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7 Symptoms of Concussions and How to Address Them

7 Symptoms of Concussions and How to Address Them

Concussions, or injuries that change the way the brain operates, have been making headlines over the past few years, and with good reason. More and more research is being performed to determine the detriment of concussions, and there is proof that, without treatment, concussions can cause some relatively serious damage to your brain. While the best remedy for concussions is prevention, it’s crucial to know the early signs of a concussion and what to do when you think you may have one. Just like any other injury, it’s important to get professional help so you can avoid further injury or debilitation. While a concussion is classified as a “mild traumatic brain injury”, it’s important to visit a specialist after a head injury, especially if some of the more severe side effects persist.

Headaches and Pressure from Concussion

Directly after a head injury, it’s normal to feel a sense of pressure or a full blown headache. If these symptoms persist, it’s typically a sign of a concussion varying in severity. This may feel similar to a migraine. See a doctor as soon as possible to treat these symptoms.

Loss of Consciousness from Concussion

After a head injury, it’s not uncommon to lose consciousness, or “get knocked out.” If this happens to you, it’s important to seek medical attention as soon as possible. This means that the blow to the head was serious enough to immediately effect brain functionality, which may or may not require surgery or some sort of major medical procedure. Typically, concussions do not require these things, but in severe cases they might be necessary.

Nausea or Vomiting from Concussion

Many people that suffer a concussion reported symptoms of nausea or even vomiting. This can be either an immediate reaction, a delayed reaction, or a recurring reaction. Regardless, this should be taken as a serious symptom that requires immediate attention. If it occurs during a physical activity, do not return to the physical activity as it may cause even more damage.

Irritability from Concussion

Often times people suffer from personality change or irritability from concussions and is often the easiest sign to recognize in young children. If you notice this occurring with yourself or somebody else after suffering some sort of head trauma, seek medical attention as soon as possible. This is often a delayed symptom and it’s important not to waste any more time.

Dizziness from Concussion

Concussions are typically accompanied by some sort dizziness or disorientation. Considering you’re dealing with head trauma, this comes as no surprise. This symptom is typically immediate, however if it does not wain or wear off after sleeping, you should seek medical attention to make sure it is not a severe concussion.

Light and Noise Sensitivity from Concussion

Light and noise sensitivity are a common symptom of a concussion, but typically comes within a day or two after the initial injury. To deal with these symptoms, try to stay away from over stimulating activities such as loud television or video games. Wearing sunglasses or tinted glasses can help reduce light sensitivity. If the issue persists, seek medical attention to help alleviate the sensitivity and assure you do not require a procedure.

Amnesia from Concussion

Amnesia is typical with concussions, especially of memories surrounding the injury itself. Often times, patients cannot recall events before and after the incident, sometimes not being able to recall the entire day. Head trauma can also cause you to forget who you are, where you are, people around you, etc. These effects, while typically short lasting, can be scary so it is important to keep the affected person as calm as possible while trying to determine the severity of the trauma. As always, it is recommended that they seek medical attention as soon as they can to make sure they don’t need further treatment.

Concussion Rehab in Chicago

Regardless of whether a concussion is mild or severe, rehabilitation and recovery from the head trauma can be a long, winding road. We at IMPACT Physical Therapy are dedicated to our patients and getting them to return to the way of life they’re accustomed to. Our concussion rehab specialists will work with you every step of the way. We recognize that no two concussions are the same, and we will examine you and develop a personalized plan of attack to get you back on the right track. Contact us at IMPACT Physical Therapy today to schedule your consultation and begin your road to recovery today!