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Scar Tissue

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Scar tissue is a natural response to the body beginning to heal itself. When you’ve had surgery, and tendons and muscles have been cut or repaired, scar tissue will develop. Scar tissue can also form in response to an injury like a hernia tear or rotator cuff tear. There is even a form of bony scar tissue, called a callus, that will develop after a bone is fractured. Scar tissue is a thicker, more fibrous tissue than the healthy tissue connected to it.

What is Scar Tissue?

Collagen makes up scar tissue. Normal collagen that is present in your body is aligned in specific patterns to strengthen tissue. When an injury occurs, collagen begins to form around it which leads to scar tissue. Over time, scar tissue resembles and behaves like healthy tissue.

Scar Tissue Complications

Scar tissue is a normal response to healing after an injury. However, over time it can cause issues; Some may experience pain from their scar tissue after the nerves begin to regenerate, while others can experience limited mobility and range of motion. At this point, it’s beneficial to seek treatment for your scar tissue.

Diagnosing Scar Tissue Issues

Your physical therapist will take a medical history that covers your symptoms, as well as the initial injury or surgery that caused the scar tissue to begin with. They may also have you perform exercises and stretches to determine how much your strength and range of motion are impacted, as well as palpate the area.

How Can a Physical Therapist Treat Scar Tissue?

There are many available treatments to help address the pain or mobility issues that can arise from scar tissue. Popular methods of scar tissue treatment can include:

  • Graston Technique- A physical therapist will use stainless steel tools to help break up the scar tissue and restore mobility.
  • Active Release Therapy- Manual tension is applied for a short time with a therapist’s fingers while the patient actively works to lengthen the muscle. 
  • Astym® Therapy-  This therapy was created to remove the pain and complications from scarring and other soft tissue issues. 
  • Stretching- Stretching exercises may be added by your physical therapist to increase flexibility.

Find Out More About Scar Tissue Treatments Today

Want to learn more about your scar tissue treatment options? Contact us at IMPACT Physical Therapy. A physical therapist can cover each treatment option in detail and craft a treatment plan to address your scar tissue with your needs in mind. 

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