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Sports Recovery Session

Impact Physical Therapy & Sports Recovery is dedicated to delivering outstanding treatment and care so you can stay in your game, continue with your training regimen, and perform at your peak. All of our Chicago-area sports recovery clinics provide high-quality care for any health and wellness issue that may be hindering your athletic performance or interrupting your day-to-day life. You’ll be feeling like yourself again in no time.

What is a Recovery Session?

Our sports recovery clinics are stocked with the same cutting-edge recovery tools and services that professional and collegiate level athletes have access to.  You can drop in for one day or sign up for one of our memberships to experience the top-notch services and equipment needed to keep you performing at your best!

Our 3 Step Recovery Protocol:

  1. Stretch out! For all athletes, it’s important to maintain flexibility. One of our recovery specialists will lead you through our mobility routine using foam rollers, vibration tools, and massage guns to help improve your range of motion and keep your muscles loose.
  2. Take the plunge! Hop into our 51-degree full immersion ice bath to help decrease inflammation and keep your sore legs feeling fresh.
  3. Flush away soreness!  Grab a pair of our Normatec compression boots and let the pulsing massage enhance blood flow and push out toxins so you can avoid that next day soreness and return to training.

First time visiting or not sure what you need?

Schedule an appointment with one of our team members for an introduction to our recovery process and services.  We’ll talk about your goals and review treatment options to help speed up your recovery and prevent future injuries—so you can continue to train like a pro! 

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