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Please Note: IMPACT Sports Recovery services must begin 30 minutes prior to close time.

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Physical Therapy in Lakeview Chicago

Keeping injuries at bay for the long-term requires the very best physical therapy. Lakeview residents can find high-level care with the team at IMPACT Physical Therapy & Sports Recovery, where our physical therapists employ the latest techniques and treatments to restore movement, regain strength, and lessen pain. Learn how our attentive team of professionals works with you one-on-one to devise a treatment plan, putting you on a direct route to pain-free living.

Why Choose Us for Lakeview Physical Therapy?

In addition to the best physical therapy Lakeview residents could ask for, we strive to provide attentive care from the moment you step inside. On your first visit to our physical therapy center in Lakeview, your physical therapist will take you through a comprehensive patient history to capture every detail of past and present medical conditions and medications. Next, you’ll go through an examination of your present injury to determine the root causes, complications, and factors that increase or decrease your symptoms. The next time we see you at our physical therapy center, your physical therapist will present you with a detailed treatment plan that is tailored to your history and symptoms.

Lakeview Physical Therapy Treatments and Techniques

From soft tissue mobilization to trigger point dry needling, we offer a wide range of services for people of all ages and ability levels. Your physical therapist will select specific treatment techniques for your visits to our physical therapy center in Lakeview. Additionally, you may be given a targeted set of exercises, stretches, and hot/cold compresses that you’ll carry out at home to support your in-clinic treatments.

We specialize in pelvic health for men and women, orthotics, and bike fitting.

Sports Recovery services include Normatec compression boots, therapeutic massage tune ups, stretch session, and massaging tools.

Schedule Today at Our Physical Therapy Center in Lakeview

If you live in Lakeview, physical therapy from highly-skilled professionals is right at your fingertips. Let our patients tell you why they trust us to help them reach their goals. Call us at 773-360-7287 to explore advanced treatments and the best physical therapy in Lakeview, or schedule an appointment today so you can look forward to a pain-free tomorrow!

Clinicians At This Location

Paul Thomas

Shannon Miller

Kyle Stenzel

Preventing or recovering from an injury can be difficult. Let IMPACT Physical Therapy help you get back in the game with our expert Physical Therapists. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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