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Physical Therapy Near You in Champaign, IL

Are you looking for the best physical therapy in Champaign? You’ll find a team of caring professionals who are passionate about restoring your health at our physical therapy center in Champaign. Using our extensive knowledge, and a variety of the latest techniques and treatments, the physical therapists of IMPACT Physical Therapy & Sports Recovery can work to create a custom plan to help you regain strength, restore movement, and decrease pain. Learn more below, and then request an appointment to begin your journey to a pain-free tomorrow.

Why Choose Us for Champaign-Urbana Physical Therapy?

From the moment you arrive for your first appointment, you’ll notice the attention to detail and care provided at our physical therapy center in Champaign. Our physical therapists will take a thorough patient history, covering any medical conditions and medications, your symptoms, and the possible cause of injury. Next, we’ll do an examination to determine where the issue stems from, and what increases and decreases the symptoms. Once complete, we’ll be able to create a personalized treatment plan to help you meet your goals!

To help you improve functionality and decrease pain and discomfort, our Champaign physical therapy team uses techniques that range from exercise and massage to specialized modalities like Graston Techniques, trigger point dry needling, and ASTYM® Therapy. As you begin to improve, a therapist may suggest an at-home therapy regimen to follow. And along the way, we’ll be here to make any changes necessary to ensure you see results.

We specialize in pelvic health, concussion rehab, and personal training.

Sports recovery services include Normatec compression units, cold water immersion, therapeutic massage tune ups, stretch session, and massaging tools.

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If you’re looking for the best physical therapy in Champaign, whether recovering from surgery or in search of sports physical therapy to get you back in the game, our testimonials speak for themselves. Contact us to learn more about our physical therapy center in Champaign, or schedule your appointment today!

Clinicians At This Location

Gretchen Thompson

Daniel Cummins

Trae Moberly

Matt Wesolowski

Molly Mac
Molly M.
00:30 06 Apr 24
Matt was awesome at Impact Therapy! They truly do care about their patients and helping them work towards pain free!
Morgan Banta
Morgan B.
01:37 07 Mar 24
I highly, highly recommend Impact PT. The staff is AMAZING! Everyone there is super knowledgeable and kind. It is apparent that they care about their patients and want what’s best for them. They go above and beyond to help. I can’t express how grateful I am to have found this facility. They quite literally gave me my life back. I was dealing with a terrible neck injury and wondering if I’d ever have a chance at recovery when I stumbled across Impact PT. I’ve had the pleasure of being able to work with Danny, Jordyn, and Gretchen specifically and I can’t speak highly enough of them. They’re angels on earth. If you’re looking for a physical therapist, this is your place. I’ll happily tell everyone I know about Impact PT. I feel very blessed to have found Impact PT and to have my life back. I’ll forever be grateful!
Mark Moberly
Mark M.
01:35 30 Nov 23
Impact PT has vastly improved my overall ability to get back on my feet. My back and nerve injury left me in pain from my hip to my toes. Throughout the therapy sessions my PT has worked on my injury with massage, exercises and many other techniques. She has gotten me back to moving pain free playing pickleball, walking, and working in the yard…..All of the PT’S, PTA’S and techs that work at Impact are concerned about you as a person not just a patient. If you need a PT and therapy go to IMPACT PT in Champaign. You won’t be disappointed!!Mark MoberlyLeRoy
Tammy Parker
Tammy P.
01:17 28 Nov 23
My name is Tim Parker . Impact Therapy is Fantastic. They got me in quickly for an assessment, then quickly put me in a shoulder rehab schedule. Paige is the therapist I’m seeing & she is doing a great job helping me with my shoulder rehabilitation. Feeling better every day & definitely would recommend Impact to anyone .
Mark Moberly
Mark M.
03:54 08 Nov 23
Impact PT in Champaign has the greatest PT’S/PTA’S!! Their instruction is spot on. They show great interest in you as a person, work with you to improve on your injury and get you moving in the right direction!If you are needing a place to get you back on your feet, look no further than Impact Physical Therapy in Champaign.Mark MoberlyLeRoy
Captain Onyx
Captain O.
02:03 27 Oct 23
The best physical therapy place in town. All of the PTs are super knowledgeable and very friendly. My PT Paige has helped me heal up from several sports related injuries! If you’re looking for a place, look no further!
nancy parker
nancy P.
00:28 13 Oct 23
Awesome facility. All staff work together to provide excellent therapy services. I have made excellent progress since becoming a patient at Impact Physical Therapy.
Cathy Robinson
Cathy R.
15:52 15 Aug 23
I highly recommend Impact Physical Therapy in Champaign! Staff are very attentive, friendly, and nice to work with. My physical therapist, Paige, is the best! I'm really responding to the treatment she's prescribed and am getting much better. She's sharing some lifelong strategies to keep my neck and shoulders stronger! I'm so glad I chose Impact!!
Carol David-Carey
Carol D.
01:02 07 Jul 23
I HIGHLY recommend Impact PT! I Have had PT at our local clinics and they last 20-30 min with minimal instruction on what we should be doing at home. Impact has 60 min sessions that include different therapies I never heard of in the clinic setting. They go above and beyond! I am working with Paige for my lumbar and Danny for Vertigo. The whole team is friendly and knowledgeable! Jordyn works hard with your insurance and physician to get you the coverage your allowed.Thank you Impact and to my Referring friend!
John W.B. Rich
John W.B. R.
20:30 01 Jul 23
After my fall I was recommended to do physical therapy. I got better within a matter of a few weeks. The staff here are great and the attention as well. 5 stars!
Bruce Gittleman
Bruce G.
03:18 28 Jun 23
About 3 weeks before a trip to Switzerland, I strained my right Achilles tendon and the soleus muscle in my right calf got very tight while running. Paige treated the injuries with scraping and dry needling and gave me an excellent rehab regimen. By the day of my first hike, I was nearly 100% recovered and only felt mild discomfort. After that I was pain free during additional hikes, walking 6 miles or more most days, and doing a via ferrata and wet canyoneering. I'm still doing her rehab exercises and stretches to make sure my calves stay strong and flexible. Thanks to her I was able to have a great vacation!
Douglas Burgett
Douglas B.
16:28 24 May 23
Impact Physical Therapy in Champaign is incredible. Several people recommended them for the elbow pain I was experiencing from working out. I tried online exercises and stretches, but it wasn't until I went to Impact that I was able to start exercising again with confidence, knowing that I was on a path to healing. I worked with Daniel Cummins and he focussed on my goal of getting back to exercising. I'm so grateful for this place and their team. I will definitely go back when I have other physical therapy needs, and I am now one of those folks that recommend this place to anyone else with issues.
Sharon Morrisette
Sharon M.
00:52 21 Apr 23
I found immediate relief after my first visit. I appreciate the exercises to help me with my TMJ. Staff are very friendly yet still professional.
Leslie Gleason
Leslie G.
16:26 13 Nov 22
Great experience with the entire team. This is an excellent group of professionals that have helped me recover from spinal surgery. My main therapist was Daniel Cummins he is very knowledgeable, highly skilled and extremely supportive.
Sarah Reising
Sarah R.
00:35 04 Oct 22
Gretchen was professional, kind and thorough. I was referred here by a friend and I can see why he recommended them. If you are looking for a physical therapist, this is your place!
Mary Ellen Wuellner
Mary Ellen W.
15:40 02 Sep 22
I cannot say enough good things about Impact PT. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and they really want to see you get better. If you find yourselt in need of physical therapy after surgery or an injury, look no further than Impact in Champaign!
Arianna Osar
Arianna O.
13:30 30 Aug 22
I've had back pain for about a decade, the dry needling is the only single-event thing I've tried that has lasting effects. Painful but very effective. I'm grateful for this treatment option and the expertise of the staff here 🙂
Bruce Pea
Bruce P.
20:34 25 Aug 22
** THE BEST ** high-quality physical therapists in C/U!!Dan and his team do an amazing job. They listen, work with you, and develop a rehab plan that is effective and taylored to your specific needs. Very nice people, easy to communicate with, everyone at Impact Physical Therapy goes above and beyond to help you achieve your physical therapy goals. Most highly recommended!!
Stacy Hannah
Stacy H.
00:23 10 Jul 22
Amazing staff! They are attentive, dedicated, and personable!
james kuklinski
james K.
16:47 02 Jun 22
The therapists bring tons of energy to their work, which is actually a fun place to spend time. More importantly, the therapists know their stuff. I have been working largely with Daniel, whose knowledge is impressive. He also has a knack for providing encouragement, in his quiet way. Someone who would be a great friend!I strongly recommend Impact as the place to go for high-quality therapy.Jim Kuklinski
Rachel Koester
Rachel K.
00:07 19 May 22
This is my first experience with physical therapy. Impact was one of two places my primary could give me a referral to. I chose Impact because scraping and dry needling are services they offer. I wanted the most options possible because my pain can be severe. From day one I have always by greeted by name, listened to, guided, and encouraged. I'm about half way through my allotted visits and am not healed yet but definitely improving. The staff is friendly, professional and they keep your activities going without making you wait around. Keeping your pace and comfort level is a priority of the staff at Impact!
Vickie Hemann
Vickie H.
23:06 29 Apr 22
Gretchen, Dan and Trae are the best! They are so knowledgeable and solve all kinds of problems for the runners and dancer in my family!And now, you've done it again! Thank you so much. Our son is feeling great and back to track thanks to your expertise!
Cheri Gorrell
Cheri G.
21:17 03 Mar 22
Extremely friendly staff and very knowledgeable. I walked into my second visit with a new injury and they quickly adjusted the plan for the day and I walked out feeling better.
mere blankinship
mere B.
15:07 13 Feb 22
Staff is extremely knowledgeable, helpful and kind! I have been through for multiple injuries and have felt so supported. I am grateful that I can go back if I ever injure myself again, too!
peggy bersig
peggy B.
14:25 14 Dec 21
Went there a couple years ago after fracturing my foot. Tony & the others are great. So after a rotator cuff surgery on October 14th. When they asked where I wanted to do therapy I said Impact. They are great about 1.5 weeks in & really getting things moving. Having more mobility is great still have a long road to go but very happy with the progress so far. Thanks for all you do
Rebecca Taft
Rebecca T.
22:04 13 Nov 21
IMPACT Physical Therapy (South Loop Chicago) is great! The therapists are very knowledgable and kind, and the whole staff is friendly and helpful. When my insurance ran out, they worked with me to switch to 5-packs of shorter visits to help me continue to heal without paying for a full PT appointment out of pocket. My injury (intercostal and back muscular issues due to rowing) is largely healed now, and I think going to IMPACT played a huge role in my quick recovery.
18:25 12 Oct 21
The group at Impact Physical Therapy go above and beyond. They are detailed and listen to what you are saying which is very important to me. They take the time to evaluate your issue and work along with you to ensure you are progressing. My therapist is Tony and he is awesome! Very friendly and knowledgeable. I recommend them to everyone.
Dea Polchow
Dea P.
23:50 04 Oct 21
The STAFF is amazing. They are very empathetic, caring, thoughtful and professional. If you have a question regarding your treatment plan your therapist will talk with you and explain in terms you will understand. Their schedule is very accommodating to work with you. Tony was my therapist who helped me in so many ways with the exercises and what will work and approximately how long roughly recovery will be and my best options.If you require Physical Therapy this is the place for you. They definitely are an A+ quality.
Jonathan Skibar
Jonathan S.
02:10 30 Sep 21
My wife and I have been going to Impact for years, for various aches and pains and would recommend them highly.• I had problems with my feet for years.Fixed!• My wife had lower back issues, that other therapists couldn’t help with.Gone!• I developed tendinitis in my right arm.Fixed!• Neck pain and head aches.Gone!I would definitely recommend Impact to anyone who needs a physical therapist.Gretchen and her team are highly professional and genuinely interested in your full recovery.
Nehal Shamma
Nehal S.
18:14 19 Aug 21
Gretchen is awesome! She took her time listening to the history of my injury. She is very nice and skilled at her work.
Phyllis Kirkwood
Phyllis K.
21:53 18 Aug 21
I think they have a great team of physical therapists and I will certainly recommend them to any friends who are looking for one.
Matthew Joines
Matthew J.
22:42 06 Aug 21
Great positive environment.Client focused,great communication and knowledge.
Mark Briggs
Mark B.
23:42 17 Jul 21
Fast diagnosis of the issues I was having, and treatment that brought immediate relief! I’m truly thankful for the amazing people at Impact Physical Therapy!
Ceasar Perez
Ceasar P.
14:52 04 Jun 21
WOW!! This is no place for people who want to just go through the motions! Gretchen, Jordan, Tony, Kaylee, and the rest of the staff are AWESOME! Each appointment is focused...on treatment, improvement, and achieving the necessary goals. They also have fun while they're doing it! HIGHLY recommend them and if you're tired of people just doing template work on you instead of actually treating your individual body, get on their schedule!
phil bechtel
phil B.
12:08 03 May 21
Excellent experience. Highly recommended. The approach at Impact considers each clients specific issues to generate a plan. Their website features videos of all the recommended stretches to do at home and those are all included in the profile you create. It was all very easy and personalized.
Norma McFarland
Norma M.
18:48 02 Apr 21
Everyone at Impact Physical Therapy if very professional, knowledgeable and patient with their clients. I have been going to Gretchen for at least 10 years. I couldn’t ask for anything more from a therapist. She has helped me before and after 2 back surgeries, along with other physical problems. She is amazing!
Jim Westervelt
Jim W.
13:06 18 Feb 21
My daughter really liked the program and care the staff gave her for a bad knee injury and then surgery recovery. That prompted me to see what they could do for neck trigger point clusters hoping that relief from those would take down a nasty tinnitus. They’ve given me significant relief and we’re now going for full relief. Love them all for their expertise, care, and thoughtful kindness.
Judy Lubben
Judy L.
21:52 23 Jan 21
All the staff are friendly, very concerned about my health. Always asking if I have any questions and how I am feeling. The atmosphere when I am doing the exercises is relaxed and reminds me of a happy family always laughing and smiling. Impact Physical Therapy offers the best therapy services I have ever used. I am happy and pleased to recommend Impact Physical Therapy services to friends and family. Thank you for the outstanding service - Judy Lubben
Annette Brandon
Annette B.
02:29 21 Jan 21
Gretchen is my PT therapist at Impact Physical Therapy is well educated and does a thorough evaluation to see what works best for your situation. She takes you step-by-step showing exactly what to do and how to do it. It is well worth the effort to make a phone call and get on the road to a better life.
Jessica Crane
Jessica C.
18:47 20 Jan 21
Everyone at Impact is so incredibly knowledgeable and uplifting! They bring a combination of expertise, motivation and compassion to every appointment. I gained more self-awareness and knowledge about the mechanics of my core, back and hips. That helped tremendously when working on my therapy at home outside of regular appointments. I believe all of this contributed greatly to my recovery from my C-section and old injuries from a car accident. Thank you to Gretchen and everyone at Impact!!!
Lisa Odum
Lisa O.
14:03 20 Jan 21
I've been a patient at Impact off and on since 2017. The team there is great! Recently I needed PT for some rehab post cancer treatment. As my immune system was compromised, I needed a private room. They were very accommodating and the room was usually always ready for me to go in without waiting in the lobby. I would recommend this clinic for PT, you will get results!
Linda Mickey
Linda M.
14:05 19 Jan 21
Tony is an excellent therapist.....kind, knowledgeable, and motivated to do the best for his client and help the client work toward the best outcome. If needing PT again, I would definitely return to Impact and request Tony for my therapist.
Cary Ware
Cary W.
04:15 11 Jan 21
Spent over 5 months with Tony Testin and the Champaign Team rehabbing my repaired rotator cuff. Hands on therapy and supervised exercises gave me the confidence and guidance with my home therapy program. In between sessions, Tony was available to answer questions. The facility is large enough to socially distance between clients and personnel. Parking and a bus stop are conveniently located a few steps from the door. I recommend Impact Therapy if you want to get back to participating in your favorite sports and fitness activities.
Leah Courtney
Leah C.
14:44 28 Oct 20
I loved this experience and was super comfortable the whole time. My jaw has drastically improved as well! I'll for sure be coming back if I ever need therapy!
Matthew Stanton
Matthew S.
21:27 08 Sep 20
Gretchen Thompson has changed my life, her staff is being trained by one of the best PT’s in the Midwest.
Emily Martin
Emily M.
13:21 25 Aug 20
Exceptional therapists and exceptional people. They are the real deal, and they sincerely care about what they are doing. Primary therapist is Gretchen and have also seen Danny.
Julia Schumann
Julia S.
18:38 30 Apr 20
for three separate (unrelated) injuries, the amazing physical therapists at Impact have helped me heal completely and get even stronger than before. I would highly recommend Impact to anyone! They are very knowledgable and take excellent care of their clients! I am very grateful for them!
Teri Ziegler
Teri Z.
11:40 26 Feb 20
They are an amazing team I have used them for my back, my hip, my shoulder and my hands. Gretchen and Danny and the rest of her team have been amazing and have always helped me achieve my goals of recovery. I have been elsewhere prior to Impact and had little to no results with only 15 minutes of PT. At Impact it is a full hour plus because Gretchen and her team truly care about my recovery.
Vickie Hemann
Vickie H.
18:02 25 Sep 19
Gretchen, Dan and Trae are the best! They are so knowledgeable and solve all kinds of problems for the runners and dancer in my family!
Bonnie Pickell
Bonnie P.
21:48 06 May 19
I am 71 years old and had pain in my leg at night and also was not able to stand up completely straight. Gretchen figured out what was causing the problems AND what to do to fix them. The therapies and exercises have helped so much! I have no more pain in my leg and I am able to stand straight. If an exercise didn't work well for me, she came up with other ones until she found one that I could do. She, the other therapists, and the receptionist are excellent, thorough, creative, caring professionals. I highly recommend Impact Physical Therapy.
Haley Hartleb
Haley H.
14:47 25 Apr 19
Hands down the best place in central Illinois to get therapy! The therapists are knowledgeable, thorough and personable.
Sharonda Hughesneal
Sharonda H.
00:01 08 Feb 19
When walk in the door you get a smile and good morning they call by name just like your a part of the family. The therapist Dan Trey and Gretchen are the best. I'm glad I chose Impact for my therapy
17:48 07 Dec 18
This place means business! Very friendly, and attentive staff using a variety of techniques tailored to individual needs. Very effective methods. Just follow the instructions, and do your homework exercises. I highly recommend this place because of the speed with which they were able to fit me in, and start my recovery process.
Toni Herrin
Toni H.
03:12 13 Nov 18
Impact is a wonderful place to do physical therapy. The therapists are knowledgeable and friendly. Gretchen is very knowledgeable and helpful in coming up with ideas to make an exercise conducive to the stage of recovery. She’s been available by email or text, in between sessions, if I have questions or concerns about exercises I can do at home. It’s a clean, upbeat environment. I definitely recommend Impact for any physical therapy needs.
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