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Hip Labral Tear Treatment Options

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If you’ve experienced a hip labral injury, you have several hip labral tear treatment options. Depending on the severity of your injury, your recommended recovery could include rest, injections, physical therapy, or even hip labral tear surgery. Learn more about your options. 

What is a Hip Labral Tear?

A hip labral tear is a cartilage injury in the inner hip socket. Your hips require cartilage to keep this ball-and-socket joint moving smoothly, but over time, the repetitive movements of walking, running, and jumping can cause the cartilage to break down and even tear, resulting in considerable discomfort. Symptoms of a hip labral tear include stiff, painful hip movements that may pop or click as you shift. 

Hip Labral Tear Treatment

Patients working through hip issues have several different hip labral tear treatment options. Every injury is unique, and requires a thorough diagnosis and treatment plan based on your specific symptoms. There are surgical and non-surgical remedies available, and depending on your pain level, your physician may recommend any of the following hip labral tear treatments: 

  • Rest: Taking pressure off your hips may help resolve pain issues. If you notice a certain activity causing you more hip pain, such as a sport or more physically rigorous activity, taking a break from specific motion may help. 
  • Aspirin or ibuprofen: Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can be used to reduce inflammation and relieve minor discomfort. 
  • Injections: More intense injuries may be treated via local anesthetic fluid injections directly into the hip joint. Corticosteroid injections are usually reserved for more severe pain. 
  • Physical therapy: Using physical therapy as a hip labral tear treatment option helps strengthen the surrounding muscle groups in the legs, back, and buttocks, which contribute to overall hip stability and strength. 

Hip Labral Tear Surgery

Should none of the previously mentioned treatments work for relieving hip pain, hip labral tear surgery may be recommended. This minimally invasive procedure is typically done arthroscopically, and uses tiny cuts to help:

  • Stitch the torn tissue back together
  • Reconstruct the damaged area 
  • Remove areas of labral tissue as necessary 

Even though hip labral tear surgery is considered an outpatient procedure, it still requires recovery time and should be reserved for only the most severe hip pain cases. It is recommended to explore non-surgical hip labral tear treatment options first to see if your body can heal itself through rest and physical therapy.

Find Hip Labral Tear Treatment Options at IMPACT!  

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