4 Reasons Why Foot Orthotics Improve Your Orthopedic Health

4 Reasons Why Foot Orthotics Improve Your Orthopedic Health


How Foot Orthotics Improve Your Orthopedic Health

Since we walk with our feet, pressure throughout the body begins from the ground up. The lower extremities carry the body from point A to point B and receive the most stress as we move about our day. With this in mind, any structural abnormality puts the rest of the body in a state of susceptibility to conditions deriving from the feet. When you search, “orthotics near me” you’ll most likely see your closest drug store appear as a result. While it may be the closest option, it doesn’t guarantee that these one-size-fits-all OTC foot inserts will provide the relief you’re looking for. If you’re searching for knee, hip or foot pain relief – custom orthotics from a licensed professional is a choice you won’t regret. Here are four reasons why custom foot orthotics improves your general orthopedic health.

What Are Orthotic Foot Inserts?

Orthotics are inserts for shoes and created by the specialized staff at Impact Physical Therapy to treat various orthopedic conditions. Foot inserts are specifically casted for your own feet so the molds taken will not only comfortably fit your feet, but accurately address the issue you’re experiencing. Custom foot orthotics replace the original inserts that come with your shoes and provide structural support to alleviate the orthopedic condition.

How Do Custom Foot Orthotics Help?

Custom foot orthotics can increase the mobility of the foot, reducing the symptoms of common orthopedic conditions. Orthotics are designed to change the way your foot naturally impacts the ground by angling them in a corrected formation. The following will describe a few of the ways orthotics help cope with your respective orthopedic condition.

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis begins with a sharp jabbing pain in the sole of the foot caused by cases of inflammation. The plantar fascia is a large ligament that connects the heel bone to the toes and supports the arch of the foot. When stress increases on this tissue, small tears can occur causing irritation. Custom orthotics can relieve this pressure by removing the foot from its current position into a less stressful orientation.


Metatarsalgia is a painful condition where tissue around the toes thickens and increases in severity as more weight is put on the body. Similar to Plantar Fasciitis, custom foot inserts provide an adjustment to the foot’s arrangement to promote a natural supportive structure.

Correct Foot Deformities

Foot orthotics also assist in the correction of structural imbalances and foot deformities. Conditions such as flat foot or scenarios where the foot rolls in our out when walking are easily treatable by custom fitting shoe inserts. These highly personalized products act as a stabilizer to give efficient arch support to patients with musculoskeletal disorders.

Relieve Chronic Knee and Lower Back Pain

Just when you thought that orthotics have nothing to do with the knees and back, you were wrong! Since the feet influence the pressure felt on the rest of the body, orthotics are recommended to improve posture to relieve conditions such as Patellofemoral knee symptoms or general back pain and soreness. These inserts will realign the feet into a pattern that promotes natural shock absorption and relieves massive amounts of unnatural stress off of the joints.

Other Common Conditions Foot Orthotics Can Treat

Receiving custom foot orthotics to treat a specific orthopedic condition can significantly change your attitude by improving your mobility. Foot inserts can lend assistance to the body in both orthopedic and non-orthopedic means as well. Here are some additional medical conditions that orthotic inserts can treat to relieve pain and improve your overall health.

  • Increase circulation for diabetic patients
  • Relieves pain for those affected by various arthritic symptoms
  • Bunions
  • Corns and Callus
  • Shin Splints
  • Achilles Pain

Custom Foot Orthotics in the Chicago Area

No two feet are the same and not all-arch support is created equal. This is why patients suffering from one or more of various lower extremity orthopedic conditions must seek specialized assistance to relieve their pain. Custom foot orthotics from Impact Physical Therapy will provide you with a wide range of health benefits that surpass the effectiveness of general over-the-counter foot support. Our therapists will take custom molds of your feet to ensure the perfect fit and proper relief from the difficulty you’re experiencing. Contact us at 773-360-7287 to schedule a fitting today. Your orthopedic health is our priority!