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Runner’s Video Gait Analysis

Physical therapists can make an objective gait and analysis, which runners can easily see via high-quality video footage.

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Runner’s Analysis for Improving Performance

What’s the Best Way to Prevent Running Injuries?

Whether you are looking to set a new personal record or simply get started, video gait analysis can help you optimize your running form and prepare your body for running. It can also help you to choose the right running shoes, reveal any weaknesses in your muscles, and prevent injuries before they occur.

Injury Prevention

Runners have about a 50 percent chance of getting an injury that interrupts their training schedule. Among marathon runners, studies have placed the injury incidence rate significantly higher, in some cases as high as 90 percent. For those who are trying to adhere to a strict schedule in preparation for a big race, this can be a debilitating situation.

Studies have shown that it isn’t running itself that’s doing the damage, but the way people run. Runners who stride too far out in front of their bodies or land with their legs at awkward angles run the risk of hurting themselves, forcing an interruption in training.

Video gait analysis can be a lifesaver for runners because it can let them know what they are doing wrong. In most cases, these issues can be corrected with a change in mechanics and proper shoes.

How Does Video Gait Analysis Work?

Video gait analysis seeks to identify the root of an injury or a bad habit that may lead to one. It usually starts with an evaluation of strength and flexibility that includes some manipulation on an examination table, along with a series of exercises. This is then followed by a running session on a treadmill in front of a video camera.

The program can identify any problem that might be the root of a recurring injury. Here’s how it helps runners:

  • Correct form issues
  • Prevent future injury
  • Reveal any lower extremity weaknesses in the muscles
  • Offer guidance on what running shoe to buy

A gait analysis can examine the issues in your form that may stem from your running shoes. Be sure to wear shoes you’re familiar with during an analysis, since new footwear can temporarily cause changes in form.

Why Video Gait Analysis Works

Video gait analysis uses software to make assessments about running style.  The software can help runners find issues by highlighting biomechanical patterns with angles, measurements, and drawing shapes for precise feedback.  The physical therapists at our Chicagoland sports recovery clinics can utilize various tools to slow down footage, freeze key moments in your gait, and compare images side by side to learn about any asymmetries that may exist or weaknesses that can be addressed in an exercise program.

Video Gait Analysis Software Will Provide the Following:

  • Slow-Motion Video Analysis
  • Frame-By-Frame Video Analysis
  • Joint Angle Analysis
  • Side-By-Side Video Footage to reveal any asymmetries in your gait

A Runners’ Analysis provides crucial information for runners, including:

  • Information about your running style
  • An understanding of your level of pronation which can help you select the proper shoe for your foot
  • An analysis of your leg and body movement to pinpoint areas that may be affecting performance and efficiency

Once a runner understands their running style, gait, and which type of shoe they need, they can be on their way to a lifetime of safe running.

At IMPACT Physical Therapy & Sports Recovery, we want the best for all our patients. Our therapists are fully trained in runners’ analysis, helping our athletic patients get the most out of each run. If you are interested in improving your running technique and getting shoes that help you rather than hurt you, then contact us today.

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