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Injury Evaluation

Do you have a chronic injury? Did you tweak something while running, lifting, or playing a sport? Need some advice on stretching or strengthening muscles? We can help!

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What’s an Injury Evaluation?

Our injury evaluations begin with a thorough review of your completed medical history questionnaire, as well as your current symptoms, concerns, and goals. Next, your clinician will perform a complete musculoskeletal exam as appropriate for your condition. This may include soft tissue palpation, range of motion testing, manual muscle and orthopedic special testing, functional movement testing, or upper and lower quarter screening. 

Once your examination is complete, your sports injury clinician will provide you with a detailed explanation of your condition and treatment options to get you headed in the right direction. If appropriate for your condition, a home exercise program will be reviewed at the clinic to ensure proper form.

Who needs an injury evaluation?

  • Anyone experiencing pain that is not going away with rest or is getting progressively worse over time
  • Any injury that is causing you to not be able to perform your normal athletic or daily activities without pain or modification
  • Anything that is causing swelling, bruising or weakness in an area of your body 
  • Chronic tightness, tenderness or a lack of range of motion or flexibility in your body
  • If you have concerns or need advice about anything that pertains to training, movement or exercise

What are the benefits of an injury evaluation?

The licensed athletic trainer or physical therapist will be able to perform special tests to help diagnose the problem and help you to determine the best course of treatment.  If there is an injury, we can recommend a referral to a local doctor and get you started with physical therapy.  If it is determined the problem needs more prevention/maintenance care we can give you basic exercises to get you back on track, or schedule you for therapeutic massage tune up sessions. We promise that rest is not always the best answer, and we will work with you to help you to stay active and perform at your best!

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