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Oak Lawn Physical Therapy

We’ve got the best physical therapy in Oak Lawn and we work every day to prove it. Our professionals have decades of experience between them and can give you an Oak Lawn physical therapy experience that’s personal and focused on getting you back to full strength on a schedule that’s right for you. If you want to figure out a treatment plan with our helpful and courteous experts, take the time to schedule an appointment and we’ll get a conversation going right away.

Why Choose Our Physical Therapy Center in Oak Lawn?

When looking for a physical therapy center in Oak Lawn, you’ll want to find a convenient location as much as you want experts who know your situation. At IMPACT Physical Therapy, we offer a vast range of services both for those who have been injured and need to recover, such as: 

  • If you’ve torn your ACL, our ACL therapy will get you back on the field or court with the help of our courteous and knowledgeable professionals. 
  • Our scar tissue treatment is also top-notch and can help reduce unsightly scar tissue. 
  • We also offer advanced therapies for nerve damage and sports hernias as well, putting us among the top Oak Lawn physical therapy centers.

Upon entering our physical therapy center in Oak Lawn, you’ll be in touch with our team of experts who will give you a thorough physical as well as a questionnaire that will give us a detailed picture of your physical therapy needs. From there, you’ll embark on your recovery or conditioning journey with us by your side every step of the way.

IMPACT Physical Therapy: Here For Oak Lawn, Here for You

IMPACT Physical Therapy offers the best physical therapy in Oak Lawn because of our unwavering commitment to our patients. We want you to feel safe and at home in your recovery journey, which is why we adhere to strict standards of professionalism and care that will leave you impressed long after you’re back where you want to be. If you want to learn more, feel free to contact us.

Clinicians At This Location

Jack Reuter

Courtney Odelson-Dynes

Ashley Dunne

Nicole Herkert

Barb Sprague

Liane Salzer

Kyle Watson

Michael Weis
Michael W.
01:41 20 May 19
I did pre-surgery physical therapy here. It made recovery so much better than it would have been. Jack, my PT, was awesome! I highly recommend this team!
sharon p
sharon p
01:28 26 Mar 21
Impact Physical Therapy was suggested to me by my doctor’s physician assistant. I started therapy in January for weakness in my leg. I was assigned to Nikki. I couldn’t have asked for a better therapist. She is knowledgeable, encouraging and patient. As a matter of fact, everyone I have interacted with at Impact have been welcoming, knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. If you are considering physical therapy, I highly recommend you consider Impact Physical Therapy.
Preaches Angel
Preaches A.
22:56 26 Jun 21
Hello everyone, I do pray these words can give you some comfort soon. I became a patient with Impact Physical Therapy because of Vertigo. I feel for anyone who has had to deal with Vertigo or even motion sickness. I had the opportunity to work with one of the Impact associates by the name of Nicole. This girl knows her skills and knows how to treat Vertigo. I had to see Nicole twice a week for a month because my positional Vertigo being an A typical rare case. You see my Vertigo began in March and continued for 3 months. I am so Grateful for Nicole and the whole Impact staff. I had a difficult start and all the staff was so accommodating to my needs and schedule. The staff has everything set up and are able to accommodate all different types of therapy that I didn't know existed. The place has enough room to allow people to do what is needed to improve their quality of life in a very clean and healthy environment!!!Good Luck to you all I hope and pray you have the Best experience as I did. Mostly Thank you Nicole for being the caring and understanding person you are and for helping me get back to living again 😉♥️
Symonne Fitzsimons
Symonne F.
12:42 20 Nov 18
Impact Therapy was suggested by a friend in the business. The experience from start to finish was great. Their knowledge of insurance, and was a big help. The staff was extremely helpful, my daughter saw Ashley for a pulled quad. She was able to work with her while she was still playing sports. Definitely would recommend!!
Lou Tinsley
Lou T.
23:19 11 Mar 21
I have had physical therapy and occupational therapy in several good places but impact therapy is definitely the best for me. They understand me and my needs they have patience with me and make me feel like family it’s good conversation good work out no other better place and I’d rather have physical therapy then impact therapy.
Kathy Conroy
Kathy C.
13:01 23 May 20
I came to Impact right as the stay at home order in IL went into effect because I’d had shoulder pain for a year and a half. I met Nikki, who worked with me for 9 weeks to build my strength, stretch my muscles, and really get my rotator cuff issues in check. Mark worked tirelessly, cleaning off every weight, strap, every piece of equipment that I or other patients touched. I made great progress, and Impact and its employees are the reason why.I did not know that patients can go to Impact without a prescription from an MD! When I learned this, I encouraged my husband and son to go in and get evaluated, one for elbow pain and one for neck pain. They have just begun their visits with Nikki.If you have pain, don’t wait! Go for an evaluation and start building toward a pain free life. These folks know what they’re doing!
Charlie Pienta
Charlie P.
03:46 15 Mar 19
I’ve come here for a few injuries and my whole family does, too. Great experience everytime. Courtney is awesome- super knowledgeable, nice and caring. Can’t say enough good things. Highly recommend!
Candace Patton
Candace P.
03:55 10 Mar 19
I am progressing rapidly at Impact, every time I leave I feel ahead of my injury. Jack is professional and explains the efficacy of your therapy throughout your time. They keep it light hearted and always checkYour pain levels. I highly recommend this group. I could see the light at the end of the tunnel right away!
Mere Wp
Mere W.
14:11 12 Jan 21
I have done physical therapy several times, and I have never had such success as I have with Courtney. The staff is so friendly and supportive. I swore I would never be able to walk around the block 2 times or go up and down the stairs easily. I am now able to do this! I was getting therapy for the same injury for 8 months, and I have had more success in the last 2 weeks than I did there.
Sharon W.
Sharon W.
18:57 22 Aug 19
The staff at Impact Physical Therapy are friendly and courteous and really care Jack my therapist along with the staff monitor when you are doing your individual exercises to make sure you are doing them right. I definitely will recommend Impact Physical Therapy to my family and friends.
bill moss
bill M.
00:01 03 Apr 19
Therapist Jack knows his stuff. He rehabbed my knees after replacement surgery, now he’ll fix my shoulder. Knees are doing very well. Friendly professional , and dedicated staff. Great place.
Patrick Folliard
Patrick F.
16:56 12 Jan 21
The Therapists were outstanding. I specifically worked with Nicki and Courtney. Extremely knowledgeable and Professional. They facility was clean and sanitized after each use. Timely, personable and great results. Highly recommend this facility for rehab. I observed others being taken care of with the same professional care I was given. Five Stars to this group.
Frank Cusimano
Frank C.
00:02 30 May 21
Ashley and the team work close to everyone. They are very friendly and the place is super clean. The whole team not only works very hard to help you recover but they care about you as a person.They hey been greatFrank
Jane Surma
Jane S.
22:45 07 May 21
In four sessions I have seen improvement in strength and balance.Exercises are explained carefully. There is a close watch on doing exercises correctly.jack Reuter knows when to motivate strongly and when to ease up.
Michael Thomas
Michael T.
23:51 30 Jun 21
Impact Physical Therapy is a fantastic clinic to help recover from any injury. I have been to other local clinics for previous sports injuries and this has been the best experience of them all. Nicole has been great and is very knowledgeable, as is the rest of the staff who I have worked with. She listens to how I am feeling and can make adjustments to increase or decrease the difficulty. I am very happy that I decided to go to Impact and am back moving well before my doctor thought I would be.
nader samara
nader S.
14:00 02 Oct 20
I was treated for back pain, I mpact therapy was my choise based on how close it was to me. I made an excellent choice with them they are very helpful . Nikole really did an excellent job guiding me through the whole sessions , she's the best . This will be my choise if I need therapy again
Maureen Scanlon
Maureen S.
23:38 20 Jan 21
I would highly recommend Impact Physical Therapy. The staff is very friendly, knowledgeable and professional. They work hard to get their clients back in shape with loads of encouragement along the way. The facility is very clean and they take all COVID precautions. Great location with easy parking. My therapist Courtney is awesome!
Todd Mayer
Todd M.
00:55 13 Jan 21
I am a runner and injured my calf over and over. This last time I really did it. It was bruised all up and down. I could not walk up stairs. I went to impact and worked with Ashley Dunne. The therapy was hard at times but she got me healed and taught me exercises for home. I have been pain and injury free ever since. Plus she is very nice and makes the visits pleasant! Forever grateful!
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