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Stretch Session

What is a Stretch Session?

A stretch session is a 30 minute session where your clinician will move you through a series of hands-on stretches to increase your range of motion and reduce stress and strain on your body. They will utilize various stretching techniques including static, dynamic and contract/relax techniques to maximize your body’s ability to move through and hold a range of motion. Each session will start with a quick mobility assessment and discussion of your goals to assure your areas of limitation and restriction are the focus of each session.

Benefits of a Stretch Session:

  • Improve Sports Performance – Prepare your muscles for activity and prevent future strains.
  • Maintain Independence and Improve Functional Mobility –  Keep doing the things you love, whether that’s getting up from the floor after playing with your grandkids or running up and down the basketball court in a pick-up game with friends.
  • Increase Your Range of Motion and Flexibility – Make everyday tasks easier and delay reduced mobility that can often come with aging.
  • Reduce Musculoskeletal Pain and Encourage Proper Alignment – Stretch sessions can contribute to improved posture.
  • Prevent Future Back Pain – Reduce your risk of muscle strain.
  • Reduce Stress – Calm your mind and focus on releasing tension in tight muscles.

Who would benefit from a stretch session?

  • Athletes looking to prevent injury and maximize their potential
  • People looking to stay flexible and reduce stiffness in the muscles and the joints
  • People who sit behind a desk all day, or have to perform repetitive movements during work would benefit from stretching at the end of their day
  • Those with a history of tight muscles or tension in their muscles leading to trigger points and pain
  • Anyone with poor posture or difficulty staying in one position for a prolonged period of time
  • Anyone waking up stiff in the morning and having difficulty getting their body moving

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