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Physical Therapy Near You in Hinsdale, IL

Are you searching for the best physical therapy Hinsdale has to offer? If you live in or near Hinsdale, physical therapy using the most advanced techniques and equipment is available right here at IMPACT Physical Therapy & Sports Recovery. Our dedicated team of professionals can diagnose your pain and movement issues, and develop a tailored treatment plan to lessen pain, regain strength, and restore mobility. See how you can get on the road to pain-free living today!

Why Choose IMPACT Physical Therapy & Sports Recovery in Hinsdale, IL?

What does the best physical therapy in Hinsdale look like? We strive to provide high-level service from the moment you step inside our physical therapy center in Hinsdale. Your physical therapist will take you through a detailed patient history to gather your past and present medical conditions and prescriptions, followed by an assessment of your current injury to determine root causes and exacerbating factors — and that’s just your first visit. They’ll then use this information to design your custom treatment plan.

Hinsdale Physical Therapy Treatments and Techniques

What treatments and techniques do therapists employ at our physical therapy center? The Hinsdale team can treat chronic muscle pain with a diverse range of techniques, such as trigger point dry needling, to release trapped nerves and break up scar tissue.

Specialty services include concussion rehab, ACL rehab, pelvic health, and peripheral neuropathy.

You can also expect to be given tailored at-home stretches and exercises that correspond with in-clinic treatment at our physical therapy center in Hinsdale. This holistic approach helps you to reach your performance or pain-reduction goals more quickly.

Sports recovery services include Normatec compression units, cold water immersion, therapeutic massage tune ups, stretch session, and massaging tools.

Schedule Today at Our Physical Therapy Center in Hinsdale

We’re confident that we offer the very best physical therapy in Hinsdale, but don’t take our word for it. See what our patients have to say about how personalized treatment at IMPACT Physical Therapy has helped them to live pain-free. Request an appointment today or explore our treatment centers at Naperville, Oak Lawn, Orland Park.

Clinicians At This Location

Tim Rylander

Kamila Rylander

Jimmy Bedolla

Melissa Peterson

Michael Rivera Jr.

Janelle Redfield

Alli Magaletta

rosemary grant
rosemary G.
21:17 16 Feb 24
Best Physical Therapy place ever, and I have compared!! Feel confident that you will get the best care for your particular need. Impact has specialists in many areas.
Dionna Plywacz
Dionna P.
13:31 30 Oct 23
Everyone was very nice and my appointment always started on time. My symptoms are so much better now and I do my exercises at home.
david kong
david K.
12:54 14 Oct 23
My hip abductor has been bothering me for a month. I finally got an appointment at Impact PT and saw Chris. He was great at diagnosing the problem and treating it. He did different stretches and also did a needle treatment to release the tension. A few days later, my pain was gone and I have been able to move the leg as usual. I recommend Impact and Chris highly.
John Kret
John K.
16:31 02 Sep 23
Mike is a great therapist. He takes great care on insuring your comfort and abilities to do the exercises.
arnie gough
arnie G.
02:23 24 Aug 23
Over the years I have had numerous nagging injuries that I typically ignore until they become real problems. I have had nothing but excellent results when I bring those injuries to Impact. The Impact staff is very serious and dedicated to their patients, but it is a very warm and friendly atmosphere..
05:41 31 May 23
Our son has been seeing Tim Rylander for a couple years now.He has cerebral palsy. He enjoys joking around with Tim and other staff members. That motives him to try harder when he has pt. We will always head to Impact for his therapy.
Sarah Burrichter
Sarah B.
02:33 07 May 23
During my first trimester of pregnancy, I threw out my back and could barely walk. I’m SO glad I started going to Impact PT. Kamila is a PT goddess and so knowledgeable about how our bodies work. Among her many areas of expertise is prenatal and postnatal PT. She’s helped me fix my back and avoid more back issues throughout my pregnancy. I’m so glad to have her help figuring out how to stay strong in pregnancy and how to improve my pelvic floor strength. Kamila is caring and easy to talk to, and I would absolutely recommend her as your PT. The entire Impact team is helpful, inclusive, and fun. I’m so glad I found this place!
Navin R
Navin R
22:47 26 Apr 23
We were visiting family in Hinsdale following my husband's meniscus surgery and decided to book a session at Impact Physical Therapy to tide him over until we returned to Boston. My husband thought Michael Rivera was so incredible in terms of helping him recover that he booked several more sessions. He preferred Michael to the physiotherapist he had at Mass General.
MariaCecilia Rodriguez
MariaCecilia R.
21:08 21 Apr 23
For the time I have been to impact therapy, I am enjoying it and I’m very thankful for the opportunity the staff and therapists have given me of a full recovery from an injury that has changed my life dramatically. I walk into therapy to be welcomed with smiles and care, and each session I walk out with confidence, hope and reassurance of my goals with my injury. Thank you Impact PT!!!!
Maryann Ingersoll
Maryann I.
17:50 17 Apr 23
I was lucky enough to have Michael Rivera as my physical therapist. He is extremely knowledgeable and concerned about my other health issues in addition to my physical therapy needs. I would highly recommend Mike and appreciate all his help. Bill Ingersoll
Sara Carr-Legg
Sara C.
15:11 06 Mar 23
Very thankful that the pain in my shoulder went away. All staff were great; from booking appointments to the measurable progress of my treatments. Mike was knowledgeable, kind and professional; the care I received was excellent.
Tony Digaetano
Tony D.
13:57 25 Jan 23
I can't even count how many physical therapy establishments I drive past to see Tim Rylander. I mean no disrespect to any of them as I have used others before, and would again, but it was quickly apparent to me that Tim is easily one of the most knowledgeable and experienced people I have ever consulted for helping with my various adult onset endurance athletics related wear and tear issues.
Donna Borden
Donna B.
19:20 21 Nov 22
My experience at Impact Physical Therapy in Hinsdale as been excellent. After dealing with vertigo for a long time, I finally feel that Tim (Rylander) understood what was actually going on and I felt so much clearer after just the first visit. I continue to improve even though I've only had 3 visits so far. I am going to continue and complete my therapy here because it's the first time I feel I've made significant progress. Tim is a highly trained and I feel that I'm in the right hands. Although the location is a bit far, it is just off the 294, and well worth the trip.
Wayne Markett
Wayne M.
16:03 13 Oct 22
Melissa is my therapist. She is very thorough and has looked at every aspect of my situation. She is a very knowledgeable and compassionate PT. I am very comfortable with her approach to making things right.
Abhishek Agarwal
Abhishek A.
02:44 23 Sep 22
I had need for physical therapy for various reasons in past decade. But recently, for over a year now, Melissa has been instrumental in my recovery from multiple injuries.Melissa's focus and drive towards recovery from injuries and plan for long term physical care is commendable. I have been nothing but super-impressed with her deep knowledge, ability to explain problem in layman terms, creative and thoughtful planning towards every session which is personalized for your needs and progression towards fit and active lifestyle.Melissa has even helped my wife recover from her shoulder pain and was impressed with Melissa's meticulous planning and execution for patient care. The staff at Impact Hinsdale is very personable and easy to communicate with. I would highly highly (yes I typed highly twice) recommend Melissa at Impact for your physical therapy needs.
Tony Sabos
Tony S.
02:06 28 Jul 22
The staff is extremely knowledgeable and conduct a thorough exam. Most importantly they lead with empathy when dealing with their patients
Weihua Zeng
Weihua Z.
14:16 05 Jul 22
I had and having great experiences with Kamila. She is very knowledgeable and skillful! she helped me with my tennis elbow couple of years ago and now she is helping me with my other injury. I am very confirmable with Kamila, I trust her!
Steven Murphy
Steven M.
20:02 16 May 22
I have had issues with my back for almost a year now. I tried a chiropractor and an acupuncturist, but the pain remained.In just a few visits, I started having days when I felt no pain. Those kinds of days are increasing** in frequency. In addition to the individual consultation, I was provided exercises that, after making sure I was doing them correctly, I was able to do at home. These have also greatly helped with my issues.I give high marks for Impact on their dedication and commitment to removing my pain and providing me the tools to prevent a recurrence going forward.
Michelle Hamilton
Michelle H.
23:40 10 May 22
Outstanding professionals who are very skilled. Wouldn’t trust my back health to anyone else.
Rosemary Grant
Rosemary G.
01:45 07 May 22
Kamila is the perfect physical therapist for an active person.She knows your muscles better than you do!
Bernie Stetz
Bernie S.
13:19 23 Apr 22
After experiencing knee pain, I was referred to Impact Physical Therapy -Hinsdale by my Orthopedic surgeon. From the moment I began working with my therapist, Chris Harter, I knew I was working with an experienced clinician. Chris was able to identify that the misalignment in my back was contributing to my knee pain. He provided a specific plan that would both strengthen my knee and align my back. I was impressed with the professionalism and caring provided by Chris and the staff at Impact Physical Therapy. I’ve currently completed my therapy and continue with my exercises. I would highly recommend Impact Physical Therapy.
Kelly “Passionate18” Langosch
Kelly “Passionate18” L.
00:08 20 Apr 22
I love all of the staff here!!!! They all know what they're doing. They have diverse experience with different things. DEFINITELY RECCOMMEND.
eric quick
eric Q.
14:16 19 Apr 22
Great staff first time they were booked pretty solid before I was leaving for a golf trip. Upon hearing my sad story they Squeezed me in for a treatment for tennis elbow. 2nd time got me in same day. More importantly the PT Jimmy did a great job Grayston technique.
robert brooks
robert B.
16:52 06 Mar 22
impact does a great job of the initial review of your particular condition. They also assist with identifying additional professionals who can help with care and wellness after your services there have been completed.
Mike Dellamaria
Mike D.
14:23 04 Feb 22
Kamila and her staff are exceptional professionals. I first went to her when suffering symptoms of vertigo. She was able to disperse the symptoms in 2 visits. I returned to her recently after ankle and foot surgery. She has supreme knowledge of the body and what exercises it will respond to. Everyone at Impact is completely invested in the healing of their patients. Great people.
James Wideman
James W.
02:01 07 Jan 22
Best physical therapy clinic I have ever been to. I have worked with Bill, Chris, and Clair. They were super knowledgeable and really helped me get back to were I wanted to be physically. Easy the most attentive physical therapist I have ever been to.
C4 Piano
C4 P.
16:09 05 Dec 21
The PTs at Impact are exceptional. I have d a serious knee injury and their comprehensive and team approach has me nearly 100% in 2 weeks. Thank you to Bill and Chris and the team
C4 Piano
C4 P.
02:39 05 Dec 21
The PTs at Impact are exceptional. I have d a serious knee injury and their comprehensive and team approach has me nearly 100% in 2 weeks. Thank you to Bill and Chris and the team
Joanne Matusek
Joanne M.
02:25 02 Dec 21
If you are experiencing dizziness or vertigo - make an appointment with Kamila. She is amazing!! Kamila and her entire staff are dedicated, caring, very knowledgeable. Highly recommend Impact Physical Therapy!
Pat McManus
Pat M.
03:03 23 Nov 21
Chris is a great physical therapist, he was very patience and diligent.
Daniel Shoop
Daniel S.
03:00 13 Nov 21
Very knowledgeable, positive and helpful feedback for my issues!
Mike Ratcliff
Mike R.
17:16 28 Jun 21
Impact Physical Therapy is a phenomenal world class physical therapy resource for the Western Suburbs. The Hinsdale location is very convenient, immaculate, spacious and atypical for a Physical Therapy office. Tim Rylander is the best at what he does (I get the sense he knows as much or more than some of the doctors out there).. I strongly recommend Impact for any physical Therapy needs.
dave barenberg
dave B.
05:43 19 Jun 21
an extensive search to find a p t office where the therapy would be given on an one on one basis. that is, where i would have the sole attention of the therapist for one full hour. at first thought, this might not seem difficult to find. but it is nearly impossible. i found impact six blocks from my house and they provide this exactly.
Rachel Bognet
Rachel B.
02:09 26 May 21
Extremely knowledgeable, caring and compassionate therapists who go above and beyond to understand patients’ concerns and medical issues. Super clean facility and friendly environment. I’ve mostly worked with William and Chris who have been amazing!!
Kristin Korn
Kristin K.
14:09 10 Apr 21
Chris did an excellent job helping me through a recent injury. He demeanor, level of engagement and treatment plan were a lifesaver and helped me recover and get back to exercising. The entire team has a great level of camaraderie and made PT a very positive experience.
Maki H
Maki H
14:12 19 Feb 21
I have been going to Impact since 2019. They have great staff, great communication, comfortable atmosphere, and knowledgeable. For my mild injuries, I go for tune-ups and I am usually better in a couple of days. For larger injuries, I had a herniated disc where I had weakness in my left arm. After going consistently to Bill, my strength in my left arm is back, and no pain. I am so glad I didn't have to go any further to get any kind of procedures done. They have great communications and recommendations for doctors. You will not be disappointed!
Renee Townsend
Renee T.
21:58 15 Feb 21
Kamila, Tim, Jimmy, Peggy & Dom are all fabulous. Jimmy went over all of the insurance information and made sure I understood what the process was. Both Tim & Kamila do a wonderful job going over the injury and explaining what needs to be done during and after your appointment. Dom and Peggy are always there to help with stretches and exercises.The equipment is continuously being wiped down and the facility is very well maintained.
bob brooks
bob B.
01:23 05 Feb 21
I had several knee procedures, including a spacer and a TKR. The scar tissue buildup was significant. I chose Impact because of a prior very positive experience with Kamila. I worked primarily with Chris and was very impressed with his knowledge and work ethic. He has a great understanding of when and how to push you further to meet your goals. He and Kamila worked with me to progress far enough that I wouldn’t need a probable manipulation, eventually getting the ROM to 120 degrees, which seemed out of reach at the outset.I was also very impressed with the positive atmosphere and the camaraderie of the entire staff. The therapists and their support team work well together. I would recommend the Hinsdale location to anyone who is looking for a professional environment and a high quality team to help you reach your rehabilitation goals.
Trushar Patel
Trushar P.
16:25 02 Feb 21
I have never really done PT before, but Chris made my experience awesome my first time. He made each session fun and personable. I went in there after having weeks and weeks of neck and back pain. Chris was able to pin point the problem and after my first session, I was doing 75% better. After my 3rd session I was problem free. Thank you Chris and Impact Physical Therapy. Also I went here during covid season, the facility is clean and faculty is very diligent about cleaning and wiping everything after every session. I felt safe and comfortable going here. It was not crowded and tons of distance between folks.
Wayne VerGowe
Wayne V.
18:12 26 Jan 21
I've had therapy on various parts of my body at Impact by each of the PT's on staff, and each one was knowledgeable , compasionate, and willing to educate me. I've tried other PT outlets, and they are the best!
Jay Rock
Jay R.
03:26 12 Jan 21
The staff at Impact Physical Therapy is outstanding. I would recommend, and have recommended, them to all of my friends and family. Tim and Kamila are, quite simply, excellent physical therapists who go above and beyond to help get you back to top form. They are the best. Thank you!
nancee Biank
nancee B.
20:55 11 Jan 21
Working with Kamila at Impact Physical therapy was a wonderful experience . Everyone knows what they are doing and works professionally to get the client on their way! Thank you so much!!!
Dennis Grabowski
Dennis G.
20:20 11 Jan 21
As in the past my contact with Impact has been most helpful and enjoyable. During my therapy I looked forward to doing the physical activity, using the equipment, and enjoying the personal. Everyone was friendly, attentive to their client, respectful of privacy and patient. No insistence on activities that caused pain. My therapist was considerate of my needs and was informed and skilled as she help me to better physical health.Impact is a great place!
Haley Burridge
Haley B.
18:05 05 Oct 20
I came to Impact Physical Therapy in Hinsdale after working with a few other local physical therapists who not only didn't help but made me re-injure myself by giving me bad advice and advising me to do exercises that are harmful for your back. I felt helpless. The other "physical therapists" pushed injections and pain medications from the beginning instead of taking the time to actually evaluate me and help me build up my strength to heal and prevent re-injury. Chris is very knowledgeable and extremely caring and calm. I cannot emphasize how important that demeanor is when you are in excruciating pain and desperate for help. Some people gave me life altering diagnoses saying I would be in pain forever and that I would never heal. Chris quickly dismissed this and gave me the confidence I needed to believe I could heal. After a few months I am back to myself again. I have the tools I need to continue to strengthen my body. I truly hope I never have to see Chris again but if I do I know where to find him.
Amelia Ping-Pecora
Amelia P.
21:21 04 Oct 20
I was referred by Dr. Ali, my neurologist to have physical therapy to improve my motor skills as I was diagnosed with early onset of PD. In addition, my orthopedic doctor, Dr. Ivy suggested for me to have phyiscal therapy as well. I was a little skeptical to do it since I have been going for PT for 3 years and did not make any difference in my movement. However this time, Dr. Ali said try IMPACT down the street, it's private. They check coverage of your insurance. I made my appointment and presesented the referral of neuro and ortho doctors. I was assigned to Chris, my therapist. Chris interviewed me during the first meeting to assess my condition and went over treatment plan and activities. I told myself "this is different from my previous PT sessions at DuPage Medical Group." The sessions were pretty much structured; warm up, activities using different equipment and stretching. My warm up turned out to be as important as the actual activity to address the tightness of my joints. Chris is cognizant of my safety as I work on the equipment. The facility is busy. Patients range from school age children, high schoolers and adults. The staff are warm and pleasant. Each has a patient to attend to. Equipments are sanitized after use. Over time, I have seen big improvement in my movement, balance and coordination. I have since talked about IMPACT with my friends who at some point in their life have had to go for physical therapy. I pray that my insurance benefits continue to cover PT with IMPACT. Going to IMPACT became a routine for me to get well. Thank you Chris and IMPACT.
Michael Arbor
Michael A.
11:21 04 Oct 20
I’ve been to impact for rotator cuff surgery on both shoulders back to back followed by current separated shoulder injury. They have a very well run clean physical therapy business. All the therapists are great and they have great interns helping with all of the exercises. I’ve only seen Tim and Kamilla who I like a lot but other therapists seem great because I’ve watched them work on other patients and it seems to me that they work hard. Anyway, it’s a great place
Betsy Bruns
Betsy B.
15:23 03 Oct 20
I have been going to Impact Physical Therapy on and off for over 2 years. As a triathlete, I appreciate that I have been able to schedule an appointment quickly with Tim or Jimmy. They have been able to evaluate and treat my injuries before they progressed and therefore, I haven't had to miss much training. Both have incredible knowledge. They work out the problem (using Graston techniques, etc.) and provide me with exercises to do at home. My daughters have also benefited from Impact's services, as well as many friends I have referred. I can't say enough about their professionalism and determination to help heal all injuries.
Aga Iwanicka
Aga I.
19:49 04 Mar 20
I have been suffering with herniated disc for 30 years. I was trying to solve my problem with lots of specialist over 30 years. (orthopedists, chiropractors, physiotherapist). Nobody was able to help me. I found out what was wrong with my body 9 weeks ago for the first time. The attack 9 weeks ago was very painful. I felt like something wanted to tear my leg’s muscles. I couldn’t hold urine. I couldn’t dress up and take off cloths by myself. I was going through the hell on the earth. Years of asking for help without an answer made me distrustful. I wanted to go to see somebody but somebody who knows what to do. I decided I will go from physiotherapist to physiotherapist until I find the right one. I was ready to fly to California where my trainer lives, who is a physiotherapist as well.Impact in Hinsdale was the first one I asked for help. I came to office in good condition, but at the point I couldn’t help myself anymore. I couldn’t stretch muscles anymore by myself. I needed manual therapy. I received exactly what I needed. Chris H. saved my life. I hope I will never need him anymore. But if so, I will find him again.
melvin w mathews jr
melvin w mathews J.
18:38 19 Jun 19
My experience at impact was very positive. I truely believe my goals will be meant. At this point I would give them a 5 star rating and see no reason why this shouldn't continue to be the norm.😀
Jennifer Wilton
Jennifer W.
02:02 07 May 19
There are not enough stars to rate my experience at Impact Physical Therapy in Hinsdale! The environment and atmosphere at Impact are so welcoming and comfortable as soon as you walk through the door! I was always treated with kindness and compassion by everyone in the office - even the therapists who were not directly working with me. My physical therapist, Dr. Tim Rylander, is a top expert in the field of concussion recovery and I was so fortunate to be able to work with him! HIs expertise, professionalism and genuine care for me as a patient were evident from very early in my treatment plan. His sessions were well planned out and challenged me in the needed areas. He worked with me and believed I would reach my goal of returning to the career I loved when many others thought it wasn't possible! He was always so positive and encouraging! I know I would not be where I am today without him! Impact Physical Therapy in Hinsdale is truly a special place!
Sherrie Saratore
Sherrie S.
00:10 23 Apr 19
This is my second experience with physical therapy. My first experience was at one of the major physical therapy groups in the Chicago land area. I was recommended to a specific therapist Tim Rylander whom helped me successfully recover from a couple of sports injuries and I would highly recommend him. After struggling with my current injury, my trainer recommended that I meet with mpact Physical therapy due to his success with them. I had rememered Tim but I decided to give them a shot because they happened to be more conveniently located. When I walked in for my first appointment, I recognized Tim and can't tell you how releved and happy I was to see him especially because he is the mansgima partner. Although my initial consultation was not with Tim but with another therapist, Chris Harter. I can't tell you what a great experience I am having with Chris, the facility and the staff. Chris is a graduate of northwestern and embodies the sensitivity and touch anyone would want while recovering from any injury. The space is modern and inviting with tons of glass and the support staff are super friendly and helpful. It does not feel like a typical "medical" environment. Their unique recovery room offers some of the latest innovations for athletes and anyone looking for assisting with injury or sore muscle recovery. I would highly recommend both Tim and Chris and really any of the therapist at this facility.
Becky Arbor
Becky A.
00:49 07 Mar 19
Kamila @ Impact is very knowledgeable and friendly. I look forward to my visits in the new facility with state of the art equipment.
Natalie Sabos
Natalie S.
02:32 02 Mar 19
A great PT facility! Knowledgeable professionals who are there to help!
Terry Covone
Terry C.
13:48 09 Aug 18
When my neurosurgeon suggested physical therapy instead of a fourth back surgery I was lucky enough to find Impact Physical Therapy. Their knowledge, professionalism, patient focus, communication skills, state of the art equipment and realistic goals far surpassed any other physical therapy company that I've used since my first surgery 15 years ago. I strongly recommend Impact Physical Therapy.
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