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Post-Op Rehab

Post-op rehab is crucial to helping the body return to optimal strength and form

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Rehabilitation After an Injury

No matter if an injury is sports-related or not, post-op rehabilitation is crucial to help the body return to optimal strength, function and mobility. Rehab can help restore the body’s alignment and balance. A knowledgeable IMPACT physical therapist can help enhance the results after surgery and return you to functioning as soon and as safely as possible.

Treatment Options for Post-Op Rehab

Physical therapy is a key part of recovery after an operation. Here at IMPACT Physical Therapy & Sports Recovery, our team of experts will create an individualized treatment plan after a thorough evaluation to ensure the rehab process is tailored to fit your goals and needs. The aim of our treatment options is to help our patients resume their normal activities and live life without any restrictions as quickly as possible.

Our team of credible physical therapists will provide personal care throughout every step of the recovery process. It is our job to get our patients back to their optimal health while educating them about fitness, wellness, injury prevention, maintenance, and recovery.

Benefits of Post-Op Rehab

  • Restore Normal Movement in your Joints

A post-op rehab program will help patients gain range of motion in their joints and build strength in surrounding muscles so that they can get back to normal activities quicker. We work to restore normal, everyday movement in the joints.

  • Reduce Risk of Future Injury

Investing time in post-op rehab can help reduce a patient’s risk of experiencing the same injury in the future.

  • Feeling Confident with Your Body

Rehab isn’t just about gaining movement, it’s about patient regaining confidence and trusting their bodies. Our staff is by our patients’ side every step of the way to ensure they are happy and healthy during their recovery period.

Whether you’re scheduled for a total joint replacement, ligament or tendon repair, fracture, or reconstruction surgery, our experts at IMPACT Physical Therapy & Sports Recovery will help you regain your strength and full mobility. Schedule an appointment today: (833) 299-4672.

Preventing or recovering from an injury can be difficult. Let IMPACT Physical Therapy help you get back in the game with our expert Physical Therapists. Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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