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Dealing with Severe Knee Pain

Severe knee runner injury

Severe knee pain is a condition many people experience over the course of their lives. But how do you begin dealing with knee pain? You can do simple stretches and exercises at home or stop into one of our physical therapy clinics, but the best weapon at your disposal is knowledge. IMPACT Physical Therapy covers severe knee pain diagnosis and knee pain information below.   

Severe Knee Pain Diagnosis 

Knee pain diagnosis for a knee injury or another condition exams the ways in which your knee isn’t performing up to par. Severe knee pain can feel especially difficult, but many recover from this condition. It’s about isolating the knee as the problem before exploring ways to deal with severe knee pain.

Knee Pain Diagnosis Criteria: 

  • Motion: a limited range of motion, difficulty walking, and limited flexibility. 
  • Performance: problems performing normal tasks, special tasks like sports, or balance issues. 
  • Pain: severe knee pain when resting or during certain movements. 

All the signs lead a therapist to the conclusion that you’re experiencing severe knee pain, whether it’s from a knee injury or something else. There are a few types of knee pain

  • Anterior knee pain
  • Lateral knee pain 
  • Medial knee pain  
  • Pain caused by an injury like a ligament tear or a condition like osteoarthritis 
  • Back of knee pain

Dealing with Knee Pain 

Knee pain affects your ability to perform many daily activities. It’s important to know that, even with severe knee pain diagnosis, there are many strategies that range from home remedies to seeking professional help. Here’s generally how it goes for those dealing with severe knee pain: 

  • Low-Impact Cardio: You may not want to move your knee while you’re experiencing the results of a knee injury, but too much stillness keeps the muscles from being able to recover quickly. 
  • Stretches: Especially in cases of severe knee pain, it’s best to consult a specialist to figure out which stretches you can use to help yourself. 
  • Physical Therapy: A physical therapist will be trained to help you with all sorts of pain, chronic or otherwise. Their goal is to work with your personal problems and find solutions through a combination of clinical work at at-home treatments.  

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