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Finding the Best Physical Therapy in Orland Park

Are you looking for some of the best physical therapy in Orland Park? If you live in or near Orland Park, consider trusting your care to the expert team at IMPACT Physical Therapy. Our specially trained therapists use the most advanced techniques and equipment available. Even better, our dedicated team of professionals can diagnose your pain and movement issues, and develop a custom treatment plan to lessen pain, regain strength, and restore mobility. Want to get moving on pain-free living? Read on to learn more about our physical therapy center in Orland Park.

Why Choose IMPACT Orland Park for Physical Therapy?

If you’re looking for the best physical therapy center Orland Park has to offer, you’ll want to consider what factors set the facility apart from others. What does the best physical therapy in Orland Park look like exactly? Here at IMPACT Physical Therapy & Sports Recovery Orland Park, we strive to provide high-level service from the moment you step inside. Your personal physical therapist will take you through a detailed patient history process to gather your past and present medical conditions and prescriptions, followed by an assessment of your current injury to determine root causes and factors. All of this can be expected on your first visit. From there, we’ll use this information to design your customized treatment plan.

Orland Park Physical Therapy Treatments and Techniques

Considering the treatments and techniques therapists employ in their physical therapy centers is also important. Here at IMPACT Physical Therapy & Sports Recovery Orland Park, we treat chronic muscle pain with a diverse range of manual techniques to release trapped nerves and break up scar tissue.

We specialize in pelvic health, work conditioning, and trigger point dry needling.

We also provide tailored at-home stretches and exercises that correspond with in-clinic treatment at our physical therapy center in Orland Park. This 360-degree approach helps you to reach your performance and pain-reduction goals more quickly.

Sports recovery services include Normatec compression units, cold water immersion, therapeutic massage tune ups, stretch session, and massaging tools.

Orland Park Physical Therapy at IMPACT

Finding the best physical therapy center Orland Park has to offer doesn’t have to be difficult. We’re confident that we offer the very best physical therapy in Orland Park, but don’t just take our word for it. Review what our patients have had to say about how they enjoyed their personalized treatment here at IMPACT Physical Therapy & Sports Recovery. Request an appointment online today.

Clinicians At This Location

Bob Griffin

Tammy Stack

Lynne Lesniak

Lynne Lesniak

Jessica Boblak

Christine Davidson
Christine D.
00:42 13 Mar 24
All around top notch PT facility. I would recommend trying Impact for all of your therapy needs. The therapists here are very experienced and knowledgeable. My family has had fabulous outcomes from our time spent at Impact!
Lenis Bradley
Lenis B.
01:10 23 Jan 24
Hi, i just started going there and Bob has done more in a few visits then any other therapists put together. I have goals to reach and I know I will get better with Bob . He understands what I’m going through and he cares!!! The whole office is inviting and look forward to my visits. The most important I look forward to getting strong and feeling better!!!! Thank you!!!
Cathrine schipman
Cathrine S.
21:43 01 Oct 23
I completed my therapy 6 months ago & I can’t believe I’m completely healed! I had had a LOT of pain in my knee for over a year but my therapy w/ Bob at Impact was a complete success in terms of healing & no further treatments such as surgery or anything. Lisa at the front desk is friendly, knowledgeable & very helpful. Tammy, Lynn & the techs (especially Ellis) have been fantastic w/ professionalism & friendliness. Also, Bob had used a technique on my knee that no other PT place that I know of used this technique (it’s like a scraping-of-sorts method) & I believe it improved my condition quicker & more thoroughly too.Atmosphere is great too! Nice & clean.I highly recommend Impact Physical Therapy.
Denise Yaeger
Denise Y.
02:01 14 Sep 23
I visited Impact Physical Therapy for pain from a bone spur. While not usually a fan of PT, my experience here changed my opinion. I worked with Bob and after a couple weeks I am pain free. I would definitely recommend Impact Physical Therapy!
Emma Fisher
Emma F.
23:45 20 Jun 23
Cannot stress enough how great Lynne and the IMPACT team are! I basically tore a few ligaments and severely sprained a few other ligaments in my ankle back in March. I was in a boot for about a month and a half and started physical therapy at the orland location. I just had my last appointment with Lynne today and I am shocked at how far I’ve come. I was able to completely avoid ankle surgery which was a huge fear of mine. I’m back to running outside and being extremely active which I didn’t think would be possible this summer. So thankful for everyone at IMPACT thank you again Lynne, as well as Bob, Tiana and all the girls who work as assistants! So happy to be back to normal 🫶🏼
Karen Marynowski
Karen M.
16:09 14 Jun 23
After a 3-month recovery from a fracture ankle my doctor recommended physical therapy with IMPACT. It was the best recommendation my doctor could have made. Bob is my physical therapist, and he is great! Bob cares about his patients is very knowledgeable and explained everything thoroughly. He helps me feel confident about a full recovery. He works with me doing what is needed, to increase my mobility and strength.I feel by the time I complete my therapy sessions I will be better and stronger than I was before I fracture my ankle. The entire staff at Impact are very supportive and compassionate.I highly recommend Impact Physical Therapy, in Orland Park, IL.
Kimberly Peglow
Kimberly P.
13:53 17 May 23
Impact Therapy in Orland Park is an outstanding clinic to go to for your recovery from surgeries or injuries. They are welcoming and have quality therapists. Tammy Stack is one of the most incredible physical therapists that I have ever encountered in my many years of recovery from several surgeries. She is so relational and cares deeply for her patients. Her many years of experience as a PT have given her wisdom & great skill as she seeks to address the needs of her patients and looks at the whole body in light of the initial need from surgery/injury. She not only brings you to a place of healing & recovery but encourages you and gives you hope along the way.
Victoria Koblick
Victoria K.
03:39 27 Apr 23
My physical trainer Lynn was exceptional at developing a personalized plan focused on fixing my irritated rotator cuff. As promised, she kept me on track to complete an 8-week program (in person and at home) that cured my limited shoulder mobility and pain.I cant praise Lynn, Peyton, and staff enough for their expertise and professionalism. By the end of my PT, I not only felt like a million bucks but they made me feel like family. I’d recommend anyone who has shoulder pain to set up an appointment to get evaluated and put your trust in the plan they create for you.Thanks again for a wonderful experience.
Julie S
Julie S
18:28 21 Apr 23
I highly recommend Impact Physical Therapy, in Orland Park. Bob was amazing as my physical therapist! He is very knowledgeable, and explained everything thoroughly, to help me understand my situation. He worked with me doing what was needed, to ease my pain and increase my mobility, as I was experiencing low back pain, and sciatic nerve pain. I finished my sessions, feeling so much better, than when I first started.In my opinion, the entire staff are wonderful, from the physical therapists, Lisa at the front reception desk, and the assistants. Great atmosphere, with a lot of knowledge. So if you are in need of physical therapy, I highly recommend Impact Physical Therapy, in Orland Park, IL.
Natalie Gasior
Natalie G.
02:13 17 Mar 23
I would rate this facility 100 stars if I was able to! Three months of physical therapy twice a week after my ankle surgery was tough but everyone here made it such a great experience. It was so bittersweet leaving such an encouraging and friendly environment. If you’re looking for PT, you definitely should look no further!😊
Stephanie Irving
Stephanie I.
13:19 03 Mar 23
I can’t say enough about the Impact Physical Therapy Orland Park location. All of the staff members are very welcoming and professional. I felt like part of the Impact family. Bob Griffin and Lynne Lesniak were my physical therapists. They are both top notch and a wealth of knowledge. I was very nervous at first because of the unknown but they quickly eased my fears. Most importantly, they were a key part in my recovery and I know that they care.
Melissa Heitz
Melissa H.
20:06 11 Jan 23
My son had pre-op and post-op PT with Bob for a replaced patella tendon. He was very informative. My son listened when Bob talked about recovery and what he needed to do to get better. We are very happy with Impact PT in Orland Park. We would highly recommend.
Zofia Sikon
Zofia S.
16:40 20 Dec 22
I was doing therapy at a different place for 7 months and was not getting better. I found impact on Google and decided to try it out. I have been going to impact and seeing Bob for 6 weeks and have improved tremendously! The exercises and stretches (impact offers ultrasound, electrical stimulation, manual therapy) Bob has given me has allowed me to feel better and slowly become pain-free. I highly recommend that people come here to do therapy! Everyone is so nice and welcoming and overall a great atmosphere!
Dean Carlson
Dean C.
16:15 02 Dec 22
My doctor recommended Bob and I'm glad that I took her advice. I have been to dozens of physical therapy clinics over the years and unfortunately have seen way too many therapists who could care less about me. Bob cares about his patients and I would recommend him to anyone.
Kyle Hastings
Kyle H.
14:43 18 Nov 22
I started my therapy at Impact with severe bicep tendonitis and tennis elbow limiting my activity with chronic pain. I was referred to see Bob by a friend who had also been recently treated by Bob for his ailment. As a former collegiate athlete, the treatment received by Bob and the Impact team was inline with being back in the competitive collegiate sports setting. He provided therapy that has brought me back to where I was prior to injury. Thank you Bob and the Impact team for your help!
Erin Barnett
Erin B.
02:41 04 Nov 22
Lynne is an amazing therapist. She has great chair side manner and works her magic. I would send my family to her if ever needed. Thanks for making me feel better Lynne!!
Don Witte
Don W.
01:06 21 Oct 22
When it hurt to bend over to wash my face I thought this was part of getting old. The staff at Orland Park IPT showed me otherwise. After a few PT sessions the pain was going away and they helped show me exercises to keep getting better. Why did I wait 60+ years for my first PT treatment. Thank you Tammy
Cindy Graff
Cindy G.
19:52 20 Oct 22
Lynne is a fantastic therapist! Extremely knowledgeable. Always takes the time to explain what we are doing and how it will affect the final outcome. Very clean facility.
Cindy Graff
Cindy G.
18:24 12 Sep 22
Lynne is a fantastic therapist! Extremely knowledgeable. Always takes the time to explain what we are doing and how it will affect the final outcome. Very clean facility.
david ulrich
david U.
01:16 12 Sep 22
Bob did a great job addressing problems with both my knee and my shoulder. HIs ability to continually adjust treatment helped to keep me moving forward to recovery.I highly recommend Bob and the entire team at Impact Physical Therapy in Orland.
Ralph Russotto
Ralph R.
15:00 30 Jul 22
I have suffered with back pain since 2015. I have had every available treatment plus surgery without success. After two treatments with Lynne, I have begun to notice some relief. Lynne is knowledgeable, professional and compassionate. As a doctor in her profession she made it known from the first session that her goal is to make me pain free. I am lucky to be under her care. i am so happy I found Impact Therapy.
Gia Nowdomski
Gia N.
18:39 16 Jul 22
I highly recommend Bob Griffin at Impact Physical Therapy in Orland Park. Bob is very knowledgeable and provides excellent treatment plans. I have found that as I get older, muscle spasms had been happening more frequently. I contacted Bob and felt relief starting with my first visit. He was able to pinpoint the cause of these spasms and with his exercises and physical therapy, I was able to recover quickly.I then asked Bob to help me regain my mobility with walking. I am 62 years old and for the past 15 years, I was not able to walk more than 30 feet outside without excruciating pain in the outer thighs of both legs. With Bob's physical therapy treatment, I am now pain free and excited that I am now walking over 4 miles a day! I want to convey how truly remarkable Bob is as a physical therapist. Thank you Bob!!!
Robyn Blake
Robyn B.
11:21 11 May 22
Impact is one of the best PT out there!! They go above and beyond for clients, especially with kids/teens, when sports are life and they need to get back on that field or court! Tammy and Bob are the best! The goal Is to heal and that is exactly what they help you do!! I highly recommend.
Alison Therese
Alison T.
10:52 10 Feb 22
After months of back pain, steroids, doctors and chiropractors my orthopedic doctor sent me to Impact to see if physical therapy would help me.Bob quickly diagnosed my problem and gave me the tools needed to work on my back issues. His help took me from barely being able to move or bend to being able to work, do yoga and play with my kids again. In short he gave me my life back.Everyone at Impact is welcoming, thoughtful, and genuinely concerned about each other and everyone who needs help living their lives to the fullest. Thank you so much to everyone at Impact.
Robert Caputo
Robert C.
14:52 04 Feb 22
As a contractor I’ve seen my share of physical therapy and wish I’d found Orland Impact PT sooner.Their therapist’s Tammy/Bob change treatment up to maintain a balance of wellbeing and strengthening promoting stability in your daily routine.Their facility is well lit and the equipment is new & clean promoting a natural environment for rehab.Keep up the great care.
Vicky Halikias
Vicky H.
18:28 01 Feb 22
I was referred to Lynne Lesniak at Impact in Orland Park for a shoulder injury I sustained as a result of exercising. I was in an intense amount of pain at the outset, and she appropriately set goals for me from our initial meeting. As our meetings progressed, my strength and pain started resolving. She was committed to my recovery and never made me question our plan. She was extremely knowledgeable and entertained my MANY questions I had at each meeting and showcased extreme patience in that regard. Upon reaching a point that we both felt comfortable (she asked for my input which I highly appreciated) for me to be discharged, she provided me with a routine to continue at home which is sustainable and manageable. I highly recommend Impact in general and Lynne specifically! All the individuals, including the tech Chris (he was great!), I encountered while there were caring and kind. Please continue to keep up this good work.
A Google User
A Google U.
04:36 12 Jan 22
This place is awesome. It’s such an outstanding facility as it’s very clean and spacious. My son age 12 had a major elbow injury in football and we were so lucky to find this place.I was connected initially to Tammy and she was outstanding. We discussed a plan and based on the injury suggested one of her colleagues that fit my sons needs.He was matched up with Bob and is making incredible progress. What a wonderful fit as Bob truly cares about his patients. He takes his time and works very hard to get you back on track. His attention to detail is incredible. His expertise and TLC were exactly what we were looking for.I almost forgot to mention Lisa at the front desk. She got us rolling working with our health insurance company. You won’t find a nicer person that’s so organized and has great follow up skills.I don’t write a lot of reviews, but I really want to spread the word about this place. If you are in need of a rehab and physical therapy this is definitely the place to go.
Joe Doolan
Joe D.
03:27 22 Dec 21
I'm a 59 yr. old Union Carpenter that had ACL reconstruction. I needed 16 weeks of PT. I could not have gone to a better place than Impact. Bob got me back in shape ahead of schedule. The whole staff there is amazing. Lisa at the front desk is awesome. I would recommend Impact to all tradesman.
Joanne Flaherty
Joanne F.
23:34 15 Dec 21
I have been to physical therapy many times over the years and Impact Physical Therapy is by far one of the best.I honestly can’t say enough about Kailey and the rest of the staff who have been professional, caring and very knowledgeable.I am very glad that they were recommended to me by a family member.
Mike Glazier
Mike G.
20:23 22 Nov 21
Great place for physical therapy. Tammy has been awesome helping me rehab my ankle injury. She takes the time to understand my needs and adjusting my therapy each visit based on how I feel and really watches her patients as they go through their routines to see how they are progressing.
Julie Kreun
Julie K.
18:03 19 Nov 21
I love it here. Tammy , my physical therapist is amazing. Bob ,another therapist is super friendly... Along with Lisa up front. I recommend this place to anyone who might need therapy. Super happy to know it's here for me and others.
Asker Smith
Asker S.
23:05 09 Nov 21
I was recommended to Impact physical therapy by my orthopedic doctor. Impact is fantastic my lower back pain has decreased significantly. The staff is fantastic and my therapist Lynn is the best!A.B. Smith
Pat Piech
Pat P.
18:11 05 Nov 21
First time there, came highly recommended & glad I came. Friendly atmosphere, clean & very spacious. My therapist, Bob, very knowledgeable & very cautious to my needs. Even the receptionist was very personable & helpful in making my upcoming appts.
Jean Overmyer
Jean O.
00:14 02 Nov 21
Just like finding the right Doctor, finding the right Physical Therapist (PT) can make all the difference.For the past 10 years, I have had extreme, recurring back pain. Finally I found a PT that knew what he was doing. He took the time to "EXPLAIN" what was causing my problems, evaluated them, and helped me work through the problems -- exercises that helped reduce and eliminated the pain in my muscles, and they WORKED!He explained what was happening if the pain was coming back, where it was coming from and how to release the tension causing the pain.Bob Griffin is fantastic. He is a very knowledgeable PT, professional, and cares about helping people. He listens to you, takes the time needed to evaluate and comes up with a plan to fix it.He is the best PT I have ever work with (and over the past 10 years I have worked with a few)I would highly recommend Bob Griffin. If I could give him more than the 5 stars in this review, I would.
Michael O'Connor
Michael O.
11:43 08 Oct 21
The staff at Impact are welcoming and show a genuine concern for your recovery. The space is large and tables and equipment are spread out with plenty of room. I have had a great experience with Tammy and her staff, I would recommend Impact to anyone.
Therese Potempa
Therese P.
01:13 08 Oct 21
I am extremely pleased with Impact Physical Therapy. Kailey is an excellent therapist and very knowledgeable. The entire staff is very nice. I highly recommend Impact Physical Therapy.
Robert Nerius
Robert N.
23:00 18 Aug 21
Kailey Becker is wonderful. This is a very professional and competent PT service provider.
Rob Berg
Rob B.
21:44 14 Jul 21
Recently I completed my rehab for total knee replacement surgery. I went to Impact Physical Therapy in Orland Park on a strong recommendation from a friend. My therapist, Bob, did a great job of coaching me through all the exercises needed to regain flexibility and strength. He carefully documented my progress and was a continual source of encouragement! I would highly recommend him as a physical therapist for anyone facing knee surgery. Lisa, the very cordial and welcoming administrator at the front desk, always coordinated my visits to fit my schedule.
Jeffery Kidd
Jeffery K.
15:54 23 Jun 21
On-time appointments, clean facility and friendly staff. Kailey is the best. She made my athlete very comfortable and she was very knowledgeable about what was going on with his body. HE has started to feel the improvement in his pain level and comfort of movement after just two treatments. He should be back at it on the soccer pitch and baseball field in no time. Thanks Impact!
01:18 07 May 21
Impact is exceptional. I have had multiple physical therapy sessions over the past several years, including 3 different sets in the past year for different issues. The other places did not compare to the level of care that I have recieved at Impact. They care about the patient, target each session and departing recommendations based on how the patient is doing that day, not just overall. Impact includes substantial hands-on therapy - I have never experienced that. The other physical therapy providers I used recently and in the past barely used hands-on assistance. I just completed my 4th session out of 12 and I have improved already. I am so thankful for their expertise and genuine care for my progress. Bob is my therapist and he's fantastic.
Rick Desko
Rick D.
02:20 01 May 21
Tammy and Bob are first class physical therapists. I felt like I knew them for years even though it was only weeks. That’s how special they are. They will help you on a path to recovery while feeling like you are at home with friends. I would highly recommend both of them to anyone looking for physical therapy.
Dave Crites
Dave C.
12:31 27 Apr 21
I've had back and IT band issues for quite some time. I had PT at another location without much relief. I started PT at Impact of Orland Park a few weeks ago and I'm so impressed with Tammy Stack. She is extremely knowledgeable with her profession. She listens to everything I tell her and is treating my symptoms in ways the other location did not. I'm confident my issues will be resolved soon. I highly recommended Impact Physical Therapy of Orland Park.
Pete Rush
Pete R.
17:38 24 Jan 21
I went to Impact in mid March 2020 to rehab from a meniscus knee surgery. The staff was professional, patient, and knowledgeable. I'm a very active person and they took the time to make sure they were crystal clear of my goals. Bob Griffin is the lead PT at Impact as he also manages this location. I can't speak highly enough of the job Bob & his staff did as my knee is fully recovered thanks to Impact. They also provided me with the tools to remain healthy well after my rehab ended. In addition, I had rotator surgery approx. 10 years ago & that was when I was introduced to Bob. That was a very challenging & long rehab and I'm thrilled to report that 10 years later my surgical shoulder remains stronger than my non surgical shoulder. The common denominator on both very successful recoveries is Bob Griffin. If you want the absolute best PT with no shortcuts, go to Impact Physical Therapy in Orland Park, IL.
Bonnie Russell
Bonnie R.
00:07 15 Jan 21
I can't say enough about Tammy and the entire Impact Physical Therapy Team!I have known and been treated by Tammyfor years. Her knowledge and expertise in helping heal a broken body is surely appreciated by all who have had the good fortune of being under her care. In addition to her healing hands and amazing diagnostic abilities, Tammy is able to calm the anxiety which often plagues those in pain. Her positive attitude can be contagious and can be integral in healing. I will be having a hip replacement soon and knowing that I can count on Tammy with my post surgical therapy gives me peace of mind.I feel that the Orland location is more like family. From Lisa at the front desk and Bob who has also helped me in my quest to take care of this aging body, there is always a warm welcome and a feeling that Impact Physical Therapy truly cares about each and everyone who chooses them in their journey back to health.
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