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Sarah Dennis


I view physical therapy as a uniquely engaging process for patients and the therapist alike. As a physical therapist, we supplement natural healing processes with a holistic mind-body approach combined with rehabilitation interventions that allows the patient and clinician to form a valuable partnership in recovery, preventive medicine, and performance enhancement.  I take joy in educating and empowering patients to cultivate confidence and foster return to function.

University of Oklahoma – Bachelor of Science in Health and Exercise Sciences

Northwestern University – Doctor of Physical Therapy

She is looking forward to receiving further training in soft tissue and manual therapy techniques, video running analysis, vestibular and concussion rehab, return to sport, and trigger point dry needling. She enjoys the Chicago food scene, running, martial arts, traveling, anything to do with animals, museums, and documentaries. Sarah is a former basketball, track, and soccer player. She is excited to start her career with the variety of patient populations surrounded by a highly experienced team. 


General Orthopedics Spine Rehab Manual Therapy Runner’s Video Gait Analysis Vestibular Rehab Balance and Fall Prevention Program Headaches
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