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Is a Prescription or Referral necessary?

IL Patients now have direct access to physical therapy without a doctor’s prescription, giving you the freedom to find the musculoskeletal relief you need. We will assess your pain or injury and develop a specialized recovery plan that will benefit your well-being while reducing overall health-care costs.

What's the difference between In-Clinic Physical Therapy and a Sports Recovery Appointment?

Our Physical Therapy appointments are for acute injuries that are causing pain and dysfunction. These appointments are usually covered by insurance and include an evaluation by a licensed physical therapist to develop a plan of care to help you heal from injury. Our Sports Recovery appointments are aimed at keeping athletes and active individuals doing the things they love by providing access to recovery tools and services for maintaining good health and wellness, as well as maximizing your athletic performance. Our Sports Recovery services are not typically covered by your health insurance, but you can often time use an HSA/FSA payment plan.

What Insurances are Accepted?

We accept insurance from 17 different providers and will verify your coverage before your first appointment for a smooth visit. Not sure if you want to use your insurance? Our front office coordinators will be able to help you choose the best method of payment based on your coverage. We're also happy to arrange individual payment plans for those without coverage. Check out our full list of insurance providers.

When will I be contacted?

We'll contact you to schedule an appointment within 24-48 hours. To prepare for your first visit, be sure to arrive 15 minutes early to finalize all paperwork. We also recommend you bring any applicable medical information or records to discuss with your physical therapist, including any labs, diagnostics, medications, etc. Learn more about what to expect on your first visit.

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South Loop

Katie Ellis
Katie E.
18:00 06 Apr 24
Courtney and the rest of the staff were great! The environment is positive and supportive. The appointments were well run and really helped me recover! Highly recommend.
M Mac
M M.
00:43 01 Apr 24
I highly recommend Matt Z. At the south loop location! I am a middle aged crossfitter and Matt helped me figure out my imbalances so that I am able to safely continue doing what I love! Matt was a great listener, kind and very knowledgeable. Thank you for helping me, Matt:-)
Megan Walsh
Megan W.
01:50 29 Feb 24
My foot had an unfortunate accident with a rock and after poor diagnostics I decided to come to Impact for a 3rd opinion and hopefully return to activity. I first met with Liz in the fall, after her exam and a follow up appointment she used her judgement on my progress for a referral to a phenomenal foot and ankle physician, and graciously gave a donated boot to me. Her instincts were spot on – I had a tendon tear and several sprains. After I got treatment for the tear I knew exactly where I wanted to be for rehab. I was paired with Alex in January who has provided the best PT experience I’ve ever had (3 in Chicago and 3 out of state). Alex listens carefully, asks quality questions and targets her manual therapy to address acute and global needs. She’s developed a comprehensive rehab exercise program for me that develops my overall recovery and tailored to my mid-term and long term recovery goals (lifting, running and racing). During one set back, she balanced listening, reassurance, and critical evaluation of where I was and how to adjust my treatment. I’ve also had the opportunity to work with others there when scheduling was difficult (including Matt who was also great). I seriously believe that this is THE place to go if you want to recover and return to activity and I have no hesitation to go here proactively in the future.
Michael Copeland
Michael C.
14:01 15 Feb 24
I am completely happy with Impact Physical Therapy. From scheduling through each personally designed session I know that results are going to make a long term difference in my health.My therapist and team are knowledgeable and empathic while developing my strength and perseverance.I will use these sessions as the basis for my training regimen afterwards.I urge anyone who needs PT, short term or longer, to get an appointment. Ask for Courtney.
15:36 26 Dec 23
I am very impressed with Alexandra Timm. As a dancer, I was looking for someone who understood our common injuries. I was very lucky to see a doctor who knew her and recommended her talents. She found my issue right away, and thus far, both appointments I have had with her resulted in significant progress. I certainly hope this trajectory continues, and I have faith that Alex will bring me back to normal.
Josea Evan
Josea E.
03:12 06 Nov 23
It has been 12 weeks since I came here for PT after an ACL surgery! I didn’t do my surgery in the US so communication with my surgeon etc was tough, but Impact did their utmost best and it shows! Not to jinx it but I’m walking great, bending great, and my knee feels normal again 🙂Everyone from the front office to the assistants and the PTs are absolute rockstars — sessions always start on time and they have pretty good availability (esp given how busy they are). My therapists Kristin, Matt and Deja are the 🐐 of physical therapy for real. I’m feeling confident in the recovery because of their great hands on work every session. Would recommend!!
David McKee
David M.
09:59 27 Oct 23
I am very pleased with my therapy experience at Impact. After some initial conversation about my injury, Alex recommended some deep massage of my hip and 3 exercises I can do at home. From the first treatment I felt relief. In fact she discovered that I had tightness of the muscle in my right hip so I am being treated for that as well. I am so satisfied with my therapy I scheduled an appointment with my Orthopedic Surgeon so I can began therapy with Alex for my neck. I am a believer.
David Jones
David J.
02:42 16 Oct 23
I completed physical therapy at Impact’s South Loop location in 2022. The team helped me resolve pain and weakness in both legs. This was my first time in PT, and I was unsure if it would help. The team at Impact was a vital part of my recovery. They helped me stregthen my legs and developed a post-PT plan. It took working out several months after PT, but I’ve regained mobility and reduced pain. PT is hard work, but the amazing team at Impact got me moving again. I am so thankful for their professional knowledge and the positive atmosphere at the clinic.
Ojus Padston
Ojus P.
00:54 15 Oct 23
My wife found this clinic for pelvic floor PT after giving birth and I became a patient soon after. Everything about my experience has been great. Scheduling is reasonably quick for new patients.I saw Matt and he methodically and holistically worked with me to reduce my hip pain. He helped me change my posture, adjust my sleeping position and do exercises to strengthen my hips and gluts. It was a process, but I steadily got better. I particularly appreciate how he did research to identify new ways of treating me, truly acting with ownership. To finally heal, he realized I needed pelvic floor support and referred me to Deja, who got me to the finish line. The reception team is friendly and easy to schedule with.
David Keller
David K.
00:07 28 Sep 23
I never write reviews, but Impact deserves one. The staff at Impact from the front desk, techs, to the PT’s were all fantastic throughout my journey to rehab my shoulder and neck after I was in a car accident earlier this summer. The entire clinic has a great rapport with one another and are always super welcoming. I was lucky enough to be booked with Courtney for my initial evaluation and she was fantastic from the start. She was able to help me get back to where I needed to be, all while having fun while doing it. I hope I don’t need PT again in the near future, but if I do I know where I’m going and who I’m going to.
Eileen Collison
Eileen C.
12:06 16 Aug 23
As an active senior, I’ve had some challenges with tennis elbow(s) and more recently plantar fasciitis. At Impact, I was able to get in quickly for a screening, and am now working with Matt and Alex to address this persistent foot problem. I’m making significant progress! Once again, a solution based and positive experience at Impact South Loop.
Henry Norris
Henry N.
20:44 04 Aug 23
For all athletes, especially long distance runners…I highly recommend you to book a recovery session to reduce/prevent injuries. The staff…..awesome, the facility….awesome, the equipment ……awesome, the prices…awesome, you’re awesome too if you’re reading this. My single session came with a 10 min cold plunge and 10-15 min leg compression. I will be back for sure and special shout-out to Kaitlin for making my friend and I experience everything.Ready to attack more training now.#RoadToTheChicagoHalf #HealthisWealth
Selina Sepulveda
Selina S.
15:32 18 Jul 23
Love the Impact team at South Loop! They helped me quickly recover from a few running injuries this spring. Deja is an excellent PT and provided me with great knowledge of my injuries and effective exercises and strategies for strengthening and maintenence. Would highly recommend them for physical therapy especially for athletes.
Mareile Cusack
Mareile C.
02:34 14 May 23
My experience with Impact has been everything I had hoped in physical therapy. My therapist Déjà is knowledgeable, professional and personable. She is exceptional and I would recommend her to anyone needing any physical therapy. You cannot go wrong with Impact and if you are lucky enough to be assigned to work with Déjà, you need to thank your lucky stars. She is the very best!
Ashley Robin
Ashley R.
02:11 11 May 23
You will not find a better PT in Chicago! Every therapist there is the best of the best. They also make PT fun! Shout out to Alex Timm who has gotten me to the start line and even a marathon PR through many running injuries. I feel stronger than ever in my form and it is all because of this place. They really know what they are doing! Also, all the recovery tools and options available with the Chicago Recovery Room combined makes this place a no brainer for runners who are injured or just looking for top notch recovery!
Bobbi Stinson
Bobbi S.
14:18 03 May 23
I give IMPACT PT South Loop and Therapist Deja 5 stars. Deja and everyone that treated me was compassionate and highly knowledgeable. Deja carefully explained everything that she was doing, backed up by computer diagrams so that I would understand. I appreciated all of the hard work by all that treated me, which I can attribute to my successful healing. I would highly recommend them.
13:37 23 Feb 23
I Just started with Beth and I came from a place that was limited with the modalities that impact is known for, and although I’m in the beginning phase I feel like I’m in good hands, oddly which is a complaint with the OTHER PLACE (no scar tissue management or manipulation) , I had knee replacement surgery and they NEVER went hands on they were just crazy about rubber band exercises which honestly I could do AT HOME, on my own. So I’ll come back to add to this review after I get more appts completed and experience the advanced technology that I transferred here for ….. 2 of 36 appts soo far. Beth is GREAT very KNOWLEDGEABLE and doesn’t mind answering questions.
Kirstjen Lorenz
Kirstjen L.
00:50 10 Feb 23
I have had excellent treatment at the hands of Kristin Morrison at Impact Physical Therapy in the South Loop. So glad that this is the most convenient location for me to receive physical therapy because I am getting old but the team there is keeping me from completely falling apart. The entire staff is friendly and helpful in getting me appointments, working through a series of exercises, and making sure I follow my home exercise program as well.
Zindy Marquez
Zindy M.
16:54 26 Dec 22
Brittni is amazing! Everyone at Impact Physical Therapy is so friendly and they have really been helping me work through plantar fasciitis in my final weeks leading up to a big race. I feel like I am well taken care of here and my feet have felt better since I started seeing Brittni. I would highly recommend this place to anyone!
Ashley Herzovi
Ashley H.
21:37 15 Dec 22
I have been seeing Brittni for about a month and cannot recommend her enough! I have been dealing with an over use injury in my wrist and she has helped me make significant improvements. She does a great job with soft tissue work and provides exercises that I can easily do at home to help my recovery. She’s been super supportive of helping me figure out how to return to exercise after a long period where I was scared to do anything without hurting my wrist.Yesterday we tried dry needling for the first time (my first time ever) and it was a great experience. I have a slight fear of needles and Brittni went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable during treatment.Brittni and the team at IMPACT are fantastic!
Bob Polacheck
Bob P.
18:18 05 Dec 22
This is the first time in about a decade that I can walk around without pain. Worked with Matt for about 8-10 weeks and it was such a great experience. Was able to work with other therapists as well, everyone was highly knowledgeable and administered incredible care. Highly recommend.
Kristi Huisinga
Kristi H.
03:47 27 Sep 22
Impact PT/Chicago Recovery Room was fantastic to work with to keep me running injury-free this season! PT Liz was knowledgeable and responsive, and included a variety of effective modalities for my needs. The team is organized and friendly, and the space is well set up for recovery seasons. Big thanks!!
Rebecca Allard
Rebecca A.
20:42 02 Sep 22
I came to Impact at age 74 nervous that my days of agility and strength were behind me. Then I met Kristin Morrison, and 12 weeks later, I completed my therapy with restored strength and confidence. Thank you!! Your guidance and knowledge made the difference. I am forever grateful!!
Zindy Marquez
Zindy M.
19:49 13 Aug 22
Brittni is amazing! Everyone at Impact Physical Therapy is so friendly and they have really been helping me work through plantar fasciitis in my final weeks leading up to a big race. I feel like I am well taken care of here and my feet have felt better since I started seeing Brittni. I would highly recommend this place to anyone!
Lisette Atiles
Lisette A.
01:58 21 Jul 22
Caring therapists and professional staff. Clean location with friendly support. They’re really good at managing scheduling and verifying insurance coverage before treatment. They offer alternative recovery packages that can be purchased out of pocket.
John P
John P
01:04 07 Jul 22
Great place to get fixed up. Alex my therapist listens to my issues and concerns and came up with a plan to get me back on track.
Adrianna Carey
Adrianna C.
00:31 15 Jun 22
The entire staff at Impact has been so helpful & welcoming! I have had a hip/back issue for the past few years & Beth has been absolutely wonderful at addressing my individual problems and concerns. After the first session I was able to run with NO PAIN for the first time in years! I cannot say or express my gratitude enough.
Deepika Sharma
Deepika S.
17:29 19 May 22
Beth is amazing. She takes time to listen to you and explain the details to make you understand the muscle system, root causes and the treatment process. She is very patient, practical, knowledgeable and precise. I had a lot of pain that was going on for a while on my upper left side: in shoulder, back, arm, neck, head, face. She identified it to be a shoulder rotator cuff issue referring pain everywhere and within a couple weeks I made a lot of progress in the pain relief and increased range of motion under Beth’s treatment plan. Now we are working on the strengthening. I had a session with Liz as well and she was great too. Everyone at Impact is very friendly and supportive. The home exercise plan through the app helps to keep you on track. I would highly recommend Impact.
stanley sinsky
stanley S.
15:30 25 Mar 22
MY physician referred me for physical therapy I have never had physical therapy and was skeptical that it would help. At age 70, I work out every day and did not want to be advised to cut back on my exercise routine. Impact understood my concerns and set me up with exactly the right therapist. My therapist, Brittni, understood my issues immediately and worked with me to add specific exercises to address my issue and helped me improve my exercise routine, not disrupt it. This has been a great experience and I highly recommend Impact Physical Therapy.
Calvin Wang
Calvin W.
16:12 22 Feb 22
I had been having knee pain for several years and was recommended here by my wrist therapist. I worked with Alex and she was very knowledgeable, quickly pinpointed where my issue is. Over the course of 3 months, she guided me through different exercises to help address the underlying issues. Now I can squat or play tennis, and my knee would no longer be in pain for the next few days. Other staff such as Nick are also super friendly and helpful to guide me through the exercises.
Jimbo Diaz
Jimbo D.
05:49 22 Feb 22
This Therapist are so friendly and so professional and make you feel so comfortable and know how to make you laugh so glad a friend recommended this place to me what a 5 star establishment highly recommended
Linda Sackey
Linda S.
03:11 30 Nov 21
I had a painful wrist issue and was recommended here for physical therapy. I’ve mostly worked with Alex and she is excellent. Alex is very knowledgeable and also a very good listener, and I’ve made a lot of progress in the weeks that I’ve come.
amy Lindner
amy L.
20:13 18 Nov 21
The providers and staff at Impact truly put the patients needs first. EVERYONE is focused on the care of the patient. I personally have been a patient at Impact for several years, on and off, due to various injuries. Both providers and staff are knowledgeable, kind, patient, and flexible with their time and attention. I have always received comprehensive care that is well thought out, personal, and easy to follow. I have been to other PT clinics in the Chicago area and Impact is the best!
Anya Walker
Anya W.
21:58 14 Nov 21
Brittni is great! Super knowledgeable and thorough. Friendly staff with tons of post therapy recovery options once you’re back to normal activity. Highly recommended!
Rebecca Taft
Rebecca T.
22:04 13 Nov 21
IMPACT Physical Therapy (South Loop Chicago) is great! The therapists are very knowledgable and kind, and the whole staff is friendly and helpful. When my insurance ran out, they worked with me to switch to 5-packs of shorter visits to help me continue to heal without paying for a full PT appointment out of pocket. My injury (intercostal and back muscular issues due to rowing) is largely healed now, and I think going to IMPACT played a huge role in my quick recovery.
Bill Mahon
Bill M.
03:48 17 Oct 21
Britt, Liz and the entire staff are absolutely terrific. Knowledgeable and professional.
Greg Pucci
Greg P.
17:41 27 Aug 21
I worked with Kristin of Impact PT to treat a case of plantar fasciitis which had been lingering for more than a month. Kristin was very professional and personable. She explained the physiology of the injury to me and details of the treatment. Although I am not completely healed yet, I am making good progress and feel that the treatment has helped.
Becca Mori
Becca M.
00:40 27 Aug 21
I went in with very acute inflammation of the sciatic nerve. They worked wonders. Shannon and Kristin were great and really go me back on track.Thanks!
Willa Bryer
Willa B.
23:22 18 Aug 21
Looking for a great physical therapist. This is the place. They have specialists for every part of the body. You will recover stronger and healthier than you can imagine.
Steve Hetzel
Steve H.
23:35 04 Aug 21
Everyone’s really friendly and supportive here! You really feel like they’re on your team and that they want to support your recovery through your successes and speed bumps. It feels more like hanging out with friends who are helping you with your physical therapy. They’re experts in what they do and any wait time is very minimal.
Jeremy K
Jeremy K
14:46 30 Jul 21
This place has helped me recover from an ankle injury. It’s both motivated me while in the clinic while also equipping me outside of the clinic with exercise recommendations. I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking for physical therapy in the south loop.
Virginia Pace
Virginia P.
17:15 18 Jun 21
I have had a couple of running related injuries over the years. When I have gone in, they do a thorough assessment and get straight to work on making me function well quickly. They are professional, creative, results-oriented, and are about solving for the problem(s) at hand. Their staff is trained and supervised well and overall very pleasant. The rates are reasonable. They are always on time in seeing me. Overall, a very good value and I highly recommend Impact.
Erica Hurst
Erica H.
23:24 05 May 21
The best place for physical therapy. Clean environment. Professional, knowledgeable and friendly Staff. Lots of equipment to get you back to normal
Riss Ballard
Riss B.
23:10 27 Mar 21
I’ve seen both Shannon and Kristen at Impact and worked with the other practitioners there during my exercises. It’s an extremely friendly environment and they’re very understanding about what you can and can’t do depending on your injury/pain. They give you different exercises to try so it doesn’t get too repetitive, and the massage/body work portion of the appointment is really nice. I’ve never seen a physical therapist that worked so much on me – helping me stretch, pushing joints into place, etc, than at Impact. Often times I would go and they would maybe massage for 5 minutes before sending me to do exercises. I absolutely recommend Impact!!
nicole Biskup
nicole B.
15:18 03 Mar 21
Overall, my experience at Impact has been very positive. The therapists, including Shannon, Kristin and Liz, are all knowledgeable, professional and friendly. The assisting staff are also friendly and helpful. The South Loop site feels clean and safe with the Covid precautions they have in place. I would highly recommend their physical therapy services.
22:48 20 Jan 21
Best therapists in town– I have been seeing Liz for about five years for different injuries. I am an endurance athlete and it takes a village to keep doing what I love. I am happy that Liz and Impact Physical Therapy is part of my team.
Gail howard
Gail H.
20:36 12 Jan 21
My family and I have been treated by impact physical therapy for years. All of the therapist are good and attentive especially the therapist we usually see, Liz Yerly. She is knowledgeable and is open and flexible to try multiple treatments to address your needs. I have to travel to be treated by her. But I don’t mind because I have complete confidence in her ability to provide and suggest treatments to address my needs
Jeffrey Vasilatos
Jeffrey V.
13:47 12 Jan 21
I have had the opportunity to use Liz and most of the staff during my period of physical therapy and say they are the best. They are warm, friendly, attentive, professional and most of all interested in your needs and your thoughts concerning how the therapy is working for you. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
Jessica Revilla
Jessica R.
18:15 13 Nov 20
I love it here! I usually see Shannon, but everyone is very nice and helpful also. Especially Sue! I started therapy for a shoulder injury in late September/early October (can’t remember) and my shoulder pain and movement has gotten better since. I also get a great workout every time I go which I love. If you’re looking to start PT this is the place to be.
Miriam Cardenas
Miriam C.
00:28 05 Oct 20
I’ve been coming to PT for all my injuries. They are awesome, always caring for the patients and everyone is so friendly.They are the best!
Mai Vukcevich
Mai V.
13:29 04 Oct 20
I have received fantastic care at Impact. I’ve seen Liz for years because she is amazing and always new things for me to try so that my body and I can work better as a team. She’s help me get back in my feet after injuries, maintain a healthy body, and I am confident that I have far fewer injuries because I do what she says. I don’t like going to doctors, but I love going to Impact. They take the time to get to know you and they want to help you meet your fitness goals.
Nikki Bank
Nikki B.
17:14 03 Oct 20
I highly recommend Impact Physical Therapy. I have been treated for several different issues at Impact, including knee, hip, hamstring and shoulder. Impact is a great PT place for athletes and active people–I am a highly active person in my late 20s, and the Impact South Loop physical therapists have all been supportive in helping me reach my ideal level of physical activity; when I told them I wanted to mitigate my pain enough to be able to run, they continually worked with me to reach that goal and never suggested that I give it up.I have worked predominately with Liz Yearly, who is an incredibly knowledgeable and skilled physical therapist. Liz is proficient in a variety of techniques and draws on these to create an individualized treatment plan. The South Loop physical therapists have a great team dynamic–they will consult with each other on your case to get each others’ opinion and draw on each other’s strengths to create a strong treatment plan for you.All the staff members at Impact South Loop are friendly, personable and professional. Questions about insurance or scheduling are always responded to promptly. The location has a friendly, communal atmosphere that makes physical therapy an enjoyable experience.
Sara Rezvi
Sara R.
13:05 02 Oct 20
Shannon Antwerp is one of the best physical therapists in Chicago. She does amazing work with dry needling. Since starting physical therapy, I’ve experienced relief in my neck/shoulders/right arm all of which have been impacted by various accidents over the years. Thanks to Shannon and the folks at Impact Physical Therapy, I’m doing a lot better!
Matt Domeier
Matt D.
16:51 18 Jun 19
After helping me through 7 months of PT for a SLAP repair last year, I can’t recommend them highly enough. They are friendly, courteous, compassionate, and jam-packed full of knowledge and expertise.
Harriet Seymore
Harriet S.
00:01 03 May 19
My son is having a great experience rehabbing from a tennis injury at Impact. I am so thankful for the referral and will definitely recommend them to others. Kristen his therapist is very knowledgeable and engaging. She is THE Best!
Greg Robbins
Greg R.
21:26 04 Jan 19
Came here seeking treatment for long-term, nagging hamstring pain that had not been fixed by a variety of treatments tried by a previous doc and a previous PT. Kara Mathys re-assessed me, ran me through some great strengthening exercises and localized treatment (dry needling and scraping), and when that didn’t work, kept at it to figure out the problem was in my back, not at the site. She stretched me out to improve back mobility, and I’m finally healed. Thoughtful approach, great attitude, listens well, fun to work with. Thanks, Kara!
Marianne Schuneman
Marianne S.
23:51 25 Sep 18
I love Impact Physical Therapy. This is my second visit to this facility and both times I have had Shayne as my therapist. Shayne is great – no she is fantastic. I had a total knee replacement in January and I was able to recover quickly because I did presurgery therapy with her. I am now back with a dislocated shoulder and am feeling better with each sessionBe sure to check this place out. They have great equipment and everyone is extremely professional
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Maciej Milowicki
Maciej M.
10:54 20 Mar 24
I have been a patient at Impact in Lakeview and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Every member of the staff is the Alpha and Omega of all parts of the body and the exercises that will bring those parts back the mobility and glory they were always meant for!Through my many years at Impact I have not crossed paths with a PT that did’t know everything about everything that they were talking about – but better yet, the few times a question was posed were the answer wasn’t readily available the reaction was always, “Let’s find out!”Without any doubts I will be an Impact Physical Therapy Lakeview location client until the end of my days.They’re the best!
Diana Lorena Mariscal
Diana Lorena M.
00:44 03 Feb 24
The physical therapists are SO friendly to their assistants.The physical therapist Kyle is a good professional, kind, warm and friendly!There was a difference in improvement from when I arrived to when I finished my sessions!The place is clean.
Rachel Reynolds
Rachel R.
02:31 01 Feb 24
Can’t say enough great things about my experience at Impact! The whole team was super welcoming, and Kyle really took the time to understand my injuries and how to best treat them. Even though it was challenging at times, I always looked forward to my appointments. I’m so thankful to feel like myself again, and very grateful for the Impact team! 🤸🏻‍♀️
Elizabeth Tjaden
Elizabeth T.
19:34 03 Jan 24
IMPACT is a great place for physical therapy. Convenient location by the el with spacious and clean/nice spot for training. Shannon is awesome as well! Highly recommend.
Craig Kirsch
Craig K.
15:26 27 Dec 23
My experience at Impact has been excellent. I’ve worked with Paul Thomas and gotten the information and exercises I needed. Paul is knowledgeable, patient and professional. Great facility and expert care!
Andy Ewbank
Andy E.
19:50 17 Dec 23
I went for PT for my foot after bunion surgery. Kyle, Nicole and the whole team made each session engaging and even a bit fun! It was great to see the objective improvement in my range of motion over the weeks of working together. I would recommend Impact to anyone who is looking for treatment.
Jennifer Pineda
Jennifer P.
02:16 08 Sep 23
I injured my left knee years ago and ended up having a partial meniscectomy early in the year. I continued part of my recovery process at Impact Therapy. I worked with Kyle Stenzel from day 1.He is a great listener and has great communication skills. He was very good at paying attention to my concerns and questions. He was very detailed oriented and was also great at assessing issues with my knee, and explaining those issues and the treatment for improvement.During my sessions, he was always willing to explain everything in detail and making sure that I was well-informed. He did his fair part trying to educate about my recovery process. He was also great at encouraging me to continue with my exercises at home and giving me advice to maximize muscle recovery.Kyle was very patient, flexible and always willing to make changes and individualize my treatment exercises based on my progress. I would say this approach is one of the things that I appreciate the most about him; being very empathetic and compassionate and always honoring and respecting where I was at a given point in my healing journey.
Marc PoKempner
Marc P.
20:50 24 Jun 23
Shannon is a great therapist! Skilled, focussed massage. Clear exercise instructions, good two way communication.Nice, clean well organized space with basic equipment.Useful exercises – hope they work!
Ted Gluck
Ted G.
00:11 14 Apr 23
My experience with impact Therapy is so impressive! I am currently being treated by Shannon Miller and Nicole for two arthritic hips. Their treatment has been amazingly helpful. So much pain has been mitigated or removed. I am deeply grateful for their help!
Neftaly Lara
Neftaly L.
02:01 10 Feb 23
My PCP referred me to PT for lower back pain and I decided to go with Impact – Lakeview, where I have been working with Shannon. She is the best! She is very thorough (answers all my questions and gives clear explanations), skilled (her massages are life changing), and very fun to be around. I always look forward to my sessions and definitely feel an improvement in my pain. 15/10 would recommend Shannon and the rest of the team at Impact!
Patricia Tuckerladd
Patricia T.
15:36 25 Oct 22
I started going to Lakeview IMPACT Physical Therapy at the recommendation of a friend, seeking care for chronic back and hip pain. In just over a month, Lauren Nellamattathil has been able to help me walk straight for the first time in three years. Her physical therapy and manual therapy skills and understanding are excellent and they have made a big difference in my day-to-day life. I am very grateful and can wholeheartedly recommend Lauren and Lakeview IMPACT without reservation.
Aaron Bajor
Aaron B.
14:52 11 Oct 22
Nothing compares to the care, and results, I received at Impact PT Lakeview. I’d been to one other physical therapy place prior to Impact and it was a much better experience here.The interpersonal care is what stands out. From the first visit onward my physical therapist, Lauren, got to know me and my ailments meticulously. Every session would begin with a brief conversation about my physical condition. I wasn’t just a name on a clipboard.I came to Impact with multiple ailments including a chronic back issue that seemed to be flaring up more frequently. The work, and subsequent improvement, Lauren put in to make me feel better has been lasting.I can’t say enough about the knowledge and professional ability Lauren has. I trust her with any physical issue that may arise in the future and that gives me great piece of mind.Aaron B.
16:32 15 Sep 22
Amazing, patient-focused care! I leave every session feeling better than when I walked in and know that I received individualized care.
Tricia daily
Tricia D.
20:18 26 Aug 22
more personable and less rushed than other places. You don’t feel like cattle being herded in and out, or like an assembly line. Its more laid back and not intense . Therapist listens to you.
Randall Lehner
Randall L.
21:59 27 Jul 22
Eric and Nicole are here.They bring so much good cheer.They are good healers.
Jerry Wagner
Jerry W.
00:01 30 Jun 22
The staff is tremendous. While I cannot remember the names of the various therapists I worked with, they were professional and attentive. They are personable and friendly.
Eitamar Nadler
Eitamar N.
00:44 16 Jun 22
Highly recommend this place. Eric and team were able to help me fix a shoulder problem that sports massage and chiropractor could not in about a week. The team is also incredibly positive and enthusiastic. Always nice to come in
Gabrielle Latto
Gabrielle L.
01:32 27 Apr 22
The entire staff is incredible! Lauren has helped me with multiple injuries and is so knowledgeable. I actually look forward to my appointments. 10/10 recommend Impact PT
Amy Martin
Amy M.
18:45 22 Mar 22
Erik is a fantastic PT. He is always friendly and extremely knowledgeable! An excellent clinician. I see him regularly for PT and dry needling. I highly recommend!
John Aselin
John A.
17:14 08 Feb 22
Lauren Nellamattathil is amazing. Her experience and approach has been invaluable regarding my recovery. She’s an extremely knowledgeable physical therapist with a great deal of empathy. The facility is very comfortable and the other staff members have been super helpful as well.
Alex Driscoll
Alex D.
22:29 09 Nov 21
Never did physical therapy until I ended up going here. Such a friendly team starting from the front desk all the way to the physical therapists who are very knowledgeable. I’ve worked with Lauren and Eric so far and they are the best. Nicole also has helped with incorporating me with exercises when I’m there. Overall best place hands down. Great service!
Andrew Witt
Andrew W.
20:01 27 Oct 21
Before starting Physical Therapy at Impact Lakeview, I was in constant pain. My physical therapist Beth has done a great job of listening to my issues and providing treatment. With each week of therapy my pain levels have gone down and my quality of life has improved. Thank you!
Suzanne Scott
Suzanne S.
16:12 13 Oct 21
First time with Impact PT for osteoarthritis pain mostly in my knees. Superb therapist, Eric Niwinski. Eric has an incredible demeanor – he’s what I call “natural friend.” He’s positive, extremely knowledgeable, understands my limitations, makes the sessions hard but also fun. He’s tough but gentle all at the same time. The place is always buzzing – every therapist is working with patients, sometimes more than one at a time, and no one is neglected or left waiting, ever. Tatiana, the receptionist/business ops person is fabulous. She’s smart as a whip, on point and efficient, super friendly, and has a great sense of humor. I really like the open environment. You can see all the other patients doing their exercises and it’s inspiring, really. The entire staff is very customer focused. It’s a welcoming atmosphere where you get to work with super qualified therapists and get better. Love it!
Dakota Chisholm
Dakota C.
21:53 28 Sep 21
I started going to Impact a few weeks ago for physical therapy to treat my plantar fasciitis. I have been working with Lauren who is really great. I like the environment, everyone is really friendly and knowledgeable. Would definitely recommend this practice for anyone with physical therapy needs.
Richard Molony
Richard M.
19:26 26 Aug 21
Beth, Eric and the team have been fantastic to work with. They are knowledgeable and fun – I always have a good time and leave feeling like I’m a bit better and have learned something new. I appreciate the Impact team and the work they’re doing to help me heal.
Pat Reuter
Pat R.
23:54 12 Aug 21
Great therapists and a wonderful environment. Lauren is especially good.
Thomas Horan
Thomas H.
16:23 23 Jul 21
Eric is an amazing physical therapist and a great guy. I felt very comfortable with him from the start. I’ve been going to Impact 3 times a week since June of 2020. I hobbled in to Impact due to a painful heel spur. Although polite, Eric knows how to use constructive criticism, and he’s able to be stern to help me push myself. Eric is very hard working, and he caters to all of his patients. These days, I am feeling so much better, I had almost forgotten how nice it is to be able to walk pain free. My whole core is much stronger and I have lost weight. I was also able to avoid surgery to remove the heel spur, as an alternate method proved extremely helpful. I would very highly recommend Eric and Impact Physical Therapy for any and all physical therapy needs!
elyse klein
elyse K.
15:46 04 Jun 21
Paul Thomas has helped me recover from several injuries over the last decade, including a particularly rough one where I tore my fascia. He and the rest of the staff at Impact are knowledgeable, professional, and really nice people.
nick farina
nick F.
00:02 06 May 21
This is a comfortable (other than the exercises) and efficient place that has been helping me gain mobility. I respect the knowledge of my therapist and appreciate his motivation. It is a good place to get better.
Patricia Henry
Patricia H.
14:41 13 Apr 21
They’ve been very good for me; I’m an older person, trying to maintain/improve strength and balance, and they push me gently but firmly in the right direction.
richard ess
richard E.
17:51 02 Apr 21
Physical therapist Eric Niwinski is great – he listens carefully to clients and is very knowledgeable. His goal is to get clients back to full health as soon as possible which is all one can ask for.
Mary Hotze
Mary H.
00:09 22 Mar 21
Paul Thomas is an exceptionally knowledgeable, experienced, warm, kind, Physical Therapist. Although he is one of the top in the field in Chicago, he is also extraordinarily humble. He makes you feel comfortable right away, and describes his assessment in ways you are able to understand. I have had PT my entire life, in many different countries, and Paul tis the best I have met! The rest of the team that works with Paul is also fantastic! You will be in the best hands if you schedule with Paul or others on his team!
Curin Herman
Curin H.
13:16 11 Mar 21
This Iocation is very nice and all the staff are friendly and courteous. I’ve been seeing Paul, intermittently, for various physical therapy treatments for almost 8 years. I trust his expertise more than some doctors and will typically come to him for an evaluation before seeing a doctor. He also introduced me to dry needling and although it’s not always fun to receive as a patient, it works wonders and is worth it. I highly recommend Paul and Impact.
Curin Herman
Curin H.
03:22 11 Mar 21
This Iocation is very nice and all the staff are friendly and courteous. I’ve been seeing Paul, intermittently, for various physical therapy treatments for almost 8 years. I trust his expertise more than some doctors and will typically come to him for an evaluation before seeing a doctor. He also introduced me to deep needling and although it’s not always fun to receive as a patient, it works wonders and is worth it. I highly recommend Paul and Impact.
Belle Craig
Belle C.
23:22 10 Feb 21
For the last 2 years I have received outstanding care and compassion from the staff at Impact Physical Therapy in Lakeview.Eric N. physical therapist has rehabbed both of my knee surgeries with meticulous care and knowledge of human anatomy and joint movement. Eric has a bedside manner most Doctors do not possess and always makes me smile in the midst of pain and hard work.Love this place and highly recommend it !!!
Melinda Kramer
Melinda K.
20:50 12 Jan 21
The best staff in the city. Very knowledgeable, conscientious and professional. Paul is a leader in the field.
Sharon Johnson
Sharon J.
14:08 12 Jan 21
The Best PT ever. Paul is brilliant and can identify pain before you tell him where it is. I’ve been at Impact since 2011. Brilliant, caring, and seasoned professionals are here
Ashleigh Van Roy
Ashleigh Van R.
17:19 17 Dec 20
Eric is awesome! He helped alleviate some pretty severe lower back pain and helped me get stronger. 100% recommend this place.
Todd Livergood
Todd L.
18:21 05 Oct 20
I went to Impact Physical Therapy to rehab after foot surgery (Achilles). They were very professional, knowledgeable, and made me feel very comfortable. I liked the one-on-one nature of the treatment. The therapy was a success as I was back to playing tennis at full strength afterwards. Would DEFINITELY recommend them, and plan on consulting with them again for any future injury.
Ryan Heywood
Ryan H.
13:23 02 Oct 20
Paul Thomas is a miracle worker. I’ve run several Ultra Marathons (57 miles, 64 miles and 100 miles distances) and he puts me all back together. The guy is a wizard in dry needling. Incredibly smart and gracious. This is the person to go to if you are an athlete that is looking for sound views on what is going on with your body. He works in the Lakeview location on Lincoln and Paulina.
Hadassah Rosen
Hadassah R.
13:17 02 Oct 20
Paul and the other physical therapists at Impact Physical Therapy Lakeview are knowledgeable, skilled therapists that deliver care effectively and safely. I have been treated by the team for various conditions, including cervical spine, back, hip and knee surgery . I have always left the clinic feeling better! They have helped me get back to activities I love to do. I highly recommend Impact Phisical Therapy Lakeview!
laura kulik
laura K.
21:21 05 Aug 20
Paul Thomas is professional, highly educated and most importantly made me feel hopeful that my condition would improve with therapy, while being very realistic about expectations. I had seen other PT providers for the same issue and the difference in terms of approach, knowledge of the condition and impact of therapy were vastly different. I would highly recommend Paul Thomas.
Alicia Frame
Alicia F.
15:54 12 Jun 20
I’ve been seeing Lauren for a little over a year now. First to prep for upcoming hip surgery and to relieve the pain associated with it. Then, after the surgery, I kept up with Lauren to rebuild my strength and get back to the activities I love doing. Lauren has gone above and beyond for me. I am back to running and jumping and moving and grooving like I wasn’t sure I would be able to! I love her kindness, patience, attentiveness, and client-oriented mindset. I 100% recommend her service services to anyone in need of a professional PT!
11:45 30 May 19
I was brought to impact physical therapy after working with traditional physical therapists at Rush. I am an athlete and some of the techniques that are traditionally used are too gentle for somebody with athletic abilities. My therapist it is kind, but she really works the muscles that need to be worked and for the first time I feel like there is a change in my back. If you are looking for a physical therapy experience where you are going to get results, I would recommend coming here. I will probably need one more surgery and I have already decided that I will do my post surgical recovery work at impact. They are the right combination of tough and caring.
Elizabeth Fagan
Elizabeth F.
15:59 06 May 19
I’ve had a really good experience with Lauren – she does a great job of explaining the science behind the techniques we used, and I’ve definitely improved.
Miriam Ebe
Miriam E.
19:09 07 Feb 19
Long overdue review. Lauren worked with me for 2 months last fall to help resolve my tennis elbow pain. She provided excellent care including deep tissue release, scraping, and ultrasound, as well as exercises to strengthen the muscles around the joint. Appointments are easy to schedule with desk staff, facilities are clean and well-maintained, and overall they provide a very comfortable environment for PT.
Delia Calvillo
Delia C.
05:00 22 Jan 19
My husband recommended his physical therapist Lauren and I am happy he did. I’ve been in 3 times (in one week b/c my ankle sprain has been pretty painful) and I already feel so much better!! Don’t delay like I did, just call and they’ll pencil you in!!
Emalee Pearson
Emalee P.
16:09 08 Jan 19
Shannon and the team at Impact Physical Therapy are knowledgeable and trustworthy. Shannon personalized a treatment plan that aligned with my goals for recovery and helped me regain strength. I would recommend her and the impact team to anyone!
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C. C.
C. C.
05:31 14 Dec 23
I recently have been receiving PT at Impact with Bob for my shoulder. I’ve only had a few sessions and I’m feeling much better. Bob is very knowledgable, and has understood my shoulder issue. I’m happy that I’m not feeling the pain that I had before starting PT.Thank you.
Kody O'Connor
Kody O.
15:46 27 Sep 23
Excellent place for all your Physical Therapy needs. The therapists are highly trained, friendly and willing to answer your questions honestly and with integrity.
Nancy Martinez
Nancy M.
01:55 25 Aug 23
Well organized team. A clean environment with a kind and professional staff. They will make you feel great with lots of attention. They are a Dream Team.
Joseph Sorce
Joseph S.
00:46 05 Feb 23
Great staff knowledgeable Physicsal therapists you always feel better after you finish your appt. And the cleanliness is spotless
Margie Rodriguez
Margie R.
22:49 20 Oct 22
Outstanding location that is clean and well spread out. The staff at the desk are very helpful with scheduling etc. My therapist Rachel R was very through and provided outstanding care. Mitch the PT assistant is great. I had a great experience while receiving quality care.
Krystyna Markiewicz
Krystyna M.
16:43 01 Oct 22
I am very pleased with the quality of care, the staff is always very good, andwith a very professional approach. The therapy I’ve had was helping me to walk better.
David McNaughton
David M.
00:12 21 Jul 22
I highly recommend Impact Physical Therapy in Norridge. I am in the midst of rehab from hip replacement, and I know I am in good hands. All appointments are taken on time, and the course of each session is well planned and tailored to your specific needs. If you need PT post surgery, make Impact PT – Norridge your next stop.
Venetia Lappas
Venetia L.
00:16 25 Jun 22
Great place ,nice and friendly staff and very accommodating . I had great results with my hip. Leo was amazing and very knowledgeable . Nice atmosphere. , very clean and sanitized .
Simona Hofman
Simona H.
23:56 19 May 22
I would give 10 star to this place and the workers here. DPT in charge, Leo, is the most kind, knowledgeable and experienced with musculoskeletal injuries. He knows “ the stuff”.He listens to your concerns and will walk you thru the anatomy of the area that requires therapy/tune up. He will explain the “what” and “why”of the problem and will deliver appropriate treatment for the entire session.The therapists who help him are wonderful and responsive.. and the front desk personnel is polite and reassuring. They will try very hard to accommodate your appointment needs . This is a great team work experience which benefits the patient. Hat off!
Gina Moore
Gina M.
15:05 17 Apr 22
7 weeks since I had total knee replacement, my therapists at Impact have been amazing.I’m aware this is a slow process but they have made it bearable. Please realize pain is a part of it but they have made adjustments depending on pain and stiffness levels and for that I’m truly gratefulThank you so much Leo, BrianGina Moore
Nancy S
Nancy S
02:17 12 Apr 22
I accompanied my husband to his first PT visit to assist with translation if needed. I have NEVER seen such a thorough initial evaluation performed. And he went to his second session, came home and raved about the level of care he received. This PT clinic is a hidden gem that I highly recommend. This is coming from a nurse with 49 years experience.
Michelle Flores
Michelle F.
17:35 02 Mar 22
This place is great. It’s very clean and the staff is helpful and friendly. Leo took care of my father and was careful, thorough and explained everything as he went along. He made father felt heard and understood. He also helped him understand what his body was doing because of his injury. Leo was also checking in with the staff and their patients making sure they were on the right page and were being taken care. He did this while still giving my father attention to his care. Leo is a great leader and you see that with his great team. I highly recommend them!
Kim Mueller
Kim M.
15:55 02 Nov 21
I have had very good results in a very short time. Their procedures and actions aline with getting results done and how to alleviate the problem from getting worse and possibly resolving my back pain issue and bulging discs.
Lindsey Strzepek
Lindsey S.
16:47 16 Oct 21
If you want to feel better and learn about why you are experiencing the problems you are. Look no further. The facility is very clean, open spaced, safe and is staffed by a crew that gets to the bottom of your problem. Highly recommended!
Christine Haney
Christine H.
20:50 10 Oct 21
In the short time I have been going to Impact Physical Therapy, I can feel a big difference. Leo has worked with me to identify my issues and prescribe the best physical therapy for my needs. I am very pleased with the entire staff here. They are knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend Impact Physical Therapy in Norridge, IL.
Mary Ann Zulawinski
Mary Ann Z.
23:44 09 Sep 21
Right in my backyard, there is a physical therapy center, which has provided me with respite from chronic Rheumatoid Arthritis, as well as seasonal injuries, like “falling on both knees”. I only need to drive a few blocks, to receive help. Having RA does not end; RA needs frequent sessions of care, whether weeks or months. This is the place that provides support and care in tolerating a chronic illness. I’m grateful for the long-term care provided by Impact Therapy, given by Leo, Rachel, Magda, and Trish.
Dimitrios Lapas
Dimitrios L.
22:33 20 Aug 21
Everybody at Impact Physical Therapy is understanding and tries to do the best they can to help each patient with their different issues. Leo and everybody I came in contact with, GREAT! I’ tried several physical therapy places , but none were as good as Impact.
Gabe Monroy
Gabe M.
23:27 09 Jul 21
From the moment I walked in the kindness and willingness to help was obvious. The therapist know what they are doing and do it to perfection with one goal to get you back on your feet. I highly recommend impact therapy in Norridge!
Dan Kelly
Dan K.
23:53 13 Jun 21
Great service and therapy by Leo Taliganis. Very knowledgeable and dependable for correcting the problem and getting you on your feet again. Always professional and there for his clients. Thanks!
Cory Helfand
Cory H.
02:39 28 Feb 21
Very knowledgeable, professional, and caring. Would recommend to anyone.
Evelin Vushovski
Evelin V.
23:23 27 Jan 21
Excellent service and great professionals. Strongly recommend for phisical therapy and health care!
Anne Puchta
Anne P.
15:52 18 Jan 21
Friendly and very effective! Personalized care and attention! So glad I found them!
Pamela Jachino (Pam)
Pamela Jachino (.
23:58 05 Oct 20
I haven’t been for therapy in a couple of years (that I thankful for) for. I started with Leo when he was at Athletico Therapy. He opened up Impact just in time when I needed some therapy for my back. The friendliest and the excellent therapy I received helped the pain melt away. So the conclusion is I would recommend Impact Therapy to anyone who want to feel better and release the pain.
Athanasios Vlachos
Athanasios V.
21:50 02 Oct 20
I had a shoulder replacement surgery done a couple years ago and I went to Impact Physical Therapy. Everyone was very nice and Leo did a great job getting my arm stronger. I would highly recommend these guys.
James Holman
James H.
19:52 02 Dec 19
I have Rachel as my therapist, and she is fantastic! so nice and pleasant and has been an excellent therapist so far. I requested this place with my attorney and doctor’s office and it was very quickly approved, and I’m very happy that I chose this place!😎Also I will add the place is very clean😄
Jo Anne R
Jo Anne R
01:39 03 Jul 19
I cannot thank Leo and the staff at Impact enough for their wonderful care during a most difficult time. Leo is very knowledgeable and shares information with you to help you understand what he is doing and why. The staff is always professional and friendly. I would highly recommend Impact Physical therapy.
Pat R
Pat R
13:04 20 Aug 18
Leo takes time, is very knowledgeable and explains everything thoroughly. He wants you to understand why you are feeling pain and how he is going to help you get rid of it. Very clean and updated offices. Staff very friendly. I recommend to anyone that is in need of physical therapy. He has helped me greatly with my 30 year old back injury. Excellent and exceptional.
Diane Dean
Diane D.
06:07 17 Aug 18
If you’re injured or in any kind of pain this is the ONLY place to go! I had several car accidents and I saw several doctors, pain specialists and physical therapists. However, none of them helped me even half as much as Leo and his team did. Leo was the only one able to cure my pain and make my body work properly again. Additionally, he is very nice and super easy to talk to and work with. He is an extremely knowledge and gifted therapist who’s a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend this business even if you need to travel far for it. You’ll get the best service and treatment here.
Marcello Delloglio
Marcello D.
13:52 12 Jul 18
From the first time you walk in you feel like home. Great , professional and friendly place. Leo Talaganis number 1Very professional, patients, he listens to you and work with you.I reccomend this place to all my friend and family.
Melody Vernor
Melody V.
09:01 13 Apr 18
Leo is a wonderful therapist! He makes sure you know what he’s doing, and explains what the therapy will help. He also demonstrates exercises to do at home, and makes sure you are doing them correctly before you leave! Leo is very professional and knowledgeableI couldn’t have made a better choice.
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rosemary grant
rosemary G.
21:17 16 Feb 24
Best Physical Therapy place ever, and I have compared!! Feel confident that you will get the best care for your particular need. Impact has specialists in many areas.
Dionna Plywacz
Dionna P.
13:31 30 Oct 23
Everyone was very nice and my appointment always started on time. My symptoms are so much better now and I do my exercises at home.
david kong
david K.
12:54 14 Oct 23
My hip abductor has been bothering me for a month. I finally got an appointment at Impact PT and saw Chris. He was great at diagnosing the problem and treating it. He did different stretches and also did a needle treatment to release the tension. A few days later, my pain was gone and I have been able to move the leg as usual. I recommend Impact and Chris highly.
John Kret
John K.
16:31 02 Sep 23
Mike is a great therapist. He takes great care on insuring your comfort and abilities to do the exercises.
arnie gough
arnie G.
02:23 24 Aug 23
Over the years I have had numerous nagging injuries that I typically ignore until they become real problems. I have had nothing but excellent results when I bring those injuries to Impact. The Impact staff is very serious and dedicated to their patients, but it is a very warm and friendly atmosphere..
05:41 31 May 23
Our son has been seeing Tim Rylander for a couple years now.He has cerebral palsy. He enjoys joking around with Tim and other staff members. That motives him to try harder when he has pt. We will always head to Impact for his therapy.
Sarah Burrichter
Sarah B.
02:33 07 May 23
During my first trimester of pregnancy, I threw out my back and could barely walk. I’m SO glad I started going to Impact PT. Kamila is a PT goddess and so knowledgeable about how our bodies work. Among her many areas of expertise is prenatal and postnatal PT. She’s helped me fix my back and avoid more back issues throughout my pregnancy. I’m so glad to have her help figuring out how to stay strong in pregnancy and how to improve my pelvic floor strength. Kamila is caring and easy to talk to, and I would absolutely recommend her as your PT. The entire Impact team is helpful, inclusive, and fun. I’m so glad I found this place!
Navin R
Navin R
22:47 26 Apr 23
We were visiting family in Hinsdale following my husband’s meniscus surgery and decided to book a session at Impact Physical Therapy to tide him over until we returned to Boston. My husband thought Michael Rivera was so incredible in terms of helping him recover that he booked several more sessions. He preferred Michael to the physiotherapist he had at Mass General.
MariaCecilia Rodriguez
MariaCecilia R.
21:08 21 Apr 23
For the time I have been to impact therapy, I am enjoying it and I’m very thankful for the opportunity the staff and therapists have given me of a full recovery from an injury that has changed my life dramatically. I walk into therapy to be welcomed with smiles and care, and each session I walk out with confidence, hope and reassurance of my goals with my injury. Thank you Impact PT!!!!
Maryann Ingersoll
Maryann I.
17:50 17 Apr 23
I was lucky enough to have Michael Rivera as my physical therapist. He is extremely knowledgeable and concerned about my other health issues in addition to my physical therapy needs. I would highly recommend Mike and appreciate all his help. Bill Ingersoll
Sara Carr-Legg
Sara C.
15:11 06 Mar 23
Very thankful that the pain in my shoulder went away. All staff were great; from booking appointments to the measurable progress of my treatments. Mike was knowledgeable, kind and professional; the care I received was excellent.
Tony Digaetano
Tony D.
13:57 25 Jan 23
I can’t even count how many physical therapy establishments I drive past to see Tim Rylander. I mean no disrespect to any of them as I have used others before, and would again, but it was quickly apparent to me that Tim is easily one of the most knowledgeable and experienced people I have ever consulted for helping with my various adult onset endurance athletics related wear and tear issues.
Donna Borden
Donna B.
19:20 21 Nov 22
My experience at Impact Physical Therapy in Hinsdale as been excellent. After dealing with vertigo for a long time, I finally feel that Tim (Rylander) understood what was actually going on and I felt so much clearer after just the first visit. I continue to improve even though I’ve only had 3 visits so far. I am going to continue and complete my therapy here because it’s the first time I feel I’ve made significant progress. Tim is a highly trained and I feel that I’m in the right hands. Although the location is a bit far, it is just off the 294, and well worth the trip.
Wayne Markett
Wayne M.
16:03 13 Oct 22
Melissa is my therapist. She is very thorough and has looked at every aspect of my situation. She is a very knowledgeable and compassionate PT. I am very comfortable with her approach to making things right.
Abhishek Agarwal
Abhishek A.
02:44 23 Sep 22
I had need for physical therapy for various reasons in past decade. But recently, for over a year now, Melissa has been instrumental in my recovery from multiple injuries.Melissa’s focus and drive towards recovery from injuries and plan for long term physical care is commendable. I have been nothing but super-impressed with her deep knowledge, ability to explain problem in layman terms, creative and thoughtful planning towards every session which is personalized for your needs and progression towards fit and active lifestyle.Melissa has even helped my wife recover from her shoulder pain and was impressed with Melissa’s meticulous planning and execution for patient care. The staff at Impact Hinsdale is very personable and easy to communicate with. I would highly highly (yes I typed highly twice) recommend Melissa at Impact for your physical therapy needs.
Tony Sabos
Tony S.
02:06 28 Jul 22
The staff is extremely knowledgeable and conduct a thorough exam. Most importantly they lead with empathy when dealing with their patients
Weihua Zeng
Weihua Z.
14:16 05 Jul 22
I had and having great experiences with Kamila. She is very knowledgeable and skillful! she helped me with my tennis elbow couple of years ago and now she is helping me with my other injury. I am very confirmable with Kamila, I trust her!
Steven Murphy
Steven M.
20:02 16 May 22
I have had issues with my back for almost a year now. I tried a chiropractor and an acupuncturist, but the pain remained.In just a few visits, I started having days when I felt no pain. Those kinds of days are increasing** in frequency. In addition to the individual consultation, I was provided exercises that, after making sure I was doing them correctly, I was able to do at home. These have also greatly helped with my issues.I give high marks for Impact on their dedication and commitment to removing my pain and providing me the tools to prevent a recurrence going forward.
Michelle Hamilton
Michelle H.
23:40 10 May 22
Outstanding professionals who are very skilled. Wouldn’t trust my back health to anyone else.
Rosemary Grant
Rosemary G.
01:45 07 May 22
Kamila is the perfect physical therapist for an active person.She knows your muscles better than you do!
Bernie Stetz
Bernie S.
13:19 23 Apr 22
After experiencing knee pain, I was referred to Impact Physical Therapy -Hinsdale by my Orthopedic surgeon. From the moment I began working with my therapist, Chris Harter, I knew I was working with an experienced clinician. Chris was able to identify that the misalignment in my back was contributing to my knee pain. He provided a specific plan that would both strengthen my knee and align my back. I was impressed with the professionalism and caring provided by Chris and the staff at Impact Physical Therapy. I’ve currently completed my therapy and continue with my exercises. I would highly recommend Impact Physical Therapy.
Kelly “Passionate18” Langosch
Kelly “Passionate18” L.
00:08 20 Apr 22
I love all of the staff here!!!! They all know what they’re doing. They have diverse experience with different things. DEFINITELY RECCOMMEND.
eric quick
eric Q.
14:16 19 Apr 22
Great staff first time they were booked pretty solid before I was leaving for a golf trip. Upon hearing my sad story they Squeezed me in for a treatment for tennis elbow. 2nd time got me in same day. More importantly the PT Jimmy did a great job Grayston technique.
robert brooks
robert B.
16:52 06 Mar 22
impact does a great job of the initial review of your particular condition. They also assist with identifying additional professionals who can help with care and wellness after your services there have been completed.
Mike Dellamaria
Mike D.
14:23 04 Feb 22
Kamila and her staff are exceptional professionals. I first went to her when suffering symptoms of vertigo. She was able to disperse the symptoms in 2 visits. I returned to her recently after ankle and foot surgery. She has supreme knowledge of the body and what exercises it will respond to. Everyone at Impact is completely invested in the healing of their patients. Great people.
James Wideman
James W.
02:01 07 Jan 22
Best physical therapy clinic I have ever been to. I have worked with Bill, Chris, and Clair. They were super knowledgeable and really helped me get back to were I wanted to be physically. Easy the most attentive physical therapist I have ever been to.
C4 Piano
C4 P.
16:09 05 Dec 21
The PTs at Impact are exceptional. I have d a serious knee injury and their comprehensive and team approach has me nearly 100% in 2 weeks. Thank you to Bill and Chris and the team
C4 Piano
C4 P.
02:39 05 Dec 21
The PTs at Impact are exceptional. I have d a serious knee injury and their comprehensive and team approach has me nearly 100% in 2 weeks. Thank you to Bill and Chris and the team
Joanne Matusek
Joanne M.
02:25 02 Dec 21
If you are experiencing dizziness or vertigo – make an appointment with Kamila. She is amazing!! Kamila and her entire staff are dedicated, caring, very knowledgeable. Highly recommend Impact Physical Therapy!
Pat McManus
Pat M.
03:03 23 Nov 21
Chris is a great physical therapist, he was very patience and diligent.
Daniel Shoop
Daniel S.
03:00 13 Nov 21
Very knowledgeable, positive and helpful feedback for my issues!
Mike Ratcliff
Mike R.
17:16 28 Jun 21
Impact Physical Therapy is a phenomenal world class physical therapy resource for the Western Suburbs. The Hinsdale location is very convenient, immaculate, spacious and atypical for a Physical Therapy office. Tim Rylander is the best at what he does (I get the sense he knows as much or more than some of the doctors out there).. I strongly recommend Impact for any physical Therapy needs.
dave barenberg
dave B.
05:43 19 Jun 21
an extensive search to find a p t office where the therapy would be given on an one on one basis. that is, where i would have the sole attention of the therapist for one full hour. at first thought, this might not seem difficult to find. but it is nearly impossible. i found impact six blocks from my house and they provide this exactly.
Rachel Bognet
Rachel B.
02:09 26 May 21
Extremely knowledgeable, caring and compassionate therapists who go above and beyond to understand patients’ concerns and medical issues. Super clean facility and friendly environment. I’ve mostly worked with William and Chris who have been amazing!!
Kristin Korn
Kristin K.
14:09 10 Apr 21
Chris did an excellent job helping me through a recent injury. He demeanor, level of engagement and treatment plan were a lifesaver and helped me recover and get back to exercising. The entire team has a great level of camaraderie and made PT a very positive experience.
Maki H
Maki H
14:12 19 Feb 21
I have been going to Impact since 2019. They have great staff, great communication, comfortable atmosphere, and knowledgeable. For my mild injuries, I go for tune-ups and I am usually better in a couple of days. For larger injuries, I had a herniated disc where I had weakness in my left arm. After going consistently to Bill, my strength in my left arm is back, and no pain. I am so glad I didn’t have to go any further to get any kind of procedures done. They have great communications and recommendations for doctors. You will not be disappointed!
Renee Townsend
Renee T.
21:58 15 Feb 21
Kamila, Tim, Jimmy, Peggy & Dom are all fabulous. Jimmy went over all of the insurance information and made sure I understood what the process was. Both Tim & Kamila do a wonderful job going over the injury and explaining what needs to be done during and after your appointment. Dom and Peggy are always there to help with stretches and exercises.The equipment is continuously being wiped down and the facility is very well maintained.
bob brooks
bob B.
01:23 05 Feb 21
I had several knee procedures, including a spacer and a TKR. The scar tissue buildup was significant. I chose Impact because of a prior very positive experience with Kamila. I worked primarily with Chris and was very impressed with his knowledge and work ethic. He has a great understanding of when and how to push you further to meet your goals. He and Kamila worked with me to progress far enough that I wouldn’t need a probable manipulation, eventually getting the ROM to 120 degrees, which seemed out of reach at the outset.I was also very impressed with the positive atmosphere and the camaraderie of the entire staff. The therapists and their support team work well together. I would recommend the Hinsdale location to anyone who is looking for a professional environment and a high quality team to help you reach your rehabilitation goals.
Trushar Patel
Trushar P.
16:25 02 Feb 21
I have never really done PT before, but Chris made my experience awesome my first time. He made each session fun and personable. I went in there after having weeks and weeks of neck and back pain. Chris was able to pin point the problem and after my first session, I was doing 75% better. After my 3rd session I was problem free. Thank you Chris and Impact Physical Therapy. Also I went here during covid season, the facility is clean and faculty is very diligent about cleaning and wiping everything after every session. I felt safe and comfortable going here. It was not crowded and tons of distance between folks.
Wayne VerGowe
Wayne V.
18:12 26 Jan 21
I’ve had therapy on various parts of my body at Impact by each of the PT’s on staff, and each one was knowledgeable , compasionate, and willing to educate me. I’ve tried other PT outlets, and they are the best!
Jay Rock
Jay R.
03:26 12 Jan 21
The staff at Impact Physical Therapy is outstanding. I would recommend, and have recommended, them to all of my friends and family. Tim and Kamila are, quite simply, excellent physical therapists who go above and beyond to help get you back to top form. They are the best. Thank you!
nancee Biank
nancee B.
20:55 11 Jan 21
Working with Kamila at Impact Physical therapy was a wonderful experience . Everyone knows what they are doing and works professionally to get the client on their way! Thank you so much!!!
Dennis Grabowski
Dennis G.
20:20 11 Jan 21
As in the past my contact with Impact has been most helpful and enjoyable. During my therapy I looked forward to doing the physical activity, using the equipment, and enjoying the personal. Everyone was friendly, attentive to their client, respectful of privacy and patient. No insistence on activities that caused pain. My therapist was considerate of my needs and was informed and skilled as she help me to better physical health.Impact is a great place!
Haley Burridge
Haley B.
18:05 05 Oct 20
I came to Impact Physical Therapy in Hinsdale after working with a few other local physical therapists who not only didn’t help but made me re-injure myself by giving me bad advice and advising me to do exercises that are harmful for your back. I felt helpless. The other “physical therapists” pushed injections and pain medications from the beginning instead of taking the time to actually evaluate me and help me build up my strength to heal and prevent re-injury. Chris is very knowledgeable and extremely caring and calm. I cannot emphasize how important that demeanor is when you are in excruciating pain and desperate for help. Some people gave me life altering diagnoses saying I would be in pain forever and that I would never heal. Chris quickly dismissed this and gave me the confidence I needed to believe I could heal. After a few months I am back to myself again. I have the tools I need to continue to strengthen my body. I truly hope I never have to see Chris again but if I do I know where to find him.
Amelia Ping-Pecora
Amelia P.
21:21 04 Oct 20
I was referred by Dr. Ali, my neurologist to have physical therapy to improve my motor skills as I was diagnosed with early onset of PD. In addition, my orthopedic doctor, Dr. Ivy suggested for me to have phyiscal therapy as well. I was a little skeptical to do it since I have been going for PT for 3 years and did not make any difference in my movement. However this time, Dr. Ali said try IMPACT down the street, it’s private. They check coverage of your insurance. I made my appointment and presesented the referral of neuro and ortho doctors. I was assigned to Chris, my therapist. Chris interviewed me during the first meeting to assess my condition and went over treatment plan and activities. I told myself “this is different from my previous PT sessions at DuPage Medical Group.” The sessions were pretty much structured; warm up, activities using different equipment and stretching. My warm up turned out to be as important as the actual activity to address the tightness of my joints. Chris is cognizant of my safety as I work on the equipment. The facility is busy. Patients range from school age children, high schoolers and adults. The staff are warm and pleasant. Each has a patient to attend to. Equipments are sanitized after use. Over time, I have seen big improvement in my movement, balance and coordination. I have since talked about IMPACT with my friends who at some point in their life have had to go for physical therapy. I pray that my insurance benefits continue to cover PT with IMPACT. Going to IMPACT became a routine for me to get well. Thank you Chris and IMPACT.
Michael Arbor
Michael A.
11:21 04 Oct 20
I’ve been to impact for rotator cuff surgery on both shoulders back to back followed by current separated shoulder injury. They have a very well run clean physical therapy business. All the therapists are great and they have great interns helping with all of the exercises. I’ve only seen Tim and Kamilla who I like a lot but other therapists seem great because I’ve watched them work on other patients and it seems to me that they work hard. Anyway, it’s a great place
Betsy Bruns
Betsy B.
15:23 03 Oct 20
I have been going to Impact Physical Therapy on and off for over 2 years. As a triathlete, I appreciate that I have been able to schedule an appointment quickly with Tim or Jimmy. They have been able to evaluate and treat my injuries before they progressed and therefore, I haven’t had to miss much training. Both have incredible knowledge. They work out the problem (using Graston techniques, etc.) and provide me with exercises to do at home. My daughters have also benefited from Impact’s services, as well as many friends I have referred. I can’t say enough about their professionalism and determination to help heal all injuries.
Aga Iwanicka
Aga I.
19:49 04 Mar 20
I have been suffering with herniated disc for 30 years. I was trying to solve my problem with lots of specialist over 30 years. (orthopedists, chiropractors, physiotherapist). Nobody was able to help me. I found out what was wrong with my body 9 weeks ago for the first time. The attack 9 weeks ago was very painful. I felt like something wanted to tear my leg’s muscles. I couldn’t hold urine. I couldn’t dress up and take off cloths by myself. I was going through the hell on the earth. Years of asking for help without an answer made me distrustful. I wanted to go to see somebody but somebody who knows what to do. I decided I will go from physiotherapist to physiotherapist until I find the right one. I was ready to fly to California where my trainer lives, who is a physiotherapist as well.Impact in Hinsdale was the first one I asked for help. I came to office in good condition, but at the point I couldn’t help myself anymore. I couldn’t stretch muscles anymore by myself. I needed manual therapy. I received exactly what I needed. Chris H. saved my life. I hope I will never need him anymore. But if so, I will find him again.
melvin w mathews jr
melvin w mathews J.
18:38 19 Jun 19
My experience at impact was very positive. I truely believe my goals will be meant. At this point I would give them a 5 star rating and see no reason why this shouldn’t continue to be the norm.😀
Jennifer Wilton
Jennifer W.
02:02 07 May 19
There are not enough stars to rate my experience at Impact Physical Therapy in Hinsdale! The environment and atmosphere at Impact are so welcoming and comfortable as soon as you walk through the door! I was always treated with kindness and compassion by everyone in the office – even the therapists who were not directly working with me. My physical therapist, Dr. Tim Rylander, is a top expert in the field of concussion recovery and I was so fortunate to be able to work with him! HIs expertise, professionalism and genuine care for me as a patient were evident from very early in my treatment plan. His sessions were well planned out and challenged me in the needed areas. He worked with me and believed I would reach my goal of returning to the career I loved when many others thought it wasn’t possible! He was always so positive and encouraging! I know I would not be where I am today without him! Impact Physical Therapy in Hinsdale is truly a special place!
Sherrie Saratore
Sherrie S.
00:10 23 Apr 19
This is my second experience with physical therapy. My first experience was at one of the major physical therapy groups in the Chicago land area. I was recommended to a specific therapist Tim Rylander whom helped me successfully recover from a couple of sports injuries and I would highly recommend him. After struggling with my current injury, my trainer recommended that I meet with mpact Physical therapy due to his success with them. I had rememered Tim but I decided to give them a shot because they happened to be more conveniently located. When I walked in for my first appointment, I recognized Tim and can’t tell you how releved and happy I was to see him especially because he is the mansgima partner. Although my initial consultation was not with Tim but with another therapist, Chris Harter. I can’t tell you what a great experience I am having with Chris, the facility and the staff. Chris is a graduate of northwestern and embodies the sensitivity and touch anyone would want while recovering from any injury. The space is modern and inviting with tons of glass and the support staff are super friendly and helpful. It does not feel like a typical “medical” environment. Their unique recovery room offers some of the latest innovations for athletes and anyone looking for assisting with injury or sore muscle recovery. I would highly recommend both Tim and Chris and really any of the therapist at this facility.
Becky Arbor
Becky A.
00:49 07 Mar 19
Kamila @ Impact is very knowledgeable and friendly. I look forward to my visits in the new facility with state of the art equipment.
Natalie Sabos
Natalie S.
02:32 02 Mar 19
A great PT facility! Knowledgeable professionals who are there to help!
Terry Covone
Terry C.
13:48 09 Aug 18
When my neurosurgeon suggested physical therapy instead of a fourth back surgery I was lucky enough to find Impact Physical Therapy. Their knowledge, professionalism, patient focus, communication skills, state of the art equipment and realistic goals far surpassed any other physical therapy company that I’ve used since my first surgery 15 years ago. I strongly recommend Impact Physical Therapy.
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Oak Lawn

Frank Cusimano
Frank C.
00:02 30 May 21
Ashley and the team work close to everyone. They are very friendly and the place is super clean. The whole team not only works very hard to help you recover but they care about you as a person.They hey been greatFrank
Karina Powell
Karina P.
22:21 01 Nov 22
The people here are very friendly and excellent at their jobs. Deb is AMAZING with insurance coordination and administration and Tiana is an awesome physical therapist. I would highly recommend them for PT services!
Brendan McGinley
Brendan M.
23:03 14 Jan 22
The facility is great and the people there are even better. I’ve been performing my physical therapy here the last couple weeks and I know that I made the right choice!! Thanks to Jack and the entire staff! I’m making tremendous progress thanks to all of them!!
Susan Phillips
Susan P.
12:44 23 Oct 22
Impact was a wonderful facility to receive my therapy. Nicole Herbert was my therapist. She was very knowledgeable and thorough. The entire staff is helpful, kind and fun. I enjoyed going to therapy and am pleased with the progress I made.
Patrick Folliard
Patrick F.
16:56 12 Jan 21
The Therapists were outstanding. I specifically worked with Nicki and Courtney. Extremely knowledgeable and Professional. They facility was clean and sanitized after each use. Timely, personable and great results. Highly recommend this facility for rehab. I observed others being taken care of with the same professional care I was given. Five Stars to this group.
Lou Tinsley
Lou T.
23:19 11 Mar 21
I have had physical therapy and occupational therapy in several good places but impact therapy is definitely the best for me. They understand me and my needs they have patience with me and make me feel like family it’s good conversation good work out no other better place and I’d rather have physical therapy then impact therapy.
Symonne Fitzsimons
Symonne F.
12:42 20 Nov 18
Impact Therapy was suggested by a friend in the business. The experience from start to finish was great. Their knowledge of insurance, and was a big help. The staff was extremely helpful, my daughter saw Ashley for a pulled quad. She was able to work with her while she was still playing sports. Definitely would recommend!!
James Kolar
James K.
15:01 03 Dec 21
A huge thanks to Courtney and the rest of the Impact team for helping me reach my goal of hiking the Grand Canyon! Had physical therapy on my knee and back right before the trip and was able to shoulder a 35lb pack down and up more than 6,000 feet with no problems. It doesn’t matter if your goal is to climb a mountain or climb out of bed, the supportive therapists at Impact Therapy will assist you to feel better. Awesome job and great results from Impact Therapy.
Sue Phelan
Sue P.
13:52 07 Mar 22
I highly recommend Impact Physical Therapy Oak Lawn. I am a senior citizen who enjoys running. I sustained a soft tissue hip injury and thought my running days were behind me. Courtney and Ashley worked skillfully using a number of different techniques to rehab my injury while concurrently prescribing strength training and stretching exercises, which I continue to do. I am delighted to say that several months after completing my PT, I am back running and looking forward to my first post-pandemic / post injury race – the 2022 Ridge Run! I am forever grateful to be back running – especially at this age! The pic is from a cool down following a run In Florida. Thank you, Courtney and Ashley!
Janet Perkins
Janet P.
06:44 20 Apr 22
I had hip surgery and have been coming to Impact for therapy.several times. Everyone is great from receptionist Debbie to the therapist. I’ve seen Jack for several issues and he is great. I’ve had Courtney once and she was good too. I enjoy the atmosphere and all the people that work there. I’ve been to other PT facilities neither was as good as Impact. I thank them all for the great services they provide.ThanksJanet Perkins
bill moss
bill M.
00:01 03 Apr 19
Therapist Jack knows his stuff. He rehabbed my knees after replacement surgery, now he’ll fix my shoulder. Knees are doing very well. Friendly professional , and dedicated staff. Great place.
Michael Weis
Michael W.
01:41 20 May 19
I did pre-surgery physical therapy here. It made recovery so much better than it would have been. Jack, my PT, was awesome! I highly recommend this team!
Maureen Scanlon
Maureen S.
23:38 20 Jan 21
I would highly recommend Impact Physical Therapy. The staff is very friendly, knowledgeable and professional. They work hard to get their clients back in shape with loads of encouragement along the way. The facility is very clean and they take all COVID precautions. Great location with easy parking. My therapist Courtney is awesome!
Kathy Conroy
Kathy C.
13:01 23 May 20
I came to Impact right as the stay at home order in IL went into effect because I’d had shoulder pain for a year and a half. I met Nikki, who worked with me for 9 weeks to build my strength, stretch my muscles, and really get my rotator cuff issues in check. Mark worked tirelessly, cleaning off every weight, strap, every piece of equipment that I or other patients touched. I made great progress, and Impact and its employees are the reason why.I did not know that patients can go to Impact without a prescription from an MD! When I learned this, I encouraged my husband and son to go in and get evaluated, one for elbow pain and one for neck pain. They have just begun their visits with Nikki.If you have pain, don’t wait! Go for an evaluation and start building toward a pain free life. These folks know what they’re doing!
Tom & Chris DuMais
Tom & Chris D.
00:55 19 Jul 23
The therapists here are great at creating exercise plans that are appropriate to your diagnosis. People are are friendly and supportive while still making sure that you work hard to make progress on your problem. Courtney is really good at making me work hard, still feel comfortable, and showing me that she cares how I am doing.
Mike Moe
Mike M.
00:05 30 Jul 21
My PT experience had been amazing. Every employee I have come across had been fantastic
Tom & Chris DuMais
Tom & Chris D.
17:06 20 Jul 23
The therapists here are great at creating exercise plans that are appropriate to your diagnosis. People are are friendly and supportive while still making sure that you work hard to make progress on your problem. Courtney is really good at making me work hard, still feel comfortable, and showing me that she cares how I am doing.
Charlie Pienta
Charlie P.
03:46 15 Mar 19
I’ve come here for a few injuries and my whole family does, too. Great experience everytime. Courtney is awesome- super knowledgeable, nice and caring. Can’t say enough good things. Highly recommend!
Antonia Peeva Knock
Antonia Peeva K.
00:30 02 May 23
The place is welcoming and very supportive. My physical therapist, Ashley Maloney Dunne is wonderful. She is analytical, thoughtful and very creative in addressing the issues that I am facing. The staff as a whole works with care and support.
Candace Patton
Candace P.
03:55 10 Mar 19
I am progressing rapidly at Impact, every time I leave I feel ahead of my injury. Jack is professional and explains the efficacy of your therapy throughout your time. They keep it light hearted and always checkYour pain levels. I highly recommend this group. I could see the light at the end of the tunnel right away!
Ruth Jaraczewski
Ruth J.
13:58 25 Jan 22
Very clean facility , Very friendly. I like the way they track your progress and work personally to help you get better. I would recommend Impact because they work one on one with your physical therapy and at the end of the week you can notice results.
Lauren Czochara
Lauren C.
01:29 25 Jan 22
Impact Physical Therapy in Oak Lawn is a fantastic place! The facility is very clean, well managed and the employees are very friendly. Our physical therapist Nicole Herkert is top notch! I highly recommend this facility to friends and family!
sharon p
sharon p
01:28 26 Mar 21
Impact Physical Therapy was suggested to me by my doctor’s physician assistant. I started therapy in January for weakness in my leg. I was assigned to Nikki. I couldn’t have asked for a better therapist. She is knowledgeable, encouraging and patient. As a matter of fact, everyone I have interacted with at Impact have been welcoming, knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. If you are considering physical therapy, I highly recommend you consider Impact Physical Therapy.
Charlie Pienta
Charlie P.
03:53 20 Apr 22
I’ve come here for a few injuries and my whole family does, too. Great experience everytime. Courtney is awesome- super knowledgeable, nice and caring. Highly recommend!
d fitz
d F.
23:08 09 Sep 21
I had one other experience in physical therapy years ago, and I came away a skeptic. This summer I tore my pectoral muscle both in the muscle and from the bone. I needed surgery. I was also aware I would have to give physical therapy another shot. It is night and day from my last experience to this one. It’s still early in the process, but my therapist Courtney is great at her job. I don’t ever leave reviews, but I felt an obligation. Yes, she gets paid, but I get the sense that it’s more than that to her. Anyway, yeah all positive.
nader samara
nader S.
14:00 02 Oct 20
I was treated for back pain, I mpact therapy was my choise based on how close it was to me. I made an excellent choice with them they are very helpful . Nikole really did an excellent job guiding me through the whole sessions , she’s the best . This will be my choise if I need therapy again