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How PT Can Help You Avoid the Winter Blues

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Chronic pain can take a major toll on your mood and mindset, especially when the holidays roll around. Before you accept pain as your new normal, consider the benefits of physical therapy! A physical therapist can design a customized treatment plan to help you reduce and manage pain with techniques such as manual muscle manipulation, specialized exercises, stretches, and other proven methods.

Even better, you don’t even need a prescription or a doctor’s referral to schedule with a physical therapist near Chicago. Find out how you can regain the freedom to make plans and enjoy your time with family and friends to the fullest this holiday season!

Getting Your Life Back With Physical Therapy

Exercise has been shown to boost mood and reduce symptoms of depression — and getting out from under the weight of chronic pain can have an even more dramatic effect on your mindset. If pain is causing you to spend less time with family, miss out on holiday festivities, or making it hard to stick to your plans, then you have a whole lot of reasons to give physical therapy a try! 

It’s hard to overstate the positive effects of better pain management on your overall well-being. 

Your physical therapist will provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to deal with pain more effectively — so that you can control your pain, rather than it controlling you.

Manage Your Pain With Less Medication

If pain prescriptions are making you groggy and unable to get into the holiday spirit, physical therapy can help. Many patients find that they need less pain medication after working to improve flexibility, motility, and muscle tone with a physical therapist. PT can also help you to:

  • Achieve better balance. If you’re dealing with persistent vertigo and dizziness, your physical therapist can design a treatment plan to improve your balance.
  • Stay on your feet longer. Hoping to spend time volunteering at a Chicago-area shelter or whip up a holiday feast for your family this year? If neck, back, or shoulder pain is getting in the way, a therapist can identify the cause and create a plan to help you feel better.

Start Living Pain-Free This Holiday Season!

Contact us to learn more about how physical therapy sessions can lift your spirits and reduce pain. You’ll find IMPACT locations throughout the Oak Park and Oak Lawn areas, and our team is here to help with pain management techniques customized to your needs. Request an appointment today and get on the path to healing!