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Therapeutic Massage Tune Up

What is a Therapeutic Massage Tune Up?

Our Tune Up is one of our most popular recovery services!  It is a focused 30-minute therapeutic massage session designed for specific body work on a nagging problem area, constantly tight muscle or area of tension.  Just like a car needs a tune up every 10,000 miles, our body needs regular check-ins. Our Therapeutic Massage Tune Ups aid in healthy tissue repair and reduce pain felt from intensive workouts—or long days sitting behind a computer.

What type of techniques are utilized during a tune up?

The Tune Up can include any number of advanced soft tissue release techniques to help you feel better! You can discuss with your clinician what techniques might be best for you based on your personal needs and goals. We offer the following advanced manual therapy techniques: 

Signs You May Need a Therapeutic Massage Tune Up:

  • You want to maintain healthy tissue function and prevent future muscle injury
  • Tightness is a signal from your body that alerts us when something may need attention. Our physical therapists and athletic trainers can pinpoint any trigger point or areas of tension that are restricting blood flow and causing stiffness.
  • You’re training hard or just beginning to work out.
    • When you undergo strength training to build new muscles, you essentially break down the existing muscle and cause micro-tearing in the muscle fiber. Your muscles repair this damage and build back even stronger, and tune-ups can help to reduce downtime.
  • You sit at a desk all day or have poor posture.
    • Sitting in the same position for too long builds tension in your body.  Sports massage therapy can restore range of motion when muscles get tight. Our treatments can also promote better spinal alignment and lengthen muscles for better posture.
  • You have a lot of stress or are feeling burnt out.
    • Massage can decrease the level of stress hormones in the body while also increasing the amount of endorphins.
  • You are experiencing headaches.
    • Tension that builds up in our neck, shoulders, and suboccipital muscles can reduce blood flow and trigger tension headaches.

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