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Keeping Me Running Through the Ages

I started running 35 years ago with the goal of running a 10k. My training was very sporadic with running 3-4 miles a day, but I completed my first 10k injury free. Since that first 10k, I have learned about proper training, running and gear from my local running store Running Excels. With proper training and the support of group runs with CARA, I have run 21 marathons including 20 consecutive years of running the Chicago Marathon.

I have not had any major injuries other than your occasional runners’ knee, IT band pain or plantar fasciitis. This year though I underwent a total hip replacement on June 2nd 2020 at Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush Elmhurst. Dr. Scott Sporer performed my surgery, and I was out the door the same day. After my surgery with the assistance of a nurse was able to walk upstairs and was told to start physical therapy the next day!

I chose IMPACT Physical Therapy post-surgery because I have known Jack and Courtney for years and became the first member of their Chicago Recovery Room in 2017 when they first opened their doors. Jack, Courtney, Ashley, and Nicole are all amazing therapists and over the course of my 8 weeks of treatment 3 days a week each therapist helped me reach my goal of getting back to running. Everyone was super attentive to my needs and between the hands-on treatment and exercises I felt stronger after each session.

I was cleared to run in September, starting with run/walking 3 days a week progressing up now to 4+ miles a day of continuous running. I still come into IMPACT to use their compression boots 3-4 times a week to fresh up my legs and keep them moving pain free. When my legs or hip get tight, I schedule a Tune-Up which is like a sports massage but the clinicians use different techniques like Astym or Graston to break of the tight spots and get my body back into shape. Would highly recommend IMPACT for all of your physical therapy needs and the Chicago Recovery Room for all of your pre- and post-workout recovery needs.

John Maracich

IMPACT Physical Therapy Oak Lawn Patient