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Physical Therapy Center in Norridge

If you’re looking for the best physical therapy in Norridge, you’ve got a great team of friendly and helpful people in IMPACT Physical Therapy. We’ve got trained physical therapy professionals to provide a Norridge physical therapy experience that puts you and your recovery front and center. If you’ve been injured and want to get back to full strength, don’t delay, schedule an appointment with us today so we can work together to focus on your needs.

Why Visit IMPACT for Norridge Physical Therapy?

Our physical therapy center in Norridge is conveniently located among the northwest neighborhoods of Chicago, meaning Norridge, Rosemont, and Schaumburg residents have physical therapy located near their homes and offices. In addition, our clinicians are all licensed and trained to provide a variety of services and treatments in order to craft the in-office and at-home plan that will get you back to enjoying your life. 

Why are We the Best Physical Therapy in Norridge? 

We rise above the competition because of our unique focus on getting you back in peak physical form. When you’ve had an accident or otherwise need physical therapy, come to us and we’ll go through a detailed physical that’s designed to get an accurate assessment of the situation. Then, our specialists will select the appropriate course of treatment from the many different treatment types we have to offer you. We do everything from: 

We’ll even help you with your at-home therapy so you’ll always be working toward a healthier future. With our therapies combined, therapists will help you minimize pain, restore function to your muscles and joints, and get you back working, playing, and doing everything else you used to do.

Find the Best Physical Therapy in Norridge Today!

When you’re looking for physical therapy centers in Norridge, look no further than the fine people at IMPACT Physical Therapy. We’re not just local, we offer a simply higher standard of care that will ensure you’re on the road to recovery. If you’re ready to find a new level of care, feel free to contact us to learn more.

Clinicians At This Location

Leo Talaganis

Rachel Richard

Tricia Lewandowski

Tricia Lewandowski

Monica Schittino

Rachel O’Donnell

Kim Mueller
Kim M.
15:55 02 Nov 21
I have had very good results in a very short time. Their procedures and actions aline with getting results done and how to alleviate the problem from getting worse and possibly resolving my back pain issue and bulging discs.
Lindsey Strzepek
Lindsey S.
16:47 16 Oct 21
If you want to feel better and learn about why you are experiencing the problems you are. Look no further. The facility is very clean, open spaced, safe and is staffed by a crew that gets to the bottom of your problem. Highly recommended!
Christine Haney
Christine H.
20:50 10 Oct 21
In the short time I have been going to Impact Physical Therapy, I can feel a big difference. Leo has worked with me to identify my issues and prescribe the best physical therapy for my needs. I am very pleased with the entire staff here. They are knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend Impact Physical Therapy in Norridge, IL.
Mary Ann Zulawinski
Mary Ann Z.
23:44 09 Sep 21
Right in my backyard, there is a physical therapy center, which has provided me with respite from chronic Rheumatoid Arthritis, as well as seasonal injuries, like “falling on both knees”. I only need to drive a few blocks, to receive help. Having RA does not end; RA needs frequent sessions of care, whether weeks or months. This is the place that provides support and care in tolerating a chronic illness. I’m grateful for the long-term care provided by Impact Therapy, given by Leo, Rachel, Magda, and Trish.
Dimitrios Lapas
Dimitrios L.
22:33 20 Aug 21
Everybody at Impact Physical Therapy is understanding and tries to do the best they can to help each patient with their different issues. Leo and everybody I came in contact with, GREAT! I' tried several physical therapy places , but none were as good as Impact.
Gabe Monroy
Gabe M.
23:27 09 Jul 21
From the moment I walked in the kindness and willingness to help was obvious. The therapist know what they are doing and do it to perfection with one goal to get you back on your feet. I highly recommend impact therapy in Norridge!
Dan Kelly
Dan K.
23:53 13 Jun 21
Great service and therapy by Leo Taliganis. Very knowledgeable and dependable for correcting the problem and getting you on your feet again. Always professional and there for his clients. Thanks!
Cory Helfand
Cory H.
02:39 28 Feb 21
Very knowledgeable, professional, and caring. Would recommend to anyone.
Evelin Vushovski
Evelin V.
23:23 27 Jan 21
Excellent service and great professionals. Strongly recommend for phisical therapy and health care!
Anne Puchta
Anne P.
15:52 18 Jan 21
Friendly and very effective! Personalized care and attention! So glad I found them!
Pamela Jachino (Pam)
Pamela Jachino (.
23:58 05 Oct 20
I haven't been for therapy in a couple of years (that I thankful for) for. I started with Leo when he was at Athletico Therapy. He opened up Impact just in time when I needed some therapy for my back. The friendliest and the excellent therapy I received helped the pain melt away. So the conclusion is I would recommend Impact Therapy to anyone who want to feel better and release the pain.
Athanasios Vlachos
Athanasios V.
21:50 02 Oct 20
I had a shoulder replacement surgery done a couple years ago and I went to Impact Physical Therapy. Everyone was very nice and Leo did a great job getting my arm stronger. I would highly recommend these guys.
James Holman
James H.
19:52 02 Dec 19
I have Rachel as my therapist, and she is fantastic! so nice and pleasant and has been an excellent therapist so far. I requested this place with my attorney and doctor's office and it was very quickly approved, and I'm very happy that I chose this place!😎Also I will add the place is very clean😄
Jo Anne R
Jo Anne R
01:39 03 Jul 19
I cannot thank Leo and the staff at Impact enough for their wonderful care during a most difficult time. Leo is very knowledgeable and shares information with you to help you understand what he is doing and why. The staff is always professional and friendly. I would highly recommend Impact Physical therapy.
Pat R
Pat R
13:04 20 Aug 18
Leo takes time, is very knowledgeable and explains everything thoroughly. He wants you to understand why you are feeling pain and how he is going to help you get rid of it. Very clean and updated offices. Staff very friendly. I recommend to anyone that is in need of physical therapy. He has helped me greatly with my 30 year old back injury. Excellent and exceptional.
Diane Dean
Diane D.
06:07 17 Aug 18
If you're injured or in any kind of pain this is the ONLY place to go! I had several car accidents and I saw several doctors, pain specialists and physical therapists. However, none of them helped me even half as much as Leo and his team did. Leo was the only one able to cure my pain and make my body work properly again. Additionally, he is very nice and super easy to talk to and work with. He is an extremely knowledge and gifted therapist who's a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend this business even if you need to travel far for it. You'll get the best service and treatment here.
Marcello Delloglio
Marcello D.
13:52 12 Jul 18
From the first time you walk in you feel like home. Great , professional and friendly place. Leo Talaganis number 1Very professional, patients, he listens to you and work with you.I reccomend this place to all my friend and family.
Melody Vernor
Melody V.
09:01 13 Apr 18
Leo is a wonderful therapist! He makes sure you know what he’s doing, and explains what the therapy will help. He also demonstrates exercises to do at home, and makes sure you are doing them correctly before you leave! Leo is very professional and knowledgeableI couldn’t have made a better choice.
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