Work from Home: 5 Exercises for Preventing Back and Neck Pain

Working from Home: 5 Exercises for Preventing Back and Neck Pain

Working from home has its benefits: shorter commute to the office, comfy clothes, and flexibility of scheduling and running errands. But while working from home has its perks, it can also have its drawbacks, specifically with where and how you are working. You may be experiencing back and neck pain due to limited opportunities to move and stretch, so we’ve compiled some working from home tips and easy exercises for preventing back and neck pain.

The Pain of Working From Home

Over the past few months, many have created ergonomic workstations at home, complete with an ergonomic chair to support the spine, screen positioned at eye level to reduce strain on neck and back, and desk and chair adjusted so feet are flat on the floor to reduce strain and misalignment of the body.

Not everyone has created this workstation at home though. Some people are still sitting on the couch typing away or taking a meeting from the comfort of their own bed as to not bother others working or learning in the household. While sitting on the couch or another soft conforming seat may be comfortable for a short time, it can cause misalignment in the hips, back, shoulder, and neck.

Learn more about ergonomic tips for workstations for ways to improve your current workspace.

Back and Neck Pain Exercises

A proper set-up can reduce strain on the body, but getting up and getting moving every hour can be just as beneficial. When we were in the workplace, we would get up to go to meetings, speak with a coworker, or just go for a walk to get away from our desk. However, with working from home, this no longer happens. Getting up and going for a quick walk every hour can increase circulation to reduce muscle fatigue while also allowing you to clear your head so you can refocus on the task at hand.

Moving around can help reduce aches and pains from sitting too long, but it’s also a good idea to add in some quick exercises throughout the day to reduce prolonged stiffness and pain. Here are our top 5 exercises for keeping you fit for work while working from home.

Please note: These exercises should be performed without pain. If you are experiencing pain while performing any of these exercises, please contact one of our seven Illinois locations to learn more or to schedule a free injury screen.

Find Deeper Back and Neck Pain Relief with IMPACT Physical Therapy

Implementing these exercises throughout your workday or taking a 5-10 minute break, 2-3 times per day to do these exercises can make a big difference in preventing the aches and pains from working at home. If you would like more information on additional exercises or on how to set-up your workstation to address your specific needs, you can schedule a virtual consultation or ergonomic assessment with one of our physical therapists.