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What Are The Most Common Injuries in Basketball?

How to Prevent Common Basketball Injuries

March Madness is the biggest tournament of the year, but all it takes is one injury to keep you from playing the game you love. Learning proper injury prevention techniques is as important as practicing your free throw. Some of the most common injuries in basketball include:

  • Ankle Sprain
  • Foot Fracture
  • Overuse Injuries in the Shoulder
  • Tendonitis
  • Knee Injury

Learn more about what helps muscle recovery and some injury prevention techniques that can lessen your likelihood of injury while playing basketball. If you need further information, check out our articles on how to recover from a marathon or why recovery is important for athletes

What Helps Muscle Recovery?

A person undertaking regular exercise must consider a few things to keep the body working as fluidly as possible. One thing to remember is that any fluid deficit incurred during one exercise session will significantly affect the next exercise session, so it is crucial to hydrate consistently. Post-exercise fluid balance, particularly fluids with electrolytes, is essential.

Additionally, athletes must get plenty of rest for optimal performance and muscle recovery. According to the Sleep Foundation, recommendations for athletes range between seven to nine hours nightly. Here are some more techniques to prevent injuries while playing basketball:

Take Time to Do a Proper Warm-Up

While you may want to jump straight into the game or practice, a warm-up must be integral to your pre-game routine. Warm-ups loosen your body’s joints and muscles and prepare you for physical activity. Warming up your body can play a huge role in preventing injury and getting you prepared for practice or a game. Dedicate five to 10 minutes to your warm-up before you start playing. Go on a light jog or do gentle dynamic stretches to prepare your body for activity. Consider this during your warm-up session if you have an injury you are recovering from or know you are prone to a particular type of injury.

Wear the Right Footwear

Sports-specific shoes are imperative for injury prevention. Basketball shoes must be durable, absorb shock, and be highly supportive. Basketball athletes make quick directional changes and do a lot of jumping and running, so basketball shoes are created to support these activities. The proper footwear can prevent stress fractures, sprains, and other common injuries in the feet and knees. If your shoes are starting to wear out and become non-supportive, then it is time to invest in a new pair as soon as possible.

Consistent Strength and Conditioning 

Building muscle and flexibility is critical to preventing injury. A strength and conditioning regime will help stabilize and strengthen your muscles while also increasing the elasticity of the connective tissue surrounding and connecting the muscle fibers, thus reducing the chances of injury. Adding strength and conditioning exercises into your workout routine will improve your balance and coordination, increase flexibility and range of motion, and stabilize your joints. These exercises will help prevent injury, and make you a better, more robust, and well-rounded basketball player.

Pay Attention to Technique

Basketball is a sport full of quick motions, changes in direction, and micromovements that can make even the strongest athlete susceptible to injury. Many injuries in basketball stem from improper technique. Practice makes perfect in this sport, so ensure you always practice shooting, dribbling, and all other drills using proper form. If you feel yourself getting sloppy, it is probably due to overexertion. Taking a break and returning to play when you can use proper technique is essential.

Listen to Your Body

Listening to your body is one of the best ways to prevent an injury while playing basketball and feeling slight pain. Does something not feel right when you throw the ball or pivot? Feeling exceptionally tired? These are all signs that you must slow down and take a break. While you could keep playing through any of the above feelings, you will most likely aggravate and worsen an injury. If you take time to tend to your body immediately, you can cut down the time you need to be on the bench since you will not worsen your injury.

Utilize the Graston Techniques

If you want to reduce recovery time, inquire about the Graston Techniques. The Graston Technique is an instrument-assisted, soft tissue mobilization therapy that helps scar tissue break fascial restrictions, and improves blood flow to the muscle helping to return to its optimal state.

Utilize our Sports Recovery Services

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