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What to Do for a Hip Labral Tear

Woman Seeing Physical Therapist for Hip Labral Tear

A hip labral tear is an injury to a band of cartilage surrounding the hip joint called the labrum. Often the result of repetitive activities, including long-distance running and other sports that involve twisting and turning, a hip labral tear has symptoms that vary in severity. These include: 

  • Stiff hip
  • Increasing pain when sitting or walking, or sharp pain when squatting. 
  • Clicking or catching hip movements, as if something is stuck in the hip
  • Deep pain in the front of your hip or groin 
  • Muscle weakness around the hip 

Many are able to treat hip labral pain and other kinds of hip pain through a course in physical therapy, although sometimes surgery is required. It’s useful to know the techniques used in physical therapy for a hip labral tear. Find out more from IMPACT Physical Therapy below. 

Causes for a Hip Labral Tear 

So, what causes a hip labral tear? Physical therapy for hip labral tears is commonly sought out by those with more active lifestyles. Some people find it more difficult to perform the activities they love, like running. Causes for a hip labral tear include: 

  • Running, especially if you’re running a lot without proper strength training 
  • Sports like hockey and soccer that require repetitive twisting movements and lots of cutting movements. 
  • An accident that causes trauma 
  • Simple wear and tear of the muscles around the hip 

Physical Therapy for Hip Labral Tear 

Physical therapy for hip labral tears involve pain relief, teaching your body to move differently, and muscle strengthening. The following exercises are useful: 

  • Side Stepping with Resistance: Otherwise known as a “monster walk,” this exercise using a resistance band on your legs helps strengthen the outer hip muscles. Suck your stomach in and practice leading with the right leg as your move forward, then sideways, for 15-20 reps. Repeat by leading with your left leg. 
  • Side Planks: This ab exercise also helps strengthen your hips! It’s a plank performing lying on your side. Stack your legs on top of each other as you lie on your side, forearm on the floor. Now lift your hip off the floor by pushing your forearm up. 
  • Deadlift with Single Leg: 10 reps of a single-leg deadlift can improve your hip muscle strength. Start with your legs hip-length apart and then bring your chest and one leg to a parallel position to the floor. You can also add weight to this exercise. 
  • Bridge: A simple bridge exercise is also used in physical therapy for a hip labral tear. Lie on your back with your knees at a 90-degree angle to the floor, then lift up your butt as you squeeze your stomach muscles. 

Find Expert Physical Therapy for Hip Labral Tear 

The experts at IMPACT Physical Therapy are well-versed in the solutions to the many problems caused by hip labral tears and more. Upon your first visit, we’ll ask you a number of detailed questions to get to know how we can help treat pain and improve mobility. Schedule an appointment today to find out more! 

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