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Direct Access in IL

This law allows consumers to access physical therapy services from a licensed physical therapist without the need of a referral or a prescription from a physician.  Patients can now obtain physical therapy treatment immediately to address musculoskeletal issues. The ability to directly seek treatment from a physical therapist has been shown to reduce overall health care costs. A study released by Health Services Research has shown that patients who visited a physical therapist directly for outpatient care had 27% fewer visits and lower overall costs.

At each IMPACT Physical Therapy location, our team of licensed physical therapists offer complimentary injury screens and will immediately be able to accept patients without a prescription.  Our clinical staff will provide efficient communication with each patient’s health care provider to ensure an integrated approach to treatment and recovery.   Please visit our website at to find a location close to you and find out more about our team of highly-skilled physical therapists.  We also encourage each patient to contact their own insurance company to confirm whether a referral is still required.

At all of our Impact locations, we offer complimentary injury or wellness screens scheduled within 24 to 48 hours. If you are experiencing pain from a sprain or strain or limitations in your everyday activities, click on the link below to request a free screen and begin your journey to optimal wellness.