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Best Office Chair for Back Pain

What is the best office chair for upper back pain and overall back pain? Finding the best office chair for back pain can make a significant difference in your productivity and health. An ergonomic chair designed to reduce lower back pain will be your best bet, as these chairs can dramatically reduce the discomfort associated with sitting at a desk all day. Discover what to look for when choosing the best office chair for back pain with IMPACT Physical Therapy! 

How Sitting Causes Back Pain 

Many office jobs have transitioned from South Loop offices to work-from-home arrangements, leaving many struggling when it comes to setting up a home office. Even if your desk and chair used to feel comfortable during short bouts of work, you may have noticed that eight-hour stretches are taking a toll on your body. Sitting in an unnatural position for long periods of time can aggravate your back pain as well as cause discomfort in your neck, shoulders, and wrists. 

To help combat this, check out some of the most comfortable chairs for your office below. 

Ergonomic Office Chairs for Back Pain

When it comes to finding the best office chairs for back pain, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. All bodies are different and need specific areas of support; what feels comfortable to one person may be awful to another. Overall, you’ll want to search for an ergonomic chair: a chair that has been designed with proper posture, support, and comfort in mind. Most ergonomic office chairs can be found in the Lakeview area and provide a variety of adjustable features to help you get the most comfortable position. 

Some of the best office chairs for back pain will feature: 

  • Lumbar support 
  • Adjustable seat tilt, recline, and height 
  • Armrests 
  • Headrests
  • Cooling or luxe materials 
  • Wheels and swivel 

How to Reduce Back Pain While Sitting

Now that you know the best office chair for upper back pain is, you may be wondering if there are other things you can do to ease back pain. Whether you use an ergonomic chair or not, there are several ways to reduce back pain while sitting for long periods of time: 

  • Do not work from a couch or in bed
  • Sit at a desk or use a tabletop 
  • Keep your monitor an arm’s length away, with the screen level with your eyes 
  • Sit up straight and keep your neck in a relaxed position
  • Avoid slouching
  • Aim to have your arms parallel to the floor and even with your desktop
  • Avoid crossing your legs
  • Sit with both feet on the floor 

The best office chair for back pain will vary depending on your office situation, what position is comfortable for you, and other factors. Visit IMPACT Physical Therapy near Norridge to find out what could be the most comfortable chair for your office. 

Treat Back Pain at IMPACT Physical Therapy 

There are so many ways to aggravate back pain, and even after making adjustments on your own, you still may feel discomfort. IMPACT Physical Therapy treats ongoing back pain to help you regain your strength and find more comfort in your body. To start your custom treatment plan, request an appointment at our location in Chicago today.