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How Do I Find the Right Physical Therapy Near Me?


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Find The Right Physical Therapist Near You

Ouch! The last thing anyone wants is a nagging injury causing severe pain, resulting in a long road to recovery. Luckily, physical therapy provides injured individuals with pain relief and rehabilitation. When choosing a good physical therapist, not only do you ensure the highest level of treatment and lasting impact on your life.

The solution? Choose IMPACT Physical Therapy! Our killer team of physical therapists can be found at 4 great locations in Illinois.

But before you simply type in “physical therapy near me,” make sure you’re making the right decision. IMPACT Physical Therapy offers their take on how to choose the right physical therapist.


Work with Your Physician and Health Insurance

If you’re recovering from an injury and need physical therapy, your doctor and health insurance company are going to be able to narrow your choices immediately. Physicians have experience working with different physical therapists; their experience will effectively narrow down the best therapists near you.

Insurance companies also have their preferred physical therapy options that they have approved and will therefore assist in any of the cost. In a world where the dollar has profound influence, whether or not your physical therapy bill is covered is important. Some insurance companies also provide reviews and insight on specific practices, making research even easier.

As part of dealing with insurance companies, find out if a policy requires a copayment for services. This will depend both on your insurance plan and whether the physical therapist is in network with the insurer. Due diligence can help you to avoid extra out-of-pocket costs.


Meet or Call Physical Therapists Prior to Your Appointment

Every state in America allows you to meet a physical therapist without a physician referral, according to the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA). In the state of Illinois, insurance companies require a physicians’ referral before treatment can start.

Recovering from an injury can be difficult, both physically and emotionally. Your physical therapist is going to be a guide, confidant, cheerleader, and friend during your rehabilitation. If you’re not comfortable conversing with this person, how comfortable will you be with them when you are in a vulnerable state?

For this reason, IMPACT Physical Therapy has carefully chosen a staff that’s not only knowledgeable, but also positive, conscientious, and fun! Most importantly, we know how to listen. The patient often knows what kind of help they need in order to get better or they want to know more in this regard. We’ll take the time to hear what you need and answer any questions.

And remember: Don’t be afraid to change physical therapists. It’s your body and your choice. It deserves the best possible care from you and those who help you.


Look for Physical Therapists Experienced in Multiple Treatment Options

The human body is far more complex than many ever realize. Don’t expect your high-ankle sprain or lower-back strain to respond to the same treatment as your neighbor. Physical therapists who are unable to customize their treatment plans to you will not only delay your recovery, but they can also leave you frustrated and sore daily.

For example, soft tissue injuries have a variety of treatments alone. If everyone responded to the same treatment the same way, these different options wouldn’t be necessary.

Consider How You Will be Getting to Physical Therapy

The different types of injuries requiring physical therapy are vast, and some may require better access to public transportation than others. Fortunately for our patients, our Chicago location is conveniently located next to the Roosevelt Redline subway. Time is often our most valuable asset; don’t waste it finding parking or navigating through agonizing traffic.


Choosing the Right Physical Therapy for You in Illinois

Injury rehabilitation is a personal struggle that requires proper care. That extends to whom you choose to be your physical therapist. If you’re in need of physical therapy in Chicago or Champaign, IL, come by our convenient locations<. Don’t be surprised upon leaving when you realize that we’ve made an impact. Contact us today for more information!