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Overhead Athlete Rehab

Athletes that perform repetitive overhead movements place unique demands on their bodies, especially at the shoulder. Appropriate mechanics during a throwing motion requires a delicate balance between shoulder mobility and functional stability called the “thrower’s paradox”. When this balance is compromised, it commonly leads to shoulder and elbow injuries, as well as injuries at different parts of the body.

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Rehabilitation for Overhead Athletes

At IMPACT Physical Therapy & Sports Recovery, our team of specialized clinicians possess the knowledge and training necessary for the rehabilitation of overhead athletes. We will work with you and collaborate on a customized plan of care allowing for improved performance and a quicker return to your sport.

What To Expect

A Physical Therapist with a background in overhead sports will take you through a thorough movement screen that will address your physical abilities and limitations for proper mechanics during the overhead movement, such as throwing a baseball or football. The screen incorporates different movements that assess your mobility, stability, and balance. After a thorough physical examination, the physical therapist will individualize your treatments focusing on sport-specific mobility, stability, strength, and power in order to address current injuries, prevent future ones, and improve performance.

If you have a throwing or overhead sport-related injury, and think that overhead athlete rehabilitation therapy may be right for you, then contact IMPACT Physical Therapy & Sports Recovery to get you back in the game.

Preventing or recovering from an injury can be difficult. Let IMPACT Physical Therapy help you get back in the game with our expert Physical Therapists. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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