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Fitness & Corrective Exercise Training

What is Fitness and Corrective Exercise Training (Formerly IPT Fitness)?

One-on-one transitional fitness sessions led by licensed athletic trainers, physical therapists and exercise specialist with advanced training in designing safe exercise routines to help you get back to your regular fitness routine. Corrective exercise specialists assess each person for muscular imbalances, movement dysfunctions, and postural compensations that might be affecting overall fitness performance. They will then utilize the most advanced training methods to help correct any imbalances.

Why Corrective Exercise Training Is Right For You

  • You’ve completed physical therapy but want some guidance as you transition back into your regular fitness routine
  • Accountability to continue your home exercise program, or to help you safely progress your exercise routine
  • To receive an individualized training plan designed to help you stay injury free as you take on your next fitness challenge
  • Help with maximizing performance in your chosen sport by working with an expert in movement and strength training
  • Trust that you are being guided by a highly educated healthcare provider who will utilize the most advanced training methods, including Blood Flow Restriction Therapy, Neuromuscular Re-Education, and proven fitness methods to eliminate muscular imbalances and movement dysfunctions

Who Should Schedule a Fitness and Corrective Exercise Training Session?

  • Physical therapy patient that has recently been discharged from care but wants to continue to work on maximizing their strength and remaining injury free
  • Athletes needing sport specific exercises to help them avoid injury and maximize their training; we have specialists in overhead sports, dance medicine, running, cycling, golf and most team sports
  • Those who may be limited by an orthopedic or other medical condition that requires individualized modifications and medical supervision to safely participate in exercise
  • Anyone who wants an effective, safe and individualized exercise plan!

We also offer small group and team sessions! 
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