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How to Use a Foam Roller: Exercises & More

If you’re an active person or have been involved in some sort of sport during your lifetime, you probably have encountered a foam roller. Whether it’s your coach who has […]

What Conditions Does Dry Needling Treat?

Dealing with pesky tension headaches or persistent muscle knots? While it may sound scary, dry needling is a promising and accessible solution for musculoskeletal pain and movement impairments. Dry needling […]

Pinched Nerve in the Neck: Symptoms & Treatment

Cervical radiculopathy, often caused by a pinched nerve, can cause radiating pain, and or numbness in the body. It occurs when a nerve in the neck becomes compressed and is […]

Shoulder Pain When Throwing: Causes & Treatment

It was just another pitch or a throw to first base like you’ve always done. Or perhaps you tossed a football or basketball during an ordinary practice and then you […]

Best Exercises for Tennis Players

Tennis offers the ultimate workout for your body, requiring coordination of your legs and arms at every point. And every muscle and joint needs to work properly for you to […]