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What Are the Types of Knee Injuries?

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Your knees are some of the hardest working joints in your body, making them very prone to injury. If your knee is aching or in severe pain, you may be wondering about the types of knee injuries and whether or not your symptoms need medical attention. Discover the five most common knee injuries and when to seek help from IMPACT Physical Therapy. 

Common Knee Injuries

Knees are made up of bone, cartilage, tendons, and ligaments, each working to help you run, walk, sit, and stand. Because all these components must work together to support a wide range of motions, it’s not uncommon to experience discomfort at some point. 

There are five common types of knee injuries: 

  • Fractures: Hitting your knee against a hard surface could result in a broken patella or kneecap. This bone acts as a protective shield for the interworking tendons and ligaments, and is one of the most common knee injuries. 
  • Dislocations: Knee impact doesn’t always result in fractures. Occasionally, your bone will be dislocated instead, popping out of its regular place. Dislocated knees can sometimes fix themselves, but more severe instances will need a physician’s assistance. 
  • Knee ligament injuries: Should your knee be overextended or bend outside its regular range of motion, you may experience a knee ligament injury. Ligaments stretch when forced beyond the normal shape, and can be classified as a strain or tear depending on the severity. 
  • Meniscus tears: This type of knee injury occurs during rigourous twisting or sharp pivoting, making it a common injury among athletes who change direction frequently during games and practices. 
  • Tendon tears: Falling or landing awkwardly can result in tendon tears, as they are not designed to handle overextension. Older adults typically experience this knee injury since tendons begin to wear out with age. 

When to See a Doctor for Knee Injuries 

Not sure if one of these types of knee injuries matches your symptoms? Side effects of these common knee injuries include pain, swelling, stiffness, and overall unnatural discomfort when trying to bend your knee. 

A popping sound either during the time of impact or while attempting movement is a major cause for concern. This auditory clue could indicate a tearing or scraping of internal components and needs to be assessed by a physician as soon as possible. 

Depending on your injury, there are many knee injury treatment options, but it’s important to receive a diagnosis first. A physical therapist can come up with a rehabilitation plan to get your knee back to its natural movements.

Request an Appointment with IMPACT Physical Therapy 

If you have experienced one of these common knee injuries, request an appointment with the team at IMPACT Physical Therapy. We can assess your knee ligament injury or any other type of strain, helping you move without pain.