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Work-From-Home Exercises Anyone Can Do

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With the recent shift in workforce practices over the years, many South Loop residents probably find themselves working from home for the foreseeable future. With the change in your workplace can come a change in habits, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up staying active. In fact, you can perform plenty of exercises while working from home to stay active and fit. Learn how to perform some of the best exercises when you work from home with IMPACT Physical Therapy to see how you can stay active while working remotely. 

Top 5 Work-From-Home Exercises

The best exercises when you work from home to keep your body moving is something you can do with minimal equipment and with minimal space. That’s why we at IMPACT Physical Therapy have compiled some of the best exercises while working from home that require very little space and minimal equipment if any at all. Whether you live in Lakeview or anywhere else, here are some of the top five exercises you can perform at home: 

  1. Burpees

Nothing gets the heart rate going quite like burpees. This is a great exercise to target your whole body and requires no equipment at all. The burpee, for those who may be unfamiliar with the exercise, involves a combination of a squat, jump, and plank. 

  1. Push-Ups

The push-up is one of the simplest and most effective upper body exercises that only require a flat surface. To properly perform this exercise, simply lower your body to the floor, and use your arms to push yourself up into a plank position. You can do many different variations of this exercise, including a version where your knees are on the floor. 

  1. Squats

To hit that lower body, there are few exercises better than the squat. The squat involves being in a firm standing position and then bending your legs at about 90 degrees while keeping your back straight. Then, you’ll raise yourself back up into the starting standing position to complete the squat. 

  1. Plank

The plank is a phenomenal exercise to help with core strength and endurance. To perform this exercise, you’ll simply go to the top position of a push-up, with your arms straight and holding you up from the floor. Then, start a timer and see how long you can hold the plank position. 

  1. Overhead Press

Unlike some of the other exercises when you work from home, this exercise will involve a set of dumbbells if you have them. The exercise involves pressing the dumbbells above your head and activates your shoulders. You can also perform this exercise with resistance bands or other items if you don’t have a set of dumbbells.

Now that you have some of these work-from-home exercises in your pocket, you can keep up your conditioning and stay fit while you work from home. For even more ways to stay active, rely on the experts at IMPACT Physical Therapy in Chicago, and take a look at our gift cards

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