My Comeback Journey - IMPACT Physical Therapy

My Comeback Journey

I’ve been working with Impact Physical Therapy for many years now.  Liz and others on the staff are miracle workers who have gotten me through 3 major surgeries and many many injuries.  I’m a master’s weightlifter who competes at the international level.  Weightlifting can be a very hard sport on a not-16-anymore body so injuries can be part of the territory.  Liz is the kind of therapist who treats you with compassion yet also gives it to you straight when you need to hear the truth. She listens to what you are feeling and devises a treatment plan to get you back to fully functioning as quickly as possible.   

All 3 of my surgeries (2 shoulder surgeries and 1 total hip replacement) could have been athletic career-ending injuries for a weightlifter, but with Liz’s care, I was able to fully come back after each surgery.  In fact, now I’m stronger than ever and can do everything I was doing before each surgery.   

Gwen C.

IMPACT Physical Therapy South Loop Patient