Chicago Recovery Room Rebrands as IMPACT Physical Therapy & Sports Recovery

Chicago Recovery Room Rebrands as IMPACT Physical Therapy & Sports Recovery

DGS High School Swim Team Getting Sports Recovery Services

Looking for the Chicago Recovery Room? Our new name, IMPACT Physical Therapy & Sports Recovery, more accurately reflects what we offer to athletes. Now all our physical therapy clinics—located across Chicago, Champaign-Urbana, and the southwest suburbs—have a dedicated space for athletic recovery.

IMPACT Physical Therapy & Sports Recovery clinics provide services such as injury evaluations, advanced therapeutic massage release, and access to professional equipment. Contact us to learn more about the importance of proper recovery for athletes, and get your recovery back on track today!

Sports Recovery Services Now Available at All IMPACT Physical Therapy Locations

Visit any IMPACT Physical Therapy & Sports Recovery location to speak with a certified Athletic Trainer or Physical Therapist about the best path forward for your sport and skill level. They’ll help you determine the next steps for recovery, whether you’re dealing with a chronic sports injury or looking for physical therapy techniques designed to keep you in the game. 

See below for an overview of the sports recovery services now available at all Chicagoland IMPACT locations:

Recovery Sessions

At IMPACT Sports Recovery, Chicago athletes are able to access the same equipment professionals use to stay in peak condition. We offer daily drop in rates, package deals, or membership options for access to our cutting edge equipment at all of our locations. Available equipment includes NormaTec Compression Boots, cold water immersion tubs*, red light therapy*, and Hyperice percussion massage devices.

*equipment may vary by location

Injury Evaluation

If you’re facing persistent pain or believe your workouts are falling short, schedule an injury evaluation with our certified Athletic Trainers or Physical Therapists. They’ll help establish an optimal treatment plan. Whether it involves basic stretches, targeted exercises, or a consultation with a sports medicine specialist, we’re committed to aiding in your return to peak performance while maintaining your well-being, happiness, and active lifestyle!

Therapeutic Massage Tune Ups

Now all our clinics will be offering Therapeutic Massage Tune Ups, a Chicago Recovery Room favorite service for soft tissue therapy! This popular sports massage utilizes advanced soft tissue release techniques including ART® (Active Release Techniques), Graston® Techniques, and Trigger Point Dry Needling to help combat chronic soft tissue dysfunctions, nerve entrapments, and scar tissue buildup.

How Can I Find an IMPACT Sports Recovery Near Me?

If you’ve been relying on the Chicago Recovery Room, enjoy the same services at an IMPACT Physical Therapy & Sports Recovery location. IMPACT operates facilities throughout Chicagoland, so contact the location nearest you to learn more today:

  • Champaign – 602 S. Neil Street Champaign, IL 61820 / 217-649-0504
  • Hinsdale – 777 N York Rd. Unit 11 Hinsdale, IL 60521 / 630-819-8384
  • Lakeview – 3420 N Lincoln Ave. Chicago, IL 60657 / 773-360-7287
  • Naperville – 116 W. Gartner Rd. Ste 104 Naperville, IL 60540 / 331-229-3632
  • Norridge – 4746 N Cumberland Ave Chicago, IL 60656 / 773-417-8901
  • Oak Lawn – 10401 A S. Cicero Avenue Oak Lawn, IL 60453 / 708-581-4810
  • Orland Park – 15441 S. 94th Ave Orland Park, IL 60462 / 708-981-3715
  • South Loop – 1103 S. State St. Ste 300 Chicago, IL 60605 / 312-877-5101

Bring Your Best to Your Sport!

High-level sports take a toll on your body, and proper recovery is the best way to stay ahead of injury and fatigue. Contact us to find out how recovery-focused physical therapy can help you to bring your best to your sport!