time |Hip Replacement Recovery Time

Hip Replacement Recovery Time

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Hip replacement surgery recovery time can vary, but many patients can expect recovery to take 2-4 weeks. “Recovery” doesn’t always mean a return to normal life, however. Most patients are able to walk on the day they leave the hospital, but you’ll also want to avoid stressing your new joint for 6-12 months. Learn more about the road to recovery and what you can expect after hip replacement surgery in our guide below.

What To Expect After Hip Replacement Surgery

Most modern hip replacement surgeries are performed using minimally invasive techniques, with an incision of just four to five inches. Just because you will likely be able to walk the day of your surgery doesn’t mean you can return to your everyday routines.

Bed rest isn’t typically needed for patients without preexisting conditions, but your doctor and physical therapist will have advice specifically for your recovery. Bed rest is uncommon because light mobility is helpful to keep your hip mobile and prevent it from getting stiff. 

Once you’ve arrived home, you should plan to see a physical therapist. Your body is unique, and it’s essential for a professional to train you in exercises and stretches that build muscle and stability in your hips, condition your new joint to bear weight, and regain your full range of motion.

What Not to Do After Hip Replacement Surgery

For the six to twelve months following surgery, you will need to take care to avoid movements that could stress your new joint. While you should always follow the guidance of your doctor and physical therapist, these are some common movements you may want to avoid while recovering:

  • Pivot or twist on the involved leg
  • Cross the involved leg past the midline of your body
  • Turn the involved leg inward
  • Bend at the hip past 90 degrees
  • Squat

In addition, you’ll need to be diligent about following the recommendations of your physical therapist. Not following your PT’s program of exercises and stretches raises the risk of dislocating your newly replaced joint.

How Long After Hip Replacement Can I Tie My Shoes?

It might surprise you, but “how long after hip replacement can I tie my shoes” is one of the more common questions patients ask when recovering.For many patients, a timeline for returning to everyday activities is an important motivator. 

How long after hip replacement can you tie your shoes, put on socks, pick up an item off the ground, and perform other everyday activities? Your specific surgery and recovery will have a unique answer to questions like these, but patients who have had minimally-invasive surgery can often expect to be able to tie their shoes and walk without assistance in four to six weeks. Patients who received conventional surgery can typically return to pre-surgery activities after about eight weeks.

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