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IMPACT Physical Therapy in South Loop

The dedicated team at IMPACT Physical Therapy strives to provide superior physical therapy treatment in the South Loop. Chicagoans no longer have to suffer from injuries on their own; they can make an appointment at our convenient physical therapy center in the South Loop to speed up the healing process. Our physical therapists are always learning new techniques and developing their skills to serve you better. Find out more about our South Loop physical therapy team and services below, and then take your first steps to better health with IMPACT Physical Therapy.

Why Choose Our Chicago Physical Therapy Center in the South Loop?

The testimonials of our patients show the level of care and professionalism you can expect when you meet with one of the therapists from our South Loop physical therapy team. They will speak with you in-depth about your current symptoms, as well as take a detailed medical history covering other medical conditions, medications, and anything else that could impact the treatment. Once that is complete, we’ll perform a physical examination to help determine the cause of the problem, what your limitations are, and what makes your symptoms improve. From there, your therapist will work with you to find treatments and create a plan that can restore function, minimize pain, and more!

We offer a variety of treatments, tailored to your needs, from trigger point dry needling to manual therapy. Exercises, stretching, and hot and cold compresses may also be involved. During some stages of therapy, you may also be sent home with exercises to perform on your own. Combined, our in-clinic and at-home treatments can help you reach your goals.

Visit Our Physical Therapy Center near Michigan Ave in the South Loop

You don’t have to live with pain with some of the best physical therapy in the South Loop in reach. Request an appointment today to meet with a member of our South Loop physical therapy team! We’re conveniently located on State, just west of Michigan Ave.

Clinicians At This Location

Liz Yerly

Kristin Morrison

Beth Swakow

Alexandra Timm

Mateusz “Matt” Zapotoczny

Deja Miller

Courtney Anderson

Eileen Collison
Eileen C.
12:06 16 Aug 23
As an active senior, I’ve had some challenges with tennis elbow(s) and more recently plantar fasciitis. At Impact, I was able to get in quickly for a screening, and am now working with Matt and Alex to address this persistent foot problem. I’m making significant progress! Once again, a solution based and positive experience at Impact South Loop.
Henry Norris
Henry N.
20:44 04 Aug 23
For all athletes, especially long distance runners…I highly recommend you to book a recovery session to reduce/prevent injuries. The staff…..awesome, the facility….awesome, the equipment ……awesome, the prices…awesome, you’re awesome too if you’re reading this. My single session came with a 10 min cold plunge and 10-15 min leg compression. I will be back for sure and special shout-out to Kaitlin for making my friend and I experience everything.Ready to attack more training now.#RoadToTheChicagoHalf #HealthisWealth
Selina Sepulveda
Selina S.
15:32 18 Jul 23
Love the Impact team at South Loop! They helped me quickly recover from a few running injuries this spring. Deja is an excellent PT and provided me with great knowledge of my injuries and effective exercises and strategies for strengthening and maintenence. Would highly recommend them for physical therapy especially for athletes.
Mareile Cusack
Mareile C.
02:34 14 May 23
My experience with Impact has been everything I had hoped in physical therapy. My therapist Déjà is knowledgeable, professional and personable. She is exceptional and I would recommend her to anyone needing any physical therapy. You cannot go wrong with Impact and if you are lucky enough to be assigned to work with Déjà, you need to thank your lucky stars. She is the very best!
Ashley Robin
Ashley R.
02:11 11 May 23
You will not find a better PT in Chicago! Every therapist there is the best of the best. They also make PT fun! Shout out to Alex Timm who has gotten me to the start line and even a marathon PR through many running injuries. I feel stronger than ever in my form and it is all because of this place. They really know what they are doing! Also, all the recovery tools and options available with the Chicago Recovery Room combined makes this place a no brainer for runners who are injured or just looking for top notch recovery!
Bobbi Stinson
Bobbi S.
14:18 03 May 23
I give IMPACT PT South Loop and Therapist Deja 5 stars. Deja and everyone that treated me was compassionate and highly knowledgeable. Deja carefully explained everything that she was doing, backed up by computer diagrams so that I would understand. I appreciated all of the hard work by all that treated me, which I can attribute to my successful healing. I would highly recommend them.
13:37 23 Feb 23
I Just started with Beth and I came from a place that was limited with the modalities that impact is known for, and although I'm in the beginning phase I feel like I'm in good hands, oddly which is a complaint with the OTHER PLACE (no scar tissue management or manipulation) , I had knee replacement surgery and they NEVER went hands on they were just crazy about rubber band exercises which honestly I could do AT HOME, on my own. So I'll come back to add to this review after I get more appts completed and experience the advanced technology that I transferred here for ..... 2 of 36 appts soo far. Beth is GREAT very KNOWLEDGEABLE and doesn't mind answering questions.
Kirstjen Lorenz
Kirstjen L.
00:50 10 Feb 23
I have had excellent treatment at the hands of Kristin Morrison at Impact Physical Therapy in the South Loop. So glad that this is the most convenient location for me to receive physical therapy because I am getting old but the team there is keeping me from completely falling apart. The entire staff is friendly and helpful in getting me appointments, working through a series of exercises, and making sure I follow my home exercise program as well.
Zindy Marquez
Zindy M.
16:54 26 Dec 22
Brittni is amazing! Everyone at Impact Physical Therapy is so friendly and they have really been helping me work through plantar fasciitis in my final weeks leading up to a big race. I feel like I am well taken care of here and my feet have felt better since I started seeing Brittni. I would highly recommend this place to anyone!
Ashley Herzovi
Ashley H.
21:37 15 Dec 22
I have been seeing Brittni for about a month and cannot recommend her enough! I have been dealing with an over use injury in my wrist and she has helped me make significant improvements. She does a great job with soft tissue work and provides exercises that I can easily do at home to help my recovery. She’s been super supportive of helping me figure out how to return to exercise after a long period where I was scared to do anything without hurting my wrist.Yesterday we tried dry needling for the first time (my first time ever) and it was a great experience. I have a slight fear of needles and Brittni went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable during treatment.Brittni and the team at IMPACT are fantastic!
Bob Polacheck
Bob P.
18:18 05 Dec 22
This is the first time in about a decade that I can walk around without pain. Worked with Matt for about 8-10 weeks and it was such a great experience. Was able to work with other therapists as well, everyone was highly knowledgeable and administered incredible care. Highly recommend.
Kristi Huisinga
Kristi H.
03:47 27 Sep 22
Impact PT/Chicago Recovery Room was fantastic to work with to keep me running injury-free this season! PT Liz was knowledgeable and responsive, and included a variety of effective modalities for my needs. The team is organized and friendly, and the space is well set up for recovery seasons. Big thanks!!
Rebecca Allard
Rebecca A.
20:42 02 Sep 22
I came to Impact at age 74 nervous that my days of agility and strength were behind me. Then I met Kristin Morrison, and 12 weeks later, I completed my therapy with restored strength and confidence. Thank you!! Your guidance and knowledge made the difference. I am forever grateful!!
Zindy Marquez
Zindy M.
19:49 13 Aug 22
Brittni is amazing! Everyone at Impact Physical Therapy is so friendly and they have really been helping me work through plantar fasciitis in my final weeks leading up to a big race. I feel like I am well taken care of here and my feet have felt better since I started seeing Brittni. I would highly recommend this place to anyone!
Lisette Atiles
Lisette A.
01:58 21 Jul 22
Caring therapists and professional staff. Clean location with friendly support. They're really good at managing scheduling and verifying insurance coverage before treatment. They offer alternative recovery packages that can be purchased out of pocket.
John P
John P
01:04 07 Jul 22
Great place to get fixed up. Alex my therapist listens to my issues and concerns and came up with a plan to get me back on track.
Adrianna Carey
Adrianna C.
00:31 15 Jun 22
The entire staff at Impact has been so helpful & welcoming! I have had a hip/back issue for the past few years & Beth has been absolutely wonderful at addressing my individual problems and concerns. After the first session I was able to run with NO PAIN for the first time in years! I cannot say or express my gratitude enough.
Deepika Sharma
Deepika S.
17:29 19 May 22
Beth is amazing. She takes time to listen to you and explain the details to make you understand the muscle system, root causes and the treatment process. She is very patient, practical, knowledgeable and precise. I had a lot of pain that was going on for a while on my upper left side: in shoulder, back, arm, neck, head, face. She identified it to be a shoulder rotator cuff issue referring pain everywhere and within a couple weeks I made a lot of progress in the pain relief and increased range of motion under Beth’s treatment plan. Now we are working on the strengthening. I had a session with Liz as well and she was great too. Everyone at Impact is very friendly and supportive. The home exercise plan through the app helps to keep you on track. I would highly recommend Impact.
stanley sinsky
stanley S.
15:30 25 Mar 22
MY physician referred me for physical therapy I have never had physical therapy and was skeptical that it would help. At age 70, I work out every day and did not want to be advised to cut back on my exercise routine. Impact understood my concerns and set me up with exactly the right therapist. My therapist, Brittni, understood my issues immediately and worked with me to add specific exercises to address my issue and helped me improve my exercise routine, not disrupt it. This has been a great experience and I highly recommend Impact Physical Therapy.
Calvin Wang
Calvin W.
16:12 22 Feb 22
I had been having knee pain for several years and was recommended here by my wrist therapist. I worked with Alex and she was very knowledgeable, quickly pinpointed where my issue is. Over the course of 3 months, she guided me through different exercises to help address the underlying issues. Now I can squat or play tennis, and my knee would no longer be in pain for the next few days. Other staff such as Nick are also super friendly and helpful to guide me through the exercises.
Jimbo Diaz
Jimbo D.
05:49 22 Feb 22
This Therapist are so friendly and so professional and make you feel so comfortable and know how to make you laugh so glad a friend recommended this place to me what a 5 star establishment highly recommended
Linda Sackey
Linda S.
03:11 30 Nov 21
I had a painful wrist issue and was recommended here for physical therapy. I've mostly worked with Alex and she is excellent. Alex is very knowledgeable and also a very good listener, and I've made a lot of progress in the weeks that I've come.
amy Lindner
amy L.
20:13 18 Nov 21
The providers and staff at Impact truly put the patients needs first. EVERYONE is focused on the care of the patient. I personally have been a patient at Impact for several years, on and off, due to various injuries. Both providers and staff are knowledgeable, kind, patient, and flexible with their time and attention. I have always received comprehensive care that is well thought out, personal, and easy to follow. I have been to other PT clinics in the Chicago area and Impact is the best!
Anya Walker
Anya W.
21:58 14 Nov 21
Brittni is great! Super knowledgeable and thorough. Friendly staff with tons of post therapy recovery options once you're back to normal activity. Highly recommended!
Rebecca Taft
Rebecca T.
22:04 13 Nov 21
IMPACT Physical Therapy (South Loop Chicago) is great! The therapists are very knowledgable and kind, and the whole staff is friendly and helpful. When my insurance ran out, they worked with me to switch to 5-packs of shorter visits to help me continue to heal without paying for a full PT appointment out of pocket. My injury (intercostal and back muscular issues due to rowing) is largely healed now, and I think going to IMPACT played a huge role in my quick recovery.
Bill Mahon
Bill M.
03:48 17 Oct 21
Britt, Liz and the entire staff are absolutely terrific. Knowledgeable and professional.
Greg Pucci
Greg P.
17:41 27 Aug 21
I worked with Kristin of Impact PT to treat a case of plantar fasciitis which had been lingering for more than a month. Kristin was very professional and personable. She explained the physiology of the injury to me and details of the treatment. Although I am not completely healed yet, I am making good progress and feel that the treatment has helped.
Becca Mori
Becca M.
00:40 27 Aug 21
I went in with very acute inflammation of the sciatic nerve. They worked wonders. Shannon and Kristin were great and really go me back on track.Thanks!
Willa Bryer
Willa B.
23:22 18 Aug 21
Looking for a great physical therapist. This is the place. They have specialists for every part of the body. You will recover stronger and healthier than you can imagine.
Steve Hetzel
Steve H.
23:35 04 Aug 21
Everyone's really friendly and supportive here! You really feel like they're on your team and that they want to support your recovery through your successes and speed bumps. It feels more like hanging out with friends who are helping you with your physical therapy. They're experts in what they do and any wait time is very minimal.
Jeremy K
Jeremy K
14:46 30 Jul 21
This place has helped me recover from an ankle injury. It’s both motivated me while in the clinic while also equipping me outside of the clinic with exercise recommendations. I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking for physical therapy in the south loop.
Virginia Pace
Virginia P.
17:15 18 Jun 21
I have had a couple of running related injuries over the years. When I have gone in, they do a thorough assessment and get straight to work on making me function well quickly. They are professional, creative, results-oriented, and are about solving for the problem(s) at hand. Their staff is trained and supervised well and overall very pleasant. The rates are reasonable. They are always on time in seeing me. Overall, a very good value and I highly recommend Impact.
Erica Hurst
Erica H.
23:24 05 May 21
The best place for physical therapy. Clean environment. Professional, knowledgeable and friendly Staff. Lots of equipment to get you back to normal
Riss Ballard
Riss B.
23:10 27 Mar 21
I’ve seen both Shannon and Kristen at Impact and worked with the other practitioners there during my exercises. It’s an extremely friendly environment and they’re very understanding about what you can and can’t do depending on your injury/pain. They give you different exercises to try so it doesn’t get too repetitive, and the massage/body work portion of the appointment is really nice. I’ve never seen a physical therapist that worked so much on me - helping me stretch, pushing joints into place, etc, than at Impact. Often times I would go and they would maybe massage for 5 minutes before sending me to do exercises. I absolutely recommend Impact!!
nicole Biskup
nicole B.
15:18 03 Mar 21
Overall, my experience at Impact has been very positive. The therapists, including Shannon, Kristin and Liz, are all knowledgeable, professional and friendly. The assisting staff are also friendly and helpful. The South Loop site feels clean and safe with the Covid precautions they have in place. I would highly recommend their physical therapy services.
22:48 20 Jan 21
Best therapists in town-- I have been seeing Liz for about five years for different injuries. I am an endurance athlete and it takes a village to keep doing what I love. I am happy that Liz and Impact Physical Therapy is part of my team.
Gail howard
Gail H.
20:36 12 Jan 21
My family and I have been treated by impact physical therapy for years. All of the therapist are good and attentive especially the therapist we usually see, Liz Yerly. She is knowledgeable and is open and flexible to try multiple treatments to address your needs. I have to travel to be treated by her. But I don’t mind because I have complete confidence in her ability to provide and suggest treatments to address my needs
Jeffrey Vasilatos
Jeffrey V.
13:47 12 Jan 21
I have had the opportunity to use Liz and most of the staff during my period of physical therapy and say they are the best. They are warm, friendly, attentive, professional and most of all interested in your needs and your thoughts concerning how the therapy is working for you. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
Jessica Revilla
Jessica R.
18:15 13 Nov 20
I love it here! I usually see Shannon, but everyone is very nice and helpful also. Especially Sue! I started therapy for a shoulder injury in late September/early October (can’t remember) and my shoulder pain and movement has gotten better since. I also get a great workout every time I go which I love. If you’re looking to start PT this is the place to be.
Miriam Cardenas
Miriam C.
00:28 05 Oct 20
I’ve been coming to PT for all my injuries. They are awesome, always caring for the patients and everyone is so friendly.They are the best!
Mai Vukcevich
Mai V.
13:29 04 Oct 20
I have received fantastic care at Impact. I’ve seen Liz for years because she is amazing and always new things for me to try so that my body and I can work better as a team. She’s help me get back in my feet after injuries, maintain a healthy body, and I am confident that I have far fewer injuries because I do what she says. I don’t like going to doctors, but I love going to Impact. They take the time to get to know you and they want to help you meet your fitness goals.
Nikki Bank
Nikki B.
17:14 03 Oct 20
I highly recommend Impact Physical Therapy. I have been treated for several different issues at Impact, including knee, hip, hamstring and shoulder. Impact is a great PT place for athletes and active people--I am a highly active person in my late 20s, and the Impact South Loop physical therapists have all been supportive in helping me reach my ideal level of physical activity; when I told them I wanted to mitigate my pain enough to be able to run, they continually worked with me to reach that goal and never suggested that I give it up.I have worked predominately with Liz Yearly, who is an incredibly knowledgeable and skilled physical therapist. Liz is proficient in a variety of techniques and draws on these to create an individualized treatment plan. The South Loop physical therapists have a great team dynamic--they will consult with each other on your case to get each others' opinion and draw on each other's strengths to create a strong treatment plan for you.All the staff members at Impact South Loop are friendly, personable and professional. Questions about insurance or scheduling are always responded to promptly. The location has a friendly, communal atmosphere that makes physical therapy an enjoyable experience.
Sara Rezvi
Sara R.
13:05 02 Oct 20
Shannon Antwerp is one of the best physical therapists in Chicago. She does amazing work with dry needling. Since starting physical therapy, I've experienced relief in my neck/shoulders/right arm all of which have been impacted by various accidents over the years. Thanks to Shannon and the folks at Impact Physical Therapy, I'm doing a lot better!
Matt Domeier
Matt D.
16:51 18 Jun 19
After helping me through 7 months of PT for a SLAP repair last year, I can't recommend them highly enough. They are friendly, courteous, compassionate, and jam-packed full of knowledge and expertise.
Harriet Seymore
Harriet S.
00:01 03 May 19
My son is having a great experience rehabbing from a tennis injury at Impact. I am so thankful for the referral and will definitely recommend them to others. Kristen his therapist is very knowledgeable and engaging. She is THE Best!
Greg Robbins
Greg R.
21:26 04 Jan 19
Came here seeking treatment for long-term, nagging hamstring pain that had not been fixed by a variety of treatments tried by a previous doc and a previous PT. Kara Mathys re-assessed me, ran me through some great strengthening exercises and localized treatment (dry needling and scraping), and when that didn't work, kept at it to figure out the problem was in my back, not at the site. She stretched me out to improve back mobility, and I'm finally healed. Thoughtful approach, great attitude, listens well, fun to work with. Thanks, Kara!
Marianne Schuneman
Marianne S.
23:51 25 Sep 18
I love Impact Physical Therapy. This is my second visit to this facility and both times I have had Shayne as my therapist. Shayne is great - no she is fantastic. I had a total knee replacement in January and I was able to recover quickly because I did presurgery therapy with her. I am now back with a dislocated shoulder and am feeling better with each sessionBe sure to check this place out. They have great equipment and everyone is extremely professional
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