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Is Physical Therapy Expensive?

Physical therapy on a patient

If you’re suffering from an injury, receiving physical therapy in Chicago is an excellent way to recover and get back to your full range of motion. But is physical therapy expensive? While your physical therapy price may vary depending on insurance benefits, the team at IMPACT Physical Therapy will work with you and your carrier to ensure you get the care you need. Learn more about the cost of physical therapy and the full range of services available at IMPACT! 

Physical Therapy Price – Chicago

There are several factors that will determine your specific physical therapy price, including:

  • Your insurance
  • Your injury
  • The number of sessions prescribed 
  • Any use of special equipment 

In Chicagoland, the average cost of physical therapy per session ranges between $20 (with insurance) to $150 (without insurance). Most insurance carriers will cover a set number of sessions over the calendar year, requiring the patient to contribute a copay. Your physical therapy price will be higher if you are paying out of pocket, but many clinics will work with you to find a payment plan that works. 
IMPACT Physical Therapy works with a wide variety of accepted insurance providers to ensure those seeking physical therapy near Chicago receive the care they deserve. Our friendly team will help you clarify your benefits to understand what is covered and how treatment will factor into your budget.

What’s Included in the Cost of Physical Therapy 

At IMPACT, your path to healing begins with an assessment with one of our highly skilled physical therapists. During your first visit, our licensed professionals will get to know you and your injury, assessing your current range of motion and pain level, as well as any use of prescription drugs and possible side effects. Together, you and your physical therapist will evaluate your flexibility, balance, strength, coordination, posture, and more.  

Your physical therapist will then determine a treatment plan to improve your mobility and help you achieve your health goals. Depending on where your injury is located and what’s involved for care, your physical therapy price will include: 

  • Number of sessions: The average patient receives at least once-a-week physical therapy in Chicago over the course of several weeks. You can expect anywhere from five to upwards of ten sessions. 
  • Equipment: Our clinic features state-of-the-art equipment designed for maximum healing. You may also wish to purchase smaller equipment to continue your recovery at home, using medicine balls, resistance bands, weights, or other fitness tools your physical therapist recommends. 

Find Physical Therapy in Chicagoland at IMPACT!  

If you are dealing with severe knee pain, wrist pain, or any other chronic pain, the team at IMPACT Physical Therapy is here to provide exceptional physical therapy services in Chicago and beyond. Request an appointment to get started on your path to recovery, and contact us with any questions!